Favorite Tools Of The Year – EventIcons Episode 145

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watch at www.event-icons.com. Now, without any further delay, this is #EventIcons. – Hey, what’s going on, everybody. Will Curran here, Endless Events. I’m joined by the lovely,
lovely Tahira Endean, Brandt Krueger, and Alex Plaxen. As Brandt says, this is the favorites. – The favorites episodes.
– Tools, favorite things. Everything favorite. We compile all the best
stuff from all the episodes, all of our favorite things from the year. You know what, last
year we ran out of time, so I think we should jump right on in and get this started. If you want to hear
all of our backstories, this is #EventIcons, where we interview the icons
of the events industry. But because we are in the gap between Christmas and the New Year we decided to have a little
bit of fun this time as well. Hence why Brandt is currently
wearing a Santa hat. Also, we’re 100% live with videos, so you get to see everyone put together. I’m disappointed at Alex and
Tahira for not bringing hats because obviously this
hair can’t be covered. – These Snapchat filters are
getting really realistic. – Very realistic. (laughs) – Tahira is ripping out a hat.
– Uh oh, uh oh. – Oh gosh, she’s bringing out the hat. As long it’s not a magna hat. – I’m either celebrating
Christmas too late or New Years too early, so… – Oh my gosh.
– Like my hat? – I’m not gonna lie, Tahira. You look like a theater student. (panel laughing) Who made poor decisions on hats. – This is how… This is how I am battling a midlife crisis is through bad hats. Is it working? – I think you look like
a criminal on the run. Like, by putting on this hat,
nobody will recognize me. (panel laughing) – Okay, okay, okay. – Or an extra for… – I mean, no, it’s a lovely hat, Tahira. – I got that, that’s great. – We are all big fans of the hat. So, starting off, first question. Favorite hat of the year? No, I’m just kidding. (Will laughing) All right, let’s start off
with our first question. Not the usual question. Let’s start with our favorite
resource shared on this show and what episode is it from. So, let’s kick it off, Brandt. – I didn’t write down the
episode because I’m not smart. But I bet while I talk,
someone can look it up and drop it in the chat. You know, I was thinking through this, and I tried to think of
what things really stood out over the course of the year. And I’m being told it’s episode 105 where we talked to Jonah
Brotman of House of VR. And I really liked the concept of how do we take this inherently let’s just sit in a corner and do VR thing and bring it to groups. How do we make this a much more
accessible thing for groups. And I love the idea of having the actual physical walls that they could move around in the space. So they can completely
reconfigure it on the fly. And say, okay, now we’re
gonna move these walls in so we can make this area
smaller and this area bigger. And then that’s mapped and set
as part of the VR experience. So you’ve got physical walls that you can touch and
bump into and move around as you go and experience
the various things. And so, the ideas that come to mind of virtual haunted houses
and things like that, I think there’s really
a lot to go to there. So that was one of the kind
of overall technologies that stuck out to me as far as a lot of the things, the resources we brought
to the show this year. – I’m gonna jump right in. Last year I think one of
my favorite resources… I’m trying to look back on the notes because I definitely don’t memorize every single episode we have. But I think I shared
that my favorite thing was the VR setup I bought last year. So it’s interesting that
we’re all getting into VR. My favorite resource was actually from the episode right
after yours, episode 106, where we talked about Klik. With a K, K-L-I-K. And that was an episode that, I admit, I wish I got to redo because I learned a little
bit about their stuff. And then I knew a little
bit about PixMob beforehand. But then went to C2 Montreal maybe a month or two after that, and I actually experienced it. And that became one of the
coolest event apps and systems. It’s not anything new. They’ve been around
for a little while now. But that became one of my
favorite things as well. It was just super cool
how interactive it was, that you could trade information. It was just one of those times where I actually used an event technology for I think one of the first times ever. So I just wanted to go with you on that. Alex, what was one of your favorites? – So, episode 138 we talked
about Braindates with e180. And the reason this is
my favorite resource shared in the show is I was actually… I had experienced Braindates once before, and I was not a fan. But this episode kind of converted me. I had a chance to rethink about it and look at it from a different angle, and I’m convinced now. So I really want to try it again. But it was something I
had a bad experience with. And that episode kind of sold me on why it’s important and what you can do with it. – So, I had an interesting
experience with Braindates because I was at an event in Ottawa. And there was Braindates,
and I was like, cool. And there was a good one that
was listed for the morning, so I was like, this is perfect. I’m gonna go and I’m gonna do
it first thing in the morning because all it had for opening
session was opening session. It didn’t say anything about
what was happening in it so I thought, oh, it’s
going to be our typical three associations together
opening some destination videos, and awards, and how great we are. And I thought I could do a
Braindate instead of that. But then, interesting Braindate, but then I went back upstairs
and everybody was raving about the opening
speaker that I had missed because of going to the Braindate. Super sad. But I did see him, he opened and closed. And so, Sebastian Zasfel,
Canadian, awesome, great. Great speaker, super
inspiring, lovely human being. So, one day I will see his opening talk. But I also did appreciate the way that the Braindates worked. I thought it was pretty cool. I liked episode 110, I think
that Sam Smith and Juraj Holub always bring really great information on new ways of creating interactive ideas. Sam with his interactive
meeting technology. Juraj with Slido. It’s always really great. Juraj, Juraj. See, I always say his name wrong because it’s got all these J’s in it. I should be good at saying names because I have a hard to say name, so I should be better at it. Here’s my other fun thing. Episode 113, so pretty early in the year, we talked about E-gaming and esports. And our guests didn’t know each other. So, we know we had Kim,
who’s esports mother. We had Joe English, Event Futurist. And we had Donny Neufuss from PRG who has been doing a ton
of work in that space. And later on at the end of the year, after meeting on our show,
they all presented together. Like how cool is that? That they did a co-presentation
at another conference that was really successful. I think those are the kinds of things when we can not only get some great resources and learn about something
that we don’t know a lot about but then also develop new
connections and collaborations. So cool, so there you go. – One thing I want to
comment on, by the way. Sorry to back onto the
Braindates side of things too. Alex’s point, sorry I didn’t
get a chance to mention this, I had a very similar
experience to you, Alex. I’ve heard that a ton of times. I heard it differently, or I didn’t see it done the right way. And then to hear of the same
thing with the FOMO as well, I echo those opinions for sure. I think one of the best places
to try it out was C2 Montreal because they just like, here,
do this the best you can. Here’s all the money in the
world to make this happen. And that was really, really cool to do. I think it goes to show you though that everyone can try out an app, think it’s the coolest thing
in the whole entire world, and then other people can
say they don’t like it. So there’s always that polarizing opinion that you have along with all resources. – There you go. Can we go on to our book of the year? – Books of the year, yeah. All right, since you’re
the author of the group and the only one I think here that’s actually written a real book, why don’t you kick it off, Tahira. – So I have to say that what’s been actually really
fun for me as an author is some super cool speaking
opportunities this year. But also, when somebody
reads my book and likes it there’s just nothing better than when somebody sends me a note and says how they’ve found
that they’re using it, or that it’s been a really
good resource for them. I love that. I have an old friend, Roger Haskett. Many people are gonna know Roger. He’s been on the show. And Roger’s company is
called Engagement Unlimited. And he wrote a book
this year that’s called The Me You Want To Be. He takes all of his very
funny way of describing things and his amazing storytelling ability, and he’s put it into a book
and really just looks at how do we become, not the best him, but the best ourselves
that we can possibly be, by some of what he called Roger’s Rules. And he calls them Roger’s Rules obviously because he’s Roger and they’re his rules. It’s a really easy read but it’s also one that kind
of makes you stop and think. It’s got some good exercises in it. So, I’m really enjoying that. – That is a book I want to read. I know Roger, he’s a great guy. I believe I hosted that
episode that he was on. And he is just full of information. – And look at this little
treasure I found, Alex. – Aww. I love Alex too. – It’s from the Bikini Hotel in Berlin, but I just brought it
home because it said that. (Alex laughing) – I love it. – Does that make it weird?
