Father Daughter First Look Will Make You Cry | Wisconsin Wedding Videography at The Loft at 132

so here we are tonight your wedding
night Shelby and Anthony today you will hear many pieces of advice from us your
friends and your family on how to have a happy successful and everlasting
marriage however instead of us giving advice to you I think that we should all
actually be taking some advice from you through your 11-year relationship you
have endured more obstacles and celebrated more joys than many married
couples from completing years of schooling living together and even
moving away from home you never let anything get in your way you created a
relationship based upon a foundation of communication honesty and loyalty you
are a living example of true love today we are not celebrating the start of your
life together rather we celebrate the continuation of an everlasting love I’m really excited for Anthony to
finally get his car and I’m also just really excited to marry my best friend
that I’ve been with for the last 11 years
all right I’m outside for my wedding gift that sneaky little girl I’m totally going to cry already. Dear Shelby, I cannot believe
how long of a journey we have been on to get where we are now I’m glad I worked
up enough courage during the end of my freshman year of high school
we’re sophomore year to ask you to be my girlfriend. I’m extremely happy
because look where we are now little did I know I was asking to be with the woman
of my dreams who would change my life forever I can finally say I will be
spending the rest of my life with my best friend who is my partner in crime
and who is also my person I idolize you more than you even know tone where do I
even begin for the past eleven years you have stood beside me as my stress
reliever my toe warmer my duet partner my biggest supporter my
confident and most importantly my best friend in a few hours
you make me mrs. Anthony Gomez I cannot wait to spend today and every day for
the rest of my life loving you I love you to the moon and back Shelby Shelby
Lin I promise to always love you cherish you and be there for you when life
throws any unexpected obstacles our way and that is always with a double pinkie
promise with a kiss I cannot wait to see you I love you to the moon and back love
tone I take you Shelby to be
my wife from this day forward I take you Anthony
to be my husband from this day forward to join with you and share all that is
to come and I promise to be faithful to you until death parts us. In front of you I introduce to you Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Gomez

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