First day of 2020 in the oldest city – St. Augustine / Cамый старый город США – Сан Огустин

hey everyone! and we came to the oldest city and one of the most beautiful in the U.S. Saint Augustine it was discovered by Spanish explorer so the city is in Spanish style and there is a festival that is called “Nights of Lights” the city is decorated with beautiful lights now it’s getting dark already and it’s all going to look amazing! there’re many people today is January 1st, 2020! ouch there’re palms and it’s a first video of 2020! “Privet” – Hi in Russian look at these beautiful houses! and these are my teammates it’s a very picturesque place we’re on the main street of the city it’s called George Street there’re no cars, it is only for pedestrians there little stores and restaurants on both sides it smells so good in here with chocolate and caramel from candy shops there’s such a good atmosphere in here look at this magic! every single tree is decorated with lights so beautiful it looks a lot better in real life than on camera we just took some pictures and nope, it looks a lot better when you see it with your own eyes Just saying, it’s a college! Can you imagine? it’s called Flagler College there’re real students looks like a castle beautiful castle there’s fountain on the territory all in beautiful lights can you imagine yourself studying in this college? where always many tourists always in decorations.. I can’t imagine that! just look.. I’m wearing uggs with warm socks and Lex is wearing sandals “net” – No in Russian “Da” – yes in Russian and Emma is wearing sandals too “S Novim Godom” – Happy New Year teaching some Russian reporting live from the bathroom of this restaurant look at these sinks! made of a real rock we’re waiting to be seated and just listening to live music we’re finally being seated look at this menu! it’s like a magazine The name of the restaurant is “Prohibition Kitchen” during the times of Prohibition there’re many illegal bars and pubs and this restaurant is in the style of Prohibition those bars were under the ground let’s see what’s in there mostly burgers on the other side if the menu there’s a description of how all pubs that were illegal were closing at that times it says how president was declaring Prohibition look at this burger! tastes amazing! it says “PK” which means Prohibition Kitchen because it’s a Signature burger after we finished eating those juicy and delicious burgers we didn’t want to go anywhere anymore and we just watched the beautiful lights from the car window and went back home

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