Fiance Called Off Wedding Over Paternity Doubts (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Good morning, Your Honor. Good morning. This is the case of
Todd v. Foster.
Thank you, Ron.
Good day everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Todd you are suing
your former fiance,
Mr. Foster, to prove he fathered your 4-month-old
daughter, Selena. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You say
he called off the wedding
due to paternity doubts. TODD:Yes, Your Honor.JUDGE LAKE:All right,
Mr. Foster you say
Ms. Todd admitted
that she cheated on you, during the window
of conception, so, the baby is not yours. Yes. So, Mr. Foster,
you called off the wedding? FOSTER: Yes. Tell the court why. Me and Ms. Todd,
we was engaged. The reason why
I called it off
was because… It was one day, a friend of hers,
she wanted to
go hang out and Ms. Todd told me that
it was her friend and his girlfriend, so,
I’m like, “Okay, “I don’t got nothing
to worry about.” When I went to
the store, came back, I had a call saying that
she was gone already and I was kind of suspicious. Oh, wait. So,
you’re engaged to her. And she says,
“I want to go hang out
with a friend of mine.” And it’s a guy. FOSTER: Yes. But you say, “I’m not
insecure, so, okay.” And then what happened? FOSTER: And then… The next day
Ms. Todd came back. She came home
the next day? Yes. Okay, okay. So, go ahead. So, I normally don’t
go through her phone at all, but her phone just
kept on buzzing. It was a text message.
And the text message said, “It was good.
I want some more.” JUDGE LAKE: What? In my mind,
I’m thinking like… You’re supposed to
be my fiancee,
and I’m seeing this? Oh, Ms. Todd. Is this true?
You went out
with a friend, and stayed out
all night. Yes, Your Honor. Oh! So, did you
sleep with him
that night? Yes, Your Honor. Tell me what happened. Okay, that night
me and my friend
went to the store, and then we went back
to his place, where we was at, and then, we was drinking
and smoking, and then… Where was his girlfriend? She wasn’t there,
Your Honor. Oh. JUDGE LAKE: So,
that was a lie? Yes, Your Honor. That was a lie
from the get go? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Oh, okay.
So, go ahead. So,
you go to the store. We go to the store,
get something to eat. Then we went
back to the place. Then it just happened.
We used protection. It just happened?
Sounds like y’all
was planning it to me. No. So, was this the only
time you had sex
with this gentleman? TODD: No, Your Honor. Wow. JUDGE LAKE: You didn’t
know that, Mr. Foster? This is my first time
ever hearing about… The second time. JUDGE LAKE: Well, let me
help you get the details. Uh, Ms. Todd. TODD: Yes, Your Honor. So, you had sex
with this gentleman again,
not just this night? Another night as well? Yes. Tell me. He came and got me
from the house. And we went back
to his place. And… It happened again,
but we used protection. That’s why I felt
like Mr. Foster
was the father. So, wait a minute,
you’re engaged to Mr. Foster. TODD: No, not at the time,
we wasn’t. At the time you
were just dating? We were boyfriend
and girlfriend
at the time, but then he didn’t propose
to me. he proposed
to me on my birthday. That wasn’t the time that… That was after you had
already been intimate
with this gentleman more than one time. Yes. But you only told Mr. Foster
that you were intimate
with this guy one time. Yes, Your Honor. So, why didn’t you tell him
about the other time? I’m not sure. JUDGE LAKE: How soon
after this did you find out
you were pregnant? It was two months. Okay, Mr. Foster. You remember the night
she told you about
being pregnant right? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: And you were
excited initially? Yes, I was, at first. Did you tell
the other guy
you were pregnant as well? No because I knew that
there wasn’t a possibility
that he was the father. So, no. I did not tell
the other person. He found out
through pictures
on Facebook. Did he ever think
he was the father? No. JUDGE LAKE: Because,
you know, protection is
not 100 percent effective. You know that? Yes. Okay, so, Mr. Foster
I wanna understand
from you, when you initially found out
Ms. Todd was pregnant, were you happy or not? Actually, no.
I told her that you need to
go find your
baby daddy. Because it’s not me. So, when she initially
told you that, your first reaction was,
“This is not my child.” Yes, because me and Ms. Todd
had been together
for three years. And me and her,
we had unprotected sex
two or three times a day for three years
and Ms. Todd
had not got pregnant. Because I didn’t get pregnant
doesn’t mean that
he’s not the father. And then, the other thing
which sealed the case was, when Ms. Todd
finally had the baby,
we had sex again. And then he left me
at the apartment by myself. He didn’t tell me
that he was leaving. He told me through
a text message
that we was over.We were supposed
to be engaged,
he should’ve
told me in person.
JUDGE LAKE:That’s what
I gotta understand.
