Fasque Castle Scottish Destination Wedding || Love Is A Song From Kendrick Lamar || Tiffany : Norman

Love is flying to the moon when you see each other. The intricate Rubik’s Cubes that takes light years to unravel. The missing piece that
fulfills every puzzle. Love is bad lo mein and
Moana on a Wednesday night. The feeling you get when
you find the perfect series on Netflix. Love is unexplainable, unexpected,
something you can’t find but it finds you. The thing that makes you
want to stay, the smell of fresh daisies and laundry sheets. Love is something the
first grader says ‘Ew’. Love is something the
second grader says ‘Hmm’. Love is something the third graders can’t stop talking about. Love is patient, love is scary. Love is learning and love is confusing. Love is something I see
in you guys everyday and the work you guys put in everyday. Love is a song from Kendrick Lamar. Love is a modern day romance
I see between Tif and Norman. How two perfect strangers
found the perfect safe space in each other. I hope you guys always find
the perfect series on Netflix on any given night. – Love is song from Kendrick Lamar.

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