– A little bit. You know what, I like slumber parties. It’s okay. Another industry book is my
favorite book that I read. I don’t read a lot, so
it takes a lot for me to buy a book and actually
sit there and read it. But this one really just appealed to me as someone who is on the
speaking circuit in our industry. And it’s called Frankly
Speaking: Insider Advice (Most) Meeting Planners
Won’t Share with Speakers. And it’s written by four planners. Maralynn Adams, Bonnie Scepkowski, Tracey Smith, and Shawna Suckow. And it is really, really easy read. The whole format is them
basically talking to each other and having a conversation about all things speakers. For anyone who is trying to be a speaker, or even as a planner, someone who struggles with
getting good speakers, it’s a really, really great and easy read. And I highly suggest getting it. These women are experts in their field. So that’s my book of the year. – Nice. Mine is actually not an industry event, or industry related book, but I think all of us should read as people who work everyday. It’s a book called It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy at Work by Jason Fried and David
Heinemeier Hansson. DHH as they call him. And these are the guys behind Basecamp and the big remote work movement. You’ve probably read one
of their books before. I forget the other two
books that they’ve written. One of them is called Remote. I just can’t remember the
one they’re famous for. But, as I’m about to sneeze, trying to explain exactly
what this book is all about. Essentially, the title is very true. It’s this idea that we all
say, we’re all so busy. Oh my gosh, it’s so crazy at work. Oh my gosh. And we all like to complain about our jobs and how insane it is. Well they basically say it
doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s how we did it and how work doesn’t
have to stress you out, and how we basically built that company. Really, really cool, amazing book. Really easy read because
it’s got a lot of tips and things like that. And we as a company are also implementing
a lot of those things. Interestingly enough, I
think the biggest takeaway that I got that I thought
was so interesting and weird is that they don’t set any
goals for the company at all. So there’s no quarterly
goals, no weekly goals, no yearly goals. They don’t have an annual revenue number they’re trying to achieve. Which I thought was so interesting because they’re a company that’s grown like 10% every single year, and they’re one of the most
well known productivity company apps that you can utilize. I just thought it was
really, really interesting. You all just have to read the book to see what it’s all about. It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy at Work. I really, really loved it. – So I normally try to alternate between an industry
book or a business book and then something fun and non-fiction. Or I’m sorry, fiction. And this year I haven’t done as much of the non-fiction work as normal because I’ve gotten
sucked into quite a few extensive, expansive
science fiction series. And so, my recommendations are actually going to be fiction books. If you’re into sci fi at all, or even just kind of enjoy thinking about what the
future might be like or something along those lines without it being too techie, I would recommend The Expanse series that has been made into a TV show on Syfy. Now, like a lot of book series, they’re dropping a lot in order to get it through
the TV series faster. So if you do enjoy The Expanse on TV, you should definitely
check out the audiobooks. We’ll drop the links to the Audible. That’s how I enjoy reading books, is actually listening to them on Audible. And then if you are into
the really wonky sci-fi, space opera type stuff, anything by Peter F. Hamilton is good. Because I got sucked into… I finished The Expanse series and then got sucked into a
Peter F. Hamilton series. The one that I’m dropping in is a link to what’s called
the Commonwealth series. And it’s really, really good stuff. If you start with that one and you find you like his style, that’s when you can move
onto the other ones. The guy just writes and writes and writes. He’s one of those prolific writers that it’s a 36 hour audiobook
for book one of a trilogy, that kind of thing. I really enjoyed them. And sometimes they feel a little slow but other times they just take off and you’re like, whoa,
where am I going now? Those are my two fiction
recommendations for this year. – I’m gonna add on to you. And also, Roger said that his
book is better in Audible. That’s his opinion. There’s a book that’s called, that was introduced to me by Jeff Duncan who was on the show
earlier this year as well. It’s called Leadership and Self Deception. And it’s a book that
they use at their company where they have an
awesome company culture. But it’s just really around, as a leader of really any size company, but certainly as you grow a company, really looking at the
things we tell ourselves that maybe we shouldn’t
be telling ourselves. Really gets you to take
a good, honest look at how you’re doing as a leader. And it’s actually not by a person. It’s by the Arbinger Institute. It’s a great one for all of
our entrepreneurs out there. – So interesting for an organization to be credited on a book. One question that I actually thought of just randomly off the top of my head and put you guys on the spot. What’s your favorite book of all time? I don’t think we’ve ever
talked about that on the show. – The Pillars of the Earth
by Ken Follett for fiction. – It’s called Killers of the Earth? – Pillars of the Earth. (panel laughing) It’s history of the world
from the 1100s to the 1400s as they build a cathedral, in that sort of time when
everything was changing, when flour was invented and things. Really well written, great book. – They turned it into a TV show too. – They probably did. – Wine Drinking for Inspired Thinking. I like wine, I like thinking. Michael Gelb is an amazing author on creativity and innovation. One of my favorite authors. He’s got a ton of books. I’ve read most of them. But this one is just really fun, and it’s about wine, and
chocolate, and poetry. – I love the subtitle of this book, “Uncork your creative juices.” – Yes, very easy to read. He’s got other books. How to Innovate like Edison. How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci. Some really excellent
works for creativity. It was first introduced to me by a woman who still inspires me today. Her name is Elise Williamson. But she was one of my… My first creative era bosses,
along with another woman, Dea Buckton, and Carla Felotelin. They just kind of rocked my world when it came to how we
think about creativity. And so, she bought us the
first book about Da Vinci, and I’ve just continued on. But the wine one is really fun. – Cool. – Mine is really simple. Ready Player One is my
favorite fiction book. If you haven’t read the
book, read the book. And if you’ve seen the movie, you should still read the book. And if you haven’t seen either, do both. Also, one of my favorite things