I would understand this.You say you cheated
with this guy, more than one time
before you were engaged. Yes. So, how’d you get to the point
where you found out
she cheated but you still
asked her to marry you? No, um… We was already
engaged first. She said you weren’t. FOSTER: We was. Were you or were
you not, Ms. Todd, engaged when you had
your “friend” come
pick you up? Her birthday
is in the summertime, and if I’m not mistaken,
it was cold out when the guy came
to get her. No, it was warm outside
when he came.
It was warm. JUDGE LAKE: (CHUCKLES) So… Ron, I ain’t ever
heard this before. They don’t know
whether or not
they were engaged. He was engaged.
She was not engaged. So, you, in your mind… Do you see
the wedding cake right there?
That’s on her birthday. JUDGE LAKE:Oh, and
there’s the ring.
FOSTER:August 8th.TODD: Yes, that… So, now does that
refresh your memory? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Were you engaged
when you had this man
come pick you up? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. Thank you for that
proof, Mr. Foster. That’s why you bring
proof to court. So, during your pregnancy
he wasn’t involved at all? No. I wanted him to go see
the ultrasound pictures
with me and I have proof
right here with me
that he didn’t wanna go. What proof did you bring?
Ron, will you please
hand me this proof? What is this, Ms. Todd? When I found out
what I was having, I wanted him to be there,
but he wasn’t there at all. This is your ultrasound? TODD: Yes. JUDGE LAKE:And then,
during this ultrasound
you were alone?
Yes, I was alone.
With a family member. And I wanted him
to be there, with me. He just didn’t show. No, he didn’t come. I had text messages showing
that I asked him to come
to my ultrasound, to my appointments with me.
He didn’t come to none.
At all. Because in your mind,
you’re thinking, “This is the man
I was engaged
to be married to. “We were having
unprotected sex. “I did cheat.
However, I used
protection then, “and he should
still be there
for me.” Yes. Let’s be honest, Ms. Todd.
You made a very bad mistake. I made a mistake.
I admit to doing my wrongs. I wanted him to be there.
I wanted him there for the whole beginning
of my pregnancy, the whole time through,
taking pictures with me. You know, I have no pictures
or memories with him
holding my stomach or nothing. At all. It is because
I’m not the father. TODD: He is the father.
That baby looks
just like him. Look at that baby
right there. But, I’m not the father. You brought a witness,
I’d like to hear from her.
Ma’am, please stand. So, Ms. Foster.
I need to understand,
you are Mr. Foster’s mother? Correct. Why don’t you believe your son
is not this child’s father? Ms. Todd admitted
that the other guy
was the father. I was in Vegas.
I received a phone call
from my son stating that Ms. Todd
didn’t have a place to stay. Once I made it back home,
I sat her down at the table, and I asked her,
was there a chance
that my son was the father? She said that
this other guy
was the father… Excuse me, Your Honor.
I said it was a possibility
that Mr. Foster or the other guy
could be the father. So, you told her that there’s
a possibility that someone
else could be the father. But you stated in court today
that there was no way you thought this other guy
could be the father… ‘Cause the condom broke,
so, it could’ve been
a possibility… JUDGE LAKE: Oh. Yes. You left that part out
of your early testimony. Ms. Todd is a liar. Continue, Ms. Foster. As I was saying, I told her
that she needs to
take a DNA test with this guy. And family members of hers
were calling me, letting me know that
this guy was the father. He didn’t want
to be involved. Hold on, you had
her family members
calling you to say that this other guy,
this friend,
was really the father. Correct. But that guy just didn’t
want to be involved. Exactly. JUDGE LAKE: So, what you
felt like was that,
your son was just the next
best case scenario. GIOVANNA: Exactly. Continue. I had told my son, I said, “If you’re gonna
be with her,
you might as well marry her. “And get over the fact
that the child
may not be yours.” And he signed
the birth certificate. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Foster,
why did you sign
that birth certificate, if you’re standing
court today sayingthe entire time
you had so much doubt?
The reason why was because
I was the only guy that was
there that had stepped up. JUDGE LAKE: So, you came
to the birth. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: You were there? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: You participated? Yes. Named her, everything. Really? I drove her
to the delivery room. These are pictures of you
in the hospital.Beautiful. So, at that
moment, you just
stepped up, or did you say,
“I really think
I’m this child’s father now.”
Well, it was like more…
I’m gonna step up. And I’m gonna be a man
since Ms. Todd
is staying with us. But you did not
believe the child
was yours? If he didn’t believe
the child was his, why would he sign
the birth certificate? JUDGE LAKE: Did you
understand at that time… (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) TODD: I wanted her
to have my last name. He was so adamant
for my daughter
to have his last name. Were you adamant
about that, Mr. Foster? Well, yeah. Yes I was. JUDGE LAKE: So, let me
ask you this. Did you know
when you signed
that birth certificate, that you were
acknowledging that you were
this child’s legal father? Yes, I did. JUDGE LAKE:So,
at that point, you just
decided to step up and say,
“I’m gonna be this child’s…”
Because, listen.
