Facebook LIVE Walkthrough of bloom daily planners’ 2017-18 Collection!

Hi Bloom Girls! It’s Kaylyn and Michelle coming to you live! We love doing these live events to show you
new products and get your feedback. Today we are officially debuting our 2017-2018
academic line. We have lots of new exciting products to show
you. We just wanted to thank everyone who placed
pre-orders on our website! We just finished sending out thousands of
packages to you all so everything should have arrived already if not should be arriving
very soon and we hope you love all of your items. If you haven’t gotten a chance to order
yet, today is the perfect time to get a closer look at all of our new items and just figure
out what’s right for you for back to school. If you’re watching live, we are going to
have 5 chances to win live and then a mega prize at the end of the video and we have
Lauren here to explain all the ways to win today. Hey guys so as Michelle said we are going
to do 5 live giveaways during this event right now. So whenever you see a bloom planner sticker
that means its time for a giveaway. So I am going to show you what were giving
away during this Facebook live. We are going to do a bloom hat these are brand
new, we are going to do a 6×9 peacock planning pad, a marble contacts book, a palm leaves
vision planner, and two sets of planner stickers. Michelle also mentioned that were giving away
our ultimate bloom bundle here, so this has a ton of fun products so stay tuned until
the end of the video so I can show you how to enter. So we are going to start with our classic
back to school planners. These are 5 and a quarter by 8 and a quarter
soft cover flexible fashion planners. Perfect size to throw in your bag or your
purse. So we have our nine best selling designs that
we have kept for this season, these are right here. We are so excited to show you 13 of our brand
new designs of the 2017/2018 academic line. So we will just show you each one. We are starting with marble, this has been
so popular, it has the beautiful gold binding and gold foil detail. Geode also has the gold foil detail, palm
leaves is my personal favorite and was hand painted by one of our amazing designers, tropical
leaves is perfect for summer, just bloom is a saying we love to say in the office and
that has the beautiful gold foil and hand painted florals, hand painted florals as well
for purple floral, and then we have our be sweet pineapple which was actually our front
cover magazine debut on gifts and deck magazine and it was also featured at the national stationary
show which is very exciting, we also have a new wildflower cover that’s really colorful
with pink insides, this is our fashion dots so it also has that really pretty petite gold
foiled accent for the year, blue stokes that was hand painted by us with the gold foil
accent, fireworks which is really fun for the fourth of July, dream big is our first
ever silver coil planner; we obviously love our gold but we wanted to have an option for
the silver lovers so this is a really fun new option for anyone who loves silver, and
then this is city dreams, so this was actually our bloom girl cover design contest winner
so shout out to Vinutha, she hand painted this and it won and its now featured in our
academic line. We love it! We have one question from Jen Keller, she
said are these planners just for students? Absolutely not! We say our planners are for anyone from middle
schools all the way up to moms and grandmothers. They can be for anyone. We do have class scheduling pages in our planners,
but they are the perfect planner for anyone with monthly views, plenty of room to write
in your weekly views and we’re actually going to walk through the planner so you can
see exactly what’s inside. So this is the fashion planner. It has pockets on the inside front cover and
back cover, Monthly tabs; so this again is our academic version so the tabs go august
2017 to July 2018, but later this year we will come out with our calendar year version
which will be January to December 2018, so we have your goals for the year and different
areas of your life, holiday list, class scheduling pages(which you can use or not use), notes
pages, to do lists, address book pages, our monthly views which we’ve added some water
color detail on the top banner, inspirational quotes always, weekly views with plenty of
writing space, and we have monthly reflection so for example for august it says new relationships
create an opportunity to learn and grow; this month challenge yourself to make new connections
and build those bridges for new opportunities and then when you get to the end of the year
we have a little how I bloomed in 2017 so you can do some reflection and then goal setting
for 2018 and we kind of outlined that for you. And don’t forget your important dates for
next year, so as you’re getting toward the end of your planner you can start scheduling
out your next year and transfer it over to your new planner. So that’s the soft cover option but we also
have the hard cover option. Which we are offering again in best year ever,
black and white stripes, vintage floral this time with a white background, geode is brand
new, and fashion girl (we love the lets do this saying to tackle your day). And this the only difference is the insides
are the exact same that we just walked through it just has the hard cover and gold metal
edges. So if you’re a little tougher on your planner
this may be a better option for you. We have a question from Jennifer Kendall,
she is looking for a 2018 planner when are those going to be available? Well we do actually have one 2018 option available
now , so this is our monthly planner which I am going to walk through in just a minute
but the regular 2018 calendar year planners will be available probably in September. That is kinda to be determined but we will
keep you posted. They are in the works! And we know you guys want them earlier and