of the year was that movie. – It is a good book. – I have one more book that’s super useful for people who are planning
events, and also for parents, which is Reality is Broken:
Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World. Jane McGonigal Tons of work on actually why
it’s okay to play video games. Very reassuring as a parent of teenagers. Very helpful as an event planner, especially since gamification
got really popular, understanding the basics
of a game framework. – I’m gonna go back to my undergrad. For those who don’t know, I did production design
for film in undergrad. And there was one book
that I read that just has completely changed the way that
I view visual storytelling. And that’s visual
storytelling in any realm, including events. And it’s called, If It’s
Purple, Someone’s Gonna Die: The Power of Color in Visual Storytelling. And it brings up all these examples of how color is being
used in storytelling, and what every color means, and throughout history what
those colors represented, and how they tie into emotions, and how we as humans interact with colors. It’s a really, really fascinating read just about the psychology of color and how it can be used
in visual storytelling. And I’m sure when, if you read it, you’ll see things that we do in events that are like, oh, I knew I
should be using that color, but I didn’t know why and now I know why. – Oh, I wrote about that too in my book. – It’s really, really fascinating. It’s by a woman named Patti Bellantoni. And it’s If It’s Purple,
Someone’s Gonna Die. – That’s the best book title ever. – Solid. – And also, that goes back to a lot of florals and use
of linens and things, in a lot of societies actually, and why we shouldn’t be using the color purple for our events. – Well, it makes me feel really great about the #EventIcons logo branding. (Mark laughs)
– Good job. – Word. – He wonders why I don’t want the T-shirt. – Good thing I didn’t wear purple today. Brandt, did you say what
your favorite book was? – I didn’t, and I struggle. There’s some really
great books, obviously. But one that my mind
always keeps going back to that was not very famous at all, it was called The Sparrow. And I’m having trouble even remembering… Maria Doria Russell,
I believe is the name. It might be Mary or Maria Doria Russell. And it’s called The Sparrow. And that’s another example of a book that is theoretically science fiction but it’s not about the science. They barely explain the science. It’s just like, it just happens. They get in the ship and they fly. So it’s not about the doodads and widgets. It’s what’s an interesting
ethical discussion where we figure out there’s
life on another planet. The Jesuits decide they’re going to, they’ve always been the
explorers in foreign lands, so they’re gonna be the first ones there. And so, they send a rogue mission before the rest of the governments can put anything together. They put something together and send the first
expedition to this planet. And it starts with a guy being sent back in the second ship alone with basically a message
saying, this guy is a murderer. This priest is a murderer, and prostitute, and all of these horrible things. And that starts with them. So it’s him kind of
remembering how it came to be. It really is an interesting story, a morality story, about what happens when you have preconceived
notions of ethics and then try and apply them to a totally, literally alien culture. – Epic. Books, now let’s go to podcasts. Mine is easy. I have nothing new, I haven’t
found any new podcasts, so I’m excited to hear your guys’. – I’m not on the show all the time, right, so I actually love going back and listening to the
episodes that I wasn’t on. So, I think #EventIcons
does a really great job. We ask great questions, we get
really interesting answers, and it’s a nice easy,
conversational style, so I actually do really
enjoy our own podcast, which I think is a good thing. – Thanks, Tahira. And that’s our show for today. Thank you, everybody. – Buh bye! – That’s right. And then Grownups Read
Things They Wrote as Kids. That’s really fun. I’m not really over the
whole TED Talk thing. I love downloading them
and listening to them. – I have one. It’s not new, it’s been around since 2015, but I discovered it this year. If you’re a fan of Jonathan Van Ness from the new reboot of
Queer Eye on Netflix, he has a podcast called Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness. And he just brings on experts of things he’s curious
about for every episode. – Like what we do. – Yeah, just to satisfy
his own natural curiosities about the world. It’s really interesting. The scope is super broad. He’s talked about things like how can we be less rude to bees, to what do white people
need to know about racism. A very broad spectrum, but
it’s super interesting. It really takes things that you’re probably
curious about yourself and just lends a voice
and expertise to it. It’s really fascinating. It’s fun to listen to. He’s a character himself. That’s a great podcast. – Nice. I’m gonna go with, in addition
to science fiction books, I actually really like history. And one of the things that’s
been interesting to me, even before the more recent years of political disruption
in the U.S.’ history. There’s a collection of books, it’s called the Oxford… I’m gonna have to look it up. It’s basically a series of
books by different authors covering different
sections of U.S. history. And so it’s the Oxford U.S history series. I’ll have to go back and look it up. – If you’re a girl you can
just watch The Outlander series because that covers history
in Scotland for the 1700s. So the first three books
of The Outlander series take place in Scotland in the 1700s, and then during the American Revolution. Diana Gabaldon was a researcher
before she was an author and the research is meticulous. – And also, Bill & Ted’s
Excellent Adventure. That’s got some great… – And a hot guy. And a beautiful woman, who fall in love. So it’s good on every level. Action, adventure, and history. – These books are about 80 hours
long and have none of that. It is kind of interesting. Actually, there was a section
from the Revolutionary War where actually they were
going to send a platoon to take over Canada. And basically, the platoon just
decided they didn’t want to. And so they didn’t. Like it wasn’t even a big moral thing. They just were like, eh. Because it was an all volunteer army, and they just decided they
didn’t want to bother. The real thing that I was bringing up was the podcast, which is Bag Man. And that is being produced
by NBC and Rachel Maddow. What’s interesting to
me is we like to think, especially in the U.S., it’s
this most divisive time ever. But it goes into the Spiro Agnew vice presidency under Nixon. And it’s like it’s all the same stuff. It’s all the same stuff. None of this is new, this
has all happened before, to borrow from Battlestar Galactica. Oh, I’m really nerdy today, wow. It’s just happening. – Today?
