Finding a Job: Kelly Katon ’01

– So I think the biggest piece of advice, get involved while you’re on campus. When you’re off campus get internships. Go wherever you’re
going during the summer, even during spring break
if it’s for two weeks, go online, research event companies, event firms that are in the
area that you’re going to be at. Call them on the phone, don’t necessarily send them an e-mail. Try to get a hold of someone and say, “Hey I really would like a job.” “Do you have something coming up?” And some of these jobs are
actually really well paying. I mean you can make $25
an hour working events, but you get to get involved
in the setup of events then the running of the event. That’s really how you build your way up. Event management is one of
those things where you don’t just go to graduate
school and get a degree and then you are an event manager. It is more hands on and
there is a lot more. It’s all about the
experience that you have and being able to present that.

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