earlier so we’re ordering earlier and earlier and we’re listening to you and your feed
back.So we also brought back the vision planners which are my personal favorite planner layout
that we have. We brought back the vintage floral hard cover,
the peacock hardcover, and then we have a new hardcover for 2017-18; this is palm leaves
(I love this one, this is the one I am personally going to be using) and then for people who
prefer a softer cover we have a new bloom where you are planted cover. So this one is a little more flexible and
has this protective coating just to keep it safe in your purse or bag. So this is a really special layout, it is
more focused on your visions for the year. So when you open it up you have your mission
statement that you craft for the year. Yearly views, a bloom this year goal setting
page, a page to do a visual of vision boards (you can cut out thins from magazines, stuff
from pinterest and just a cute little visual of goals for the year). Again optional class scheduling pages, if
you don’t want to use that then you can leave them blank or tear them out. Notes pages and what’s really cool about
this is that before every single month you have a page to set your vision in different
categories. Personal growth, relationships, health & fitness,
fun and adventure, family and home, finances, work/school, and other. So you plan out your monthly vision and then
on the right side you break down your weekly action steps. Take those visions, write them in your planner
and make them a reality. So it’s a really great way to stay balanced
in all areas of your life and just keep yourself accountable for all the goals you’re setting. So the monthly views have a monthly challenges
so this one for example: start some new healthy habits like drinking more water, eating more
veggies, or taking incentive to build an exercise routine this month. And the weekly views are column style so I
personally would write my schedule and to do’s chronologically in order. You have a weekly focus, a space for goals
and notes, boxes at the bottom that you can use to track your meals, exercise/inspiration
anything you want in these boxes and then there are these little water glasses so you
can check off your 8 glasses of water a day to make sure that you’re staying hydrated. And every week has a different inspirational
quote and we have cute little weekend flags on the weekends. Flipping to the very back, you just have your
year in review and then there is pockets on the back inside covers. So again we have 3 options of hard cover and
the one soft cover vision planners. And I briefly touched on this, this is our
monthly planner. So all of these items are in our academic
so they go august to july but this one we got really early for people who like to plan
super far in advance so this one starts in January 2018 and goes to December 2018. It is this really pretty new marble pattern. And it has a really beautiful plum purple
inside. So It has the protective coating sleeves that
can also double as pockets if you wanna store any kind of loose paper here. You have your year at a glance, your goals
for the year, address book pages, notes pages, and this planner only has monthly views so
its really nice spacious monthly views. Plenty of room to write, special stitched
binding so it can lay flat even though it doesn’t have spiral like most of our other
planners have. It always lays flat which is super important
to us. Every month has goals and notes and a quote
and then as a little extra in the back it has a finance tracking page.So again this
is for our calendar year and is super early. And I just noticed that there was a bloom
sticker on the back of our vision planner which means its time for our first live giveaway
so girls who is our first winner? Our first winner is Andrea Hinckley. Andrea Yay!! So Andrea please message us your address after
this video and we’ll mail out your vision planner. Congratulations. So we’re going to move onto our wedding
line, So our wedding planners have been so popular. This was my best friend through out my planning
process. I just got married in Mexico in may so I brought
this with me for all of our final meetings, keeping my paperwork organized with timelines
and checklists. And my wedding was white and gold so this
was the perfect compliment for me but we know not everyone of you are gold girls so we came
out with a silver option. So this is our brand new silver wedding planner. it’s the same exact insides just a different
style for you guys, so we’re really excited about that. We also have the quest book which we used
at our wedding. This is perfect really for any wedding or
any event. Parties? It has the pretty scallops inside, the matching
detail on the top and a nice ribbon. So this could be used at parties, weddings,
vacation homes, and there is plenty of space so this can be used for more than one event. With you ribbon book marker as well. So we love this and then complementary thank
you cards. These are just so classy and elegant. the gold foil, sharing your gratitude with
all of your loved ones that attended your special event. Pretty scallop insides so I’m planning making
great use out of these. Then we have two brand new products to share
with you guys. We have our vow book so they compliment the
wedding planner. The gold foil, so beautiful. These are perfect to record you vows, there
are so many pages. Little example in here. So you can keep everything organized on the
day of and then keep them with your wedding planning memories, so that’s perfect. Also a brand new product in the wedding line
is our wedding pad. That we’re so excited about! I wish I had this when I was wedding planning
but it’s the perfect compliment to the wedding planner. We debuted this at the national stationary
show and got such great feedback. So planning for our best day ever. You have the week, priorities, other to-do’s,
things to delegate because you have to delegate to survive wedding planning, appointments