Whether or not we determine
whether you are the
biological father today, let’s be clear,
you are the legal father. And you’re responsible
for her. I mean, it is
an admirable thing for you to say,
“No other man showed up “and this baby
wasn’t going to have a father
so I’m gonna stand up.” But if you then come to
court to contest the fact that you are
the biological father, it begs the question,
why sign the birth certificate
in the first place? TODD: Your Honor. Yes, Ms. Todd. I just feel the baby is his.
She looks just like him. JUDGE LAKE:Well, feeling
don’t have nothing
to do with it.
Let me tell you something.I wish it had
something to do with it. The feeling part
is what got you here. But it’s not
gonna be what gets you
out of here. The truth is gonna
get you out of here. TODD: I have pictures. Let me see the pictures. Ron, hand me this proof. RON: Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: What are
these pictures of? Of him and Selena. When he was four years old,
and she’s four months now. And you believe… This is
baby Selena on the left. Yes. And this is Mr. Foster
as a child on the right. TODD: Yes. And you believe
they look just alike. Yes. JUDGE LAKE:Do you see
the resemblance, Mr. Foster?
FOSTER:I see some,
but I don’t think
that I’m the father.
I’m not the father. JUDGE LAKE: How about
you, Ms. Foster? Not really. So, at the point
your son signs
this birth certificate, that’s why you said to him,
“Well, you signed
the birth certificate. “Now, you might as well
marry her.” Yes, because he was
advised not to do it. Oh, you told him,
don’t do that. Me and a friend of mine.
Which is an attorney. You had access
to legal counsel and still went on and signed
a birth certificate
for a child… FOSTER: Yes, I did. …that you thought
was not yours. Yes, I did. You understand that
even if today’s testimony
and DNA results prove that this is not
your biological child, that that does not
automatically get you
off the hook legally for being responsible
for this baby. Do you understand? Yes. Ms. Todd, now, you… You’re in tears,
what are you feeling? I wanna know
who her father is,
you know. It’s emotional to me. Him not stepping up
to the plate because that baby
looks just like him. JUDGE LAKE: But, listen.
What I just heard you say, and it’s okay, look,
this is a sensitive situation. Sometimes, there’s nothing
wrong with a tear. But I just heard
you say, “I just am ready to know
who her father is.” TODD: Yes. So, the truth is,
you really don’t know. No. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. Mr. Foster, I just
have to ask you briefly
before we get to results. I see you standing there,
and I know that at certain points
it’s been hard for you
to even testify today. And I see the look
in your eyes. You’ve tried to step up
to the plate for this baby, even though people
advised you not to. How has this
whole situation
affected you? It’s affected me
By a lot. Like, as far as, like,
by me growing up
not having a father. So, that was the
only reason why
I did what I did. I understand. I knew there had to be
a good reason. Oh, it’s okay, honey. And I did so good
by this little girl
for three months. (SNIFFLING) It’s like… I don’t know. JUDGE LAKE: And now the doubts
are just eating away at you. Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: I understand. And now, I can see clearer
what your intentions were. So, even though
people were advising
you not to do it, you were basing
your actions on your own
personal life experience of not having a dad. And you didn’t want
this beautiful little girl
to experience what you did. FOSTER:Yes.JUDGE LAKE:I understand.I think it’s time
for the results. RON: Yes, Judge. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. No. JUDGE LAKE: In the case
ofTodd v. Foster,when it comes to
four-month-old Selena Foster, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Foster, you… Are her father. I told you! I told you,
you was her father.
I told him. He was not there. All right! TODD: I told you. She looks just like you! I’m sorry, Shantle. (SNIFFLING) She looks
just like you. This courtroom exists
so that we can
clear up confusion. And we can move
to a place of clarity for the benefit of beautiful,
innocent children like Selena. So, now there’s no doubt. There’s no confusion. You all have to figure out
from here on out how to move forward
in a positive way. A productive way. Now, Ms. Todd, I know this
is gonna be
your soap box, you’re gonna stand on
and you’ve got to choose
to let it go. You cannot keep
pointing at him
and telling him, “I told you, I called you,
you weren’t there.” You’re very blessed.
I have seen children
in this courtroom that are four years old,
14 years old,
44 years old that don’t know
who their father is. Your child is very blessed
that she will not remember
this time. And you can make it so… If you let it go. Because you did
make a mistake. The doubt that he felt
all of this time, he had a right to,
because you stood
in court today and you admitted
that you had doubts. You really didn’t know. We can start by communicating. Right? TODD: Yes. We have
counseling services
available for you. I don’t know
if you’re gonna
be in a relationship. I don’t know
what you’re gonna do. But, what I know
you need to do, is figure out
how to love, cherish
and raise this child together. This beautiful baby.
Do you understand? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: I wish you all
the very, very best of luck. Court is adjourned. (POUNDS GAVEL)


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