Finding a Unique Wedding Venue

Today I thought we’d talk about choosing a wedding venue. So when you begin the search for your perfect
wedding location there’ll be some obvious choices likes a church, or golf clubs or a hotel.
You may also know some venues you’ve been to for other weddings, or that you can find
easily with doing a simple internet search. But if you’re looking for something a little
different, try to spread your search a little wider. You could look for art galleries, funky restaurants,
botanical gardens, museums, aquariums, wilderness lodges, or even large boats. Consider approaching
venues that don’t typically host weddings or events – like a nursery or a local farm for
example. You should definitely consult your local wedding
directory for some venues you may not have thought about, and to find the really unique
options, consult a seasoned wedding planner in your area. If you’re able to approach
a planner with your ideas for the kind of venue you’re looking for, they’re probably
going to be able to suggest some real hidden gems. If you’re not going to work with a
planner to assist with your entire wedding you might be able to find someone who is willing
to help you with just this component as an al la carte service. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the
box – a unique wedding venue keeps things exciting and will have your guests raving
about your day for the years to come.

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