(panel chuckling) – So, if you’re into history, and you’re into especially
political history, it’s pretty interesting, the case that was being
made against Spiro Agnew. We all kind of know about Nixon, but Agnew was about neck deep in some pretty serious scandal himself. Pretty interesting stuff. – All right, Brandt. Want to kick us off to the next category? – Yeah, new gadgets. So, the new gadget category is funny. I was looking back. I’d forgotten that I wasn’t
on this episode last year. I had, at that time, what
would have been my picks, and they’ve all completely
changed from what it was then. I completely revamped by tech in 2018. And I went from a Macbook Pro,
and an iPad, and a pencil, iPad Pro and a pencil. Which I loved all of those things, but they really were quite heavy. And the iPad Pro wasn’t doing everything that I wanted it to do. There’s no one machine that does everything that I
want it to do, unfortunately. So I’ve downsized to a 2017 Macbook, which is the really small
one, like the 11 inch. And an HP Spectre 360, which is one of those two-in-ones that can fold over and become a tablet. And so, between those two,
it actually weighs less than what I had with my
Macbook Pro and iPad Pro. The pen and drawing capabilities
of the Spectre are good. They’re not as good as the
iPad Pro, but nothing is. That thing is still the best thing to draw and write on that exists. But what I love about it is, I take a lot of handwritten notes. And so, the Spectre works
with software called Nebo. Nebo MyScript, which also could easily be my app pick of the year. So, when I go to meetings
and things like that, I take that Spectre out, flip
it over, pull the pen out, and I start handwriting my notes. And then as soon as I get home I’m able to pretty accurately translate that into
cut and pasteable text. I’ve got the worst
handwriting in the world and it does a really good job. And what I like about Nebo,
it’s available for iPad Pro. There’s an Android version so it works on most modern Chromebooks
that have pen support, and any Windows computer
that has pen support as well. When I got rid of all that stuff and opened up Nebo for the first time it had actually synced all of my notes from my iPad Pro to the cloud. And I was like, oh, crap, all
my stuff is still here, yay. And I was pretty happy about that because I didn’t really
realize it was doing that. – What’s the name of the app?
– Nebo MyScript. N-E-B-O. And the name of the app is MyScript. And it’s on iOS, Android, and Windows. There is not a macOS version, but hey, there’s not a touch input
version of the macOS, so you don’t really need it. – I’m trying to keep up with
all your guys’ resources. That was like a heavy duty one. – I also then upgraded to the most recent Samsung S9 as well. And every time I get a little
tempted by the iPhone world, or Will, I know you’re a big
proponent of the Pixel phones. But I have to say, if you haven’t looked
at Samsung in a while, it’s worth taking another look. They used to be pretty awful as far as the stuff that was bloatware that was loaded in and stuff. And it’s really quite a bit better. And there are many Samsung apps that actually I’m
starting to use more often than their Google counterparts, such as the calendar and a
couple other things as well. So, if you haven’t looked
at Samsung tech in a while, it’s worth another look. – It’s good to know, actually. I need a new phone this week, so S9. – Yeah, I’ve been very happy. And it’s got a courage port. It still has the courage port,
which is the headphone jack. – I don’t use my headphone jack anymore. – I don’t use my either. – Yeah, okay, good for you. (panel laughing) – Yeah, whatev. – I’ve got one. One more, and that’s my box laser tape. Every planner should have one of these. Every tech person should
have one of these. I put it off for years
and years and years. And so, the number of times
when you’re on a site visit, never trust the drawings. Always just grab a laser level and go over and check it yourself. How much is it to the
bottom of that sconce? Anything that might
potentially be in the way. They never put the bottoms
of chandeliers on drawings. It’s always the ceiling height. So knowing how much space there is from the floor to the
bottom of a chandelier comes in handy way more
often than you’d think. That was a lot, sorry. Who is next, Tahira? – I switched this year, like you. I went from having a Macbook… Wow, I love what you have in your hand. To my Surface Pro, which is great. It can be my book, it can be my TV, it can be what I present from. When I knew that I was gonna
quit my job and go traveling I knew that I needed to have something that was going to be super
simple, and not too heavy, and would still let me have
a port to present with, and it has all of those
things, so it’s great. And now that I have it
hooked up to a second screen that I’ve stolen from my
son, much to his chagrin, it’s fabulous at home. – I love my Surface Pro. That was my pick last year. I upgraded to the Surface
Book and went to the 15 inch. It has a little bit more power, little bit longer battery life. I’ve been super duper happy. But I loved my Surface device. Last person left for us
to switch over is Alex. We’re gonna get him to Windows. – You will never get me to Windows, ever. – Alex, speaking of switching you over, what’s your favorite device? – Starts with an “I,” weird. – My iPhone XS Max. – It’s as big as your head.
– It is, it’s great. It’s great because it’s
the size of my last phone, which was the iPhone 7s,
I believe, the large one. And then it’s a thin
size, except it’s thinner, and the screen takes up the entire thing. But the new features, the
camera is unbelievable. I’ve never taken… – (mumbling) Samsung camera. – It’s better. – Not as good as the
Google Pixel 3 though. – It’s better.
– Nope. – Nope, DMR says differently.
– Mm, that’s nice. (panel laughing) The features are really cool. The portrait modes are fantastic. The portrait selfie mode is great. And it’s just easy. It’s something that is familiar. I don’t have to download
a million new apps. All my stuff just transferred
over super easily. And it’s fantastic. The speakers on here are great. I have been without a case
on my phone since I got it, and I got it the first
day it was available. And I don’t have any scratches. I’ve dropped it a million times. The screen has never cracked. – You need to take care of your phone. – I take great care of my phone. – Naked is the way to go.
– Got to go commando, yeah. – I’ll hand my phone to someone and they’re like, I’m so nervous. I’m like, don’t worry about it. I’ve dropped it a million times. Nothing is gonna happen to it. So, I’m happy with that, that Apple has taken
that into consideration and done much better with
the quality of their phone. But it’s great. The size doesn’t bother me. If you don’t like a big phone then you probably won’t like it. – There’s smaller versions.
– There’s smaller versions. But yeah, I have the biggest
and the best from iPhone, and I have no plans to ever switch over. – That’s okay, one day you’ll realize. – There’s no one thing. There’s so many good
things about the Samsung, but there’s so many great things that I see come out of your phone with the Animoji and things like that. – Animoji is super fun. – Why can’t we all just put it
in one black slab that works? – And that’s the thing. Like, the Animoji is super fun. I have nieces and nephews
who live across the country. And when I FaceTime with them, and I can switch my face to my cartoon, they call it cartoon Uncle Alex. They want to talk to cartoon Uncle Alex. – Who wouldn’t? – I want to talk to cartoon
Uncle Alex right now. – If you had FaceTime you could. – Or if you got the Snapchat filter app. – That’s not gonna have
cartoon Uncle Alex. But it’s super fun. My nieces and nephews love it. And it’s just a cool feature. I’m sure they’re gonna be introducing a lot more cool features with that. And also, the battery
power has been great. Typically I’ll have a
battery case on my iPhones. I haven’t really needed one. I can get through most days even being on the phone as
often as I am, which is all day, without it running out of juice. I’ve been very happy with it. – You have a juicy phone. – I have a juicy phone. – Uncork the creative juices. – And on that note… – We’ll go to that one in just a second. I have to do mine too. I get gadgets too. Mine are quick. I’ve been using smart
watches for a long time. Getting kind of sick of all
them having crappy battery life. So I’m trying out fitness
bands, and I found this one, which is called the Xiaomi Mi Band. It’s really spelt weird, so
I linked it into the chat. – Xiaomi, X-I-O. – Xiaomi, yeah, whatever it is. Best part is, it’s $30. And it does constant
heart rate monitoring, step tracking, sleep
tracking, all that stuff. Basically, the only thing it doesn’t do that modern things do now is like an oxidizer, oxynator, whatever the hell it’s called, where it measures your oxygen levels. But to be honest, for $30,
I’ve lost two of these and now I have spare backups because I tend to lose my
fitness bands apparently. So, really happy with it. Works with all my apps. Cool fit, all that sort of stuff. Another really quick one
that I wanted to share. The Google Home Hub and that ecosystem, I’ve switched over to Google for utilizing my smart assistants. And having a screen on
your smart assistant is game changing. Two things. Google Photos backup. Since all my photos automatically get backed
up to Google Photos I set an album with all my friends faces. Automatically the photos show up, boom. I have photos of them
all around the house now. Super amazing. Second thing is Google Duo
calling has been incredible. – I agree with that. – I just go, hey, call Alex, and boom, Alex’s face
shows up on the screen. Cool device, super cheap. Take a look at it. Shall we go onto liquids? – No, app, next is apps. – Oh yeah, apps, apps. All right, favorite apps. Let’s make these quick, guys. We’re burning through time. We’ve got 20 minutes left. Favorite apps of the year. I’m gonna make mine really quick. Lattice is a new app I
just found this last week. It’s company updates, sentiment
analysis for your team to be able to say how they’re feeling, all the things like that. Being able to set their
goals, give updates on goals. Integrates with Slack. If you have a team, check
out Lattice, L-A-T-T-I-C-E. Then next app, which apparently
everyone has heard of, but I haven’t, Citymapper. So when you’re in New York or Chicago and you want to see how to
walk places the fastest, it just tends to have the best maps compared to Google Maps. It also tells you about
trains, how long to wait. What side of the platform, what part of the train to stay on. Holy crap, so cool. And then new one for me. Thanks to Brandt for this one. Authenticator Plus, if you’re using two-factor authentication. If you’re not, watch our episode
this year on cybersecurity and why you should. Authenticator Plus basically is a two-factor authentication app. I had used Google’s for a while but then I wiped my phone
to get the Google Pixel 3, forgot about all my two-factor codes, and they call got wiped with the phone. Authenticator Plus backs
up to Google Drive, so whenever I switch phones and need to bring up the app
with all my two-factor codes, it’s backed up. Which is technically not
the most secure thing, but my Google account is the most secure. So if you’re two-factor authenticating check out Authenticator Plus. Alex.
– Yes. FaceTune2, number two. It’s a photo editing
app, it’s really cool. Most people use it to make
themselves look pretty. I use it to change out
the backgrounds on photos. They have a little wand tool that just deletes the
background of the photo. It’s pretty accurate. And then you can upload other photos, or they have some uploaded
into the app that you can use. – It fooled Will. – It fooled Will with a photo of people in
front of the White House that we were not in
front of the White House. But I use it all the
time, especially on site. Sometimes you take a photo at an event and there’s just like, some people behind that don’t look right. And if you can just
switch out the background so you can post to your social, because the foreground looks great, it’s (clicks tongue) awesome. – All right, Tahira. – Apps is pretty easy. “Douche” Bahn, the train
app, across Europe. My new favorite thing. – Deutsche, Deutsche Bahn.
– Deutsche Bahn. – You have to enunciate that very clearly. (panel laughing)
Deutsche Bahn. – All right Brandt, what about you? – I got a combo. One was from Alex that he gave, turned me onto I think last year, or it was either at the
beginning of this year. And that’s Buffer. Used for managing social media profiles. It really helped. I’m just not gonna be the guy that’s gonna be able to custom tune every single social
media site that I’m on. But I do want to make sure that I’m pushing links
and stuff to everywhere. And so, Buffer is a great
extension for Chrome and standalone web app. You can link in all of
your social media profiles and say, okay, push this link to that one, that one,
that one, and that one. And it also does scheduling
and things like that. So when I have time to
sit down and go through all of the articles I
haven’t had a chance to read I’m able to load them in and it just goes into the buffer and is able to then spit
them out on a regular basis. So it just kind of helps
smooth out my social media so that it’s not 57 in one day and then none for two weeks. So it helps quite a bit. – A real quick upgrade for that one. If you have heard of Buffer and you want to take it to the next level, check out Meet Edgar. Meet Edgar, it’s the same thing, except for you also set
up an evergreen pool of articles you’re gonna
share all the time. And when you hit the
bottom of your buffer, which happens a lot in your buffer, it will pull from the evergreen and make sure there’s a mix
of evergreen content too. – Nice, I like that, because that is one of the
things that every now and then you do hit the bottom, and it’s like, eh. Yeah, I wish I could have it then start rotating through my old blog posts or something like that. That is a good one. I’m gonna write that one down right now so that I don’t forget. And then the other one that I use all the time is
Office Lens for Android. I think there’s one for iOS, but I feel like when I
tried it, it wasn’t as good. What it’s great for doing is
taking pictures of whiteboards, notes, handwriting, documents. It’s actually kind of like
a little portable scanner. It’s made by Microsoft. They integrated some of it into OneNote. And we were gonna do these
quickly, so I apologize, so I’ll move on. It’s great for portable document scanning. Just take a picture with your phone. And it’s really good at
reducing the trapezoiding. It’s like it’s able to
straighten things out and all that kind of
stuff really, really well. – Favorite place that you’ve traveled to. Rapid fire. Mine is easy, I went to Kenya this year. I was amazed. Amazingly nice people, beautiful country. I wish I got to spend more time there. Fantastic country. We’re gonna do Tahira last
because she has a million. – And mine is really simple too. I’ll get it out of the way as well. I just had never been to Seattle before. And I didn’t really get
a chance to get out much but what I saw was nice. – What time of year were you in Seattle? – It was early in the year, I feel like. I want to say like March-ish. So it was just kind of wet and cold. – Sounds like Minnesota. – I went to Mexico City. I was only there 48 hours but from what I saw, it was really great. Everyone was super nice. Yeah, that’s mine. I had never been. – Nice. Tahira. – Tahira, did you go anywhere this year? – Did you go anywhere nice this year? – I was super lucky this year because I decided it was time
to make a change in my life after 25 years of planning events to take some time off,
take a little sabbatical. Did a little bit of work along the way and also did some speaking along the way, which took me to some places
which were really fantastic. Yeah, I have quite a
list, as you guys know. I went to New Zealand for three weeks, where the start of it I helped a friend of mine
planning his 40th birthday party, which took place in, it’s
called the Toy Mansion. So we had 30 people staying in a mansion. And did all kinds of things you would do if you were staying in a mansion, so the most wonderful experiences. And then another three
weeks following that traveling around all of the
North Island pretty much. Visiting old friends,
checking out new things, and hanging out with some
events profs over there, which was really fun. And then I spent three weeks
in Bali with my 18-year-old. And I would also recommend for any parent, any time you can take a single
parent and a single child and just go and spend some
quality time together, on day three she said,
I need some alone time. I was like, you need some alone time. So, pre-negotiate that you’re
gonna need some alone time but then go away with your kid and enjoy that time because
it’s really special. The canyons of Utah. Greg and I hiked through
a bunch of canyons on our way between ILEA in Denver and Connect in Salt Lake City this summer. Then, of course, there’s The College of
Extraordinary Experiences for a week in a castle in Poland, which was a fantastic
experience on every level that I will start to write more about because it was so life changing. Some time in London with my friend Sarah. New York and going to Comic-Con. Hanging out with Joe, my cousin. LA with Lisa Gardner. You have to do LA in style
so that’s one way to do it. And from there, going to
Chicago for my new job. I know that’s not even everywhere, but I had so many favorite places. People say, what was your favorite? And literally, every day was
a good day because I decided that if I was gonna not
work and take time off that every day had to have
an activity or an adventure. I put down my phone, I didn’t write. I took about 2,000 pictures. But I really just spent time focusing on quality time with people, and it was fantastic. That was (mumbling) – Real quick plus one for Salt Lake City. We were at Connect for that too, and I was very impressed
with Salt Lake City. I liked that town a lot. – Yeah, me too. – Me too. And also, Indianapolis I
had never been to before. And that was a great city, very walkable. I was there for WC this year, for MPI. – Minnesota for me was an unexpectedly awesome
place to be as well. – That’s our state logo,
our state banner, actually, it is unexpectedly awesome. (Mark laughing) – All right, while I hold
up my cup and take a sip, what is everybody’s
favorite drink of the year? – The juniper latte from Starbucks. Brand new latte. I’m not a huge Christmas fan, but it tastes like Christmas in a cup. – I heard it tastes like gin and coffee. – Well that’s why they keep getting it. – For me it’s matcha latte. I have recently discovered matcha lattes and been like in love with them, and making matcha at home on my own. Brandt, what about you? – I have been to the
smokier and peatier scotches that I can possibly find. And as bottom shelf as
possible, as often as possible. I like to see how far
low on the shelf I can go before I have to start
coming back up again because it’s just nope,
nope, nope, that’s too far. I’m realizing that I’m enjoying things that have intense
flavors, enticing things. I actually tried some really
expensive Highland scotch and I was kind of like,
oh, that’s good, I guess. – Tahira, what about you? – Well, speaking of strong flavors. While we were in Salt Lake City, Greg was in Salt Lake City with me, and he snuck off because he could do that. He wasn’t attending an event or speaking. And so, he went to Wendover, Utah. First of all, real quiet. Went over to Wendover in Nevada. And ended up in a brisket
festival where they said, would you like some lemonade with that? And he said, no. (mumbling), we smoked our lemons. He was like, hell yeah, let’s have that. So he’s been smoking lemons and then making a rosemary simple syrup and making our own homemade
amazing smoked lemonade. So that is my new you can have it with
anything and it’s good. – Interesting, I’m gonna
have to try that out. All right, we’re gonna
keep moving down the line. Favorite new company. We kind of made a joke along the lines that this used to be
favorite new event company but there haven’t been a
lot of new event companies. However, thanks, guys, for
turning your backs on me in the notes as I look on it because I thought that was
going to be our comment, but you all picked event
companies and I didn’t. So, mine is not an event company because apparently Will
doesn’t know anything about what new companies came out. So, mine is another app
company thing I discovered called Gong, G-O-N-G, .io. Like, you ring the gong. It’s a sales analytics software that listens to all your
conversations and tells you how… It basically uses robots to tell your sales people
how to sell better. I promise, it’s way cooler than that, but we do not have the time. But if you have a sales
team, Gong is necessary and is probably the greatest thing that’s ever happened to
our sales organization. For you guys, what are your
favorite event companies? – Mine is not really
new, but it’s new enough that I felt like it’s worth mentioning. We’ve had them on the show, Sciensio, They do the event bots. I really had the opportunity this year to experience using the event bot more than I think last year. I knew about them last year but hadn’t really used them that much. It’s good stuff. It’s worth looking into. I try not to say that it’s an app killer, but it’s an app killer. – Speaking of app killer,
Tahira, what are your favorites? (Mark laughing) – What we’ve really seen
this year, of course, is all the mergers and acquisitions. And so, watching it on EVENTERY and Cvent, and all of the companies that we watched grow for so many years just get folded into other organizations has just been really fascinating. There’s some really interesting
new mixes coming up. And Brandt. – Brandt, speaking of Cvent related stuff. – I wasn’t sure if you had
more to say about that. I again tried to think
back of what was new, stood out to me, and I am happy to finally start to see movement in the VR and AR space
on the backend stuff. So not just what we were
talking about earlier with doing stuff for attendees. So, one that stood out is AllSeated. They’re doing things
with virtual site visits where you can put on
virtual reality goggles, put yourself in the space, look around, move around in the space,
walk around in the space. And then they’ve got basic setups of here’s what it looks like setup in rounds, here’s what it looks
like setup in theater. And so, I think that really is gonna be something that’s coming down the way. I’m surprised honestly nobody has been jumping on it earlier. I’ve been shouting about
this for over a year now and being like, who’s gonna… I thought, maybe it was
gonna be Social Tables or somebody like that, who seem to have all the parts and pieces. I’m glad to see that we’re
finally starting to see some movement on some
of this backend stuff that’s gonna help planners
who work on events using VR and AR. – Nice. All right, we got three, four,
three more questions left. Favorite app that helps
you get things done. I’m gonna start with
Tahira because I believe… – It doesn’t say favorite app. – It doesn’t say app, it doesn’t say app. – It says things that
help you get things done. – This is the same answer
she used last year, for the record, I think. – It hasn’t changed. My husband ensures that I
can get lots of things done. And he’s amazing. And he gets the biggest
shout out every year because literally nothing
would happen without him. – And we got to meet him. – That’s true, we got to meet Greg. He’s pretty awesome. If anyone gets a chance, if you’re at a conference
and Tahira brought him, you have to meet him. He’s much cooler than Tahira. (panel chuckling)
– Pretty much. – No, I’m just kidding. – We get along pretty well. – I’ll play that back for him later. He’ll love it. (panel laughing) – All right, because
I thought I wrote app. – It just says, thing that
helps you get things done. – My bad. I apparently only use apps. We were talking about
apps actually this year, and we didn’t all switch
too many apps too. But one that I adopted that I got rid of and then brought back, and still haven’t been utilizing fully, but it’s called PomoDoneApp. It syncs with all your to-do
lists and does pomo timers. If you don’t know what Pomodoro
Technique is, google that. But PomoDoneApp. I did it when I was in
Kenya with my group, and I have never been more productive in a single eight hours than I’ve ever been in my entire life. It also helped that I was in a crazy time difference as well. PomoDoneApp. Brandt, I liked yours. – Mine is also Tahira’s husband. (Tahira laughing) – You stole it, I was gonna say that! – Knew somebody was gonna get that joke. Much like the Google assistants that just seemed to slowly multiply and take over your house, I started with Ryobi power tools probably right after we got our house. They’re all compatible, and
they’re backwards compatible. So that’s the thing. I’ve got tools that are
pushing 10 years old that still use the battery system. And so, it’s been very easy
to get replacement batteries. And they’re not professional grade, but they’re good enough for getting crap done around the house. And so, it seems like every year I pick up one more of
these Ryobi power tools. I’ve just about maxed out
on all the little ones. Then we’ll just have to start
looking at the bigger ones. – What I love is that you’re talking about power tools
for things around the house when we know that wall is
an original behind you. (Mark laughing)
– It is. What makes you think that this
wall was here before I was? I have no idea what would
make you think that. – Brandt just really loves paneling. He had to put it in. – I do, I do really love paneling. – Nobody really loves paneling. – I took it all out and
put it back up again. – Alex. – Since Brandt stole my joke, I’m just gonna go on
to what I actually use, which is my Echo and Echo Dot. It’s great. I use it around the house all the time. Set alarms, set things on my calendar, ask it what the weather is so I know how to get
dressed in the morning. It’s great. Especially when I don’t
have my phone near me. I’ve been trying to get off my phone more. So to be like, what time is it, because I don’t have a watch
because I use my phone, it’s kind of nice. So just having an Echo and Echo Dot. I have one in my living
room, one in my bedroom. They’re just super convenient. And I have the Amazon Fire Stick, so I can even, in the bedroom, use it as my remote control for my TV. So, it’s super cool. – I got my parents the Fire TV Cube, which also controls the TV and turns on and off the TV as well, which was a cool upgrade for them. I totally recommend that one too. I think we have a lot less tech
stuff than we had last year. Last year we had so much more tech stuff. I’m very much going offline. All right, two more questions. Favorite article of the year. Explain the title and
explain what it’s all about. Alex. – Yeah, so, mine is from Entrepreneur. And it is called, How You Should be Rethinking Social to Minimize Your Next Brand Crisis. This is actually a recent
article that came out this month. But it’s been kind of playing into what I’ve been talking about all year with my crisis communications courses. And that is, having robust social gives you the power to minimize
the effects of a crisis for your brand, for your
event, for your company, what have you. It’s really nice to see that
other people are recognizing the role that social plays
with crisis communications. – Nice. Tahira, what about you? – I really like all of the writing that Pádraic Gilligan does
on his blog, padraicino.com. And one that was The Transformative Power
of Incentive Travel. And I think there’s a lot of
transformative power of travel, just in general, and when
we can really level that up, it’s stunning. And I think I’m really looking
forward to exploring that in the next few years with my new role. – I got one, and then we’ll
kick it over to Brandt. Mine is How to Avoid Loneliness
While Working Home Entirely. It’s a short read. I read a lot of articles on remote work. But it really talked a lot about the psychology of working alone. I made it a must-read for all
my teammates when they join because a lot of people
haven’t done remote work, or if you’re just starting
remote work or thinking about it, highly recommend the read. It was one of my favorite
reads of the year for sure. Again, it’s How to Avoid Loneliness When Working Home Entirely
on Harvard Business Review. – Do you need a hug, Will? – I do need a hug, I miss you guys. – Bring it in. Bring it in, buddy. – Ah, thanks guys. (mumbling) watching video right now, all you audio podcast people. – I’m gonna cheat and do a selfish plug at the same time. So, last year I got really tired of both being asked to write trends posts as well as got a little
tired or reading trends post. And so, I decided to channel that into reading everybody else’s trends posts, converting it into text documents, dropping it into a full document, and then running a word
cloud analysis on it. And so, from there I
created the 2018 trends post according to everybody. (Mark and Alex laughing) And did that last year. So, we are in the midst right now of putting together the 2019 trends post according to basically everyone. And we’ll have that soon, and it will be towards
the beginning of January. And we’ll be posting that
at brandtkrueger.com. – Damn, that was cheating. You shared your own article.
– I did. – Have you heard about this thing called Whiteboard Wednesday? It’s pretty epic. We have the best people
presenting on it too. All right, guys. Last question is a fun one. What are you using to relax and pass time? Last year we had
everything from meditating and all this stuff like that. Love to hear what you
guys are doing these days. Alex, you have some go to apps that you’re going to for relaxing. – Yeah. So, this year I finally cut the cord. I no longer have cable. So, for me, it’s the trifecta of Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. I can pretty much watch
whatever I want whenever I want. That is how I relax and pass the time, is binge watching like crazy. – You know what’s crazy? For how much TV I watch, I opened the Netflix app
once maybe this year. I don’t have Hulu, and I
don’t use Amazon Prime, out of all the apps that I use. I’ve cut the cord for sure, but I was super surprised by how much I’m missing on Netflix. Just because everyone does it. Mine is a weird one. It’s on the same vein as Alex watching TV as a huge way to pass time. I’m a big DC Comics nerd. If you couldn’t tell. But my favorite new app
is called DC Universe. They came out with their
own streaming service. It’s all the DC movies, all
the DC shows, all together. I just shared my login with Alex. I probably shouldn’t say that publicly. But it’s my favorite thing I’m telling everyone to check out. I was literally just watching
it before we came on the show. It’s basically all the
classic Superman movies, Super Friends TV show, and they have some new
original content, like Titans, and Young Justice season
three that are coming out. So, if you like DC
Comics, it’s $70 a year. Totally worth it. Well, now we’ve gotten away
from our television watching. Why don’t you guys talk about for a little bit more
of a healthy activity. – Now that I have completely binge watched all of the Hallmark women’s movies to the point that I actually don’t think I can watch another one, and I can’t believe that
I’m saying that out loud, I’m just gonna go back to yoga. Which is a funny thing for me because I only started doing
yoga this year, really, because I was going to Bali and I thought, I’m also getting… Well, you know, I’m not
the same age as Will, and so I need to maintain
some flexibility. And so I started doing yoga. And I love the whole
sitting in a dark room while somebody tells
me how to move slowly, and I don’t have to think. So I’m finding that that’s… Now I have this new
understanding and appreciation for why my friends love yoga. – Brandt. – (stammering) And I’ve… (grumbling) I was going to mention, it’s been mentioned on
the show a few times, and I think I mentioned it
at one point as a resource. But this year has really been the year that I started focusing more on meditation using the Headspace app. I’m kind of surprised at
how much I really like it as a part of my daily
routine as often as possible. And I feel, when I go two to three days and I haven’t done it, I kind of feel the stress
starting to sneak back in, and I get a little short with people, and that kind of stuff. It’s really been quite useful for me. It’s not just sitting there and going ohm. There’s lots of like packs about hey, I want to work on this thing. And so, there’s a pack on productivity. There’s a pack on, I’m
having trouble with cravings or something along those lines. So it’s really been quite
useful to me personally over the course of this year. Not just in kind of keeping centered but also working on myself. – So, I need either need to eat the last three butter
tarts that are on my counter or I need to get the Headspace how to not eat butter tarts app. – Yes, yes. I think there’s a pack for that. – It’s a specific butter tart app. – Yes, there’s a butter tart app. – So, we do have an
announcement before we close up. Our behind the scenes wizard, Rokon, just announced to use before the episode that he is getting
married on January 11th. – And it’s gonna be an #EventIcons show! It’s gonna be amazing! – I don’t think he wants us there. – It’s not gonna be an #EventIcons show. But we do want to wish him all the best. It’s very exciting to welcome a new person
into the #EventIcons family. And with that said, this
is the last show of 2018. It has been a wonderful year. I hope you enjoyed our favorite things better than Ellen’s, better than Oprah’s. As you know, we record live each Wednesday at 5:00 PM Eastern. You can watch behind the
scenes on Facebook Live. And it is released the following Tuesday on iTunes Podcasts, Stitcher, or wherever your favorite podcast is. And of course, the best place
to watch is event-icons.com where we also share show
notes and links to resources that are shared on the show. The best way to join is sign up there and join the chat live. But we also want to know what you think. 2019, we’ve already got some
incredible guests lined up. Hit us up on Twitter. Use #EventIcons. Let us know who you want to see. If you’re in the
#EventIcons Facebook group or want to join, let us know. We also have a new LinkedIn group that you can join as well. Let us know who you want to hear from, and we will try and get them on the show. That said, thank you for joining us. Thank you to the other #EventIcons hosts for being with us today
as we wrap up the year. And thank you. This show would not be
possible without your support and you watching as well. We look forward to 2019. Happy New Year, happy holidays. See you next year. – [Narrator] Thank you for joining us for another amazing
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