and deadlines, tracking your upcoming payments, and then just a couple of different boxes. Who you need to call, email, what you need
to buy and research , any other notes and ideas, how you’re feeling just so you can
keep this as memory for whatever week that happens to be and of course what you’re
grateful for. So we’re really excited about this addition
to the wedding line. And I see we have another bloom sticker! So this contest is actually going to be for
our planner stickers, the classic pack and the holiday pack. So do we have a winner? Yup Morgan Barton is our winner. Congrats Morgan, just direct message us with
your address and we will send these out to you. So then we have our desk/wall calendars. So we brought back the always popular vintage
floral and this is just an example of one decorated with our new planner stickers that
Morgan just won and then we also brought back our peacock calendar so these go august to
July. You can lay them on your desk or as you can
see they have holes and you can hang them on your wall. These are always really popular and sell out,
we love these. If you have been following along online you
have seen we recently released two new planner lines. Daisy planners and our blue ox planners. So we will start with the daisy’s, we affectionately
refer to the daisy planners as blooms little sister. So these planners are really specifically
aimed for elementary through middle school students. So we have the owl cover, the butterfly and
the dream catcher. These are ultimately different from the classic
fashion planners in that they’re larger. They’re 7×9, they have the plastic binding
with fun colors to match the covers and the insides are really just tailored to the younger
demographic. We really want to get younger girls excited
about planning get some good habits started young and hopefully they can graduate into
the bloom planner and just keep that goal setting mentality for the rest of their lives. So you have a section for goal tracking, classmate
contacts, reading logs, class scheduling pages, password lists optional, holiday lists, notes
pages, nice spacious monthly views, really big weekly views, and then whats really great
about these are in the back they have special sections for all the different subjects: english,
math, science, history. So this is a really great starter planner
for younger girls. We really love them and we just launched them
and are getting really great feedback so we hope you love them as much as we do. And then one thing we are always hearing is
our bloom planners are obviously kinda skewed toward the female audience and we’re always
hearing what about the boys? Bloom boys? So we’re thinking of you guys. We just came out with the blue ox line. Even though these are kind a tailored to the
guys, they are gender neutral and can be used by anyone. They come in this dark grain wood pattern
and then light wood. They’re that same chip wood material with
the metal binding. They have that nice flannel inside, class
scheduling, sampling of pocket pad to test that out and then monthly views and horizontal
weekly views with a pocket in the back. We are really excited to test these out and
offer something to the guys this year so we hope you love these. So were so excited about our brand new file
folder sets. These come in a pack of six, they come with
three designs. You get 2 of each. So you have our palm leaves with a pretty
pink contrast, they’re all different. So you can do the palm leaves or Vintage floral
so you can keep up with your sets. We also are excited about our address books
which are very popular. We came back with vintage floral because that
was one of your favorites. And just some reminders, we have birthdays
and anniversaries (and then its all tabbed by the alphabet), so these are just some examples
of how these are used, really pretty inspirational quotes and different sayings, send more snail
mail and then in the back there is a little section for your passwords and websites. And then there is a small pocket in the back
of the address book with some additional pages. So we have the vintage floral but new for
this year we have also come out with the marble and have been getting great feedback. Super classy, we wanna keep it fun we know
the address book is something you’re gonna keep for a long time. It has gold binding and gold edges. And I see another giveaway. So this is actually going to be for the marble
address book, do we have a winner ladies? Jayme Ferguson! Congrats Jayme! Just message us your address and we’ll get
you your new marble address book. Okay so hey everyone I am going to be walking
you through our new pads. So we have two pads 6×9 size and 8.5 x11. So first I am going to show you our new 6×9
peacock feather pad. So peacock feathers has been one of our most
popular designs so we finally made it into a pad, it has 80 tear off sheets perfect for
to dos. Our roles and goals pad is fairly new, this
is 8.5x 11 and it’s double sided. So we all know you have different roles in
your life, for example I am a daughter, a friend. So you can make little goals for yourself
and write those out and stay organized. And then another new product that we have
is part of our gender neutral and geared toward men. Its called our pocket pad. So again it’s a tear off pad, 80 sheets. But what’s great about this for people who
don’t lie to carry around big bulky planners or for men too, you can write all your to-do’s
down and then fold it up into a little smaller thing here into squares and put it in your
pocket and then for men your shirt pocket o it make sit easier to carry around. I also wanted to point out some of our new
notebook designs, so in the back here are some of our older designs: vintage floral,
again this peacock pattern that we have is just super popular (so these are all just
blank notebook pages), we also have a best year ever which have really nice rose gold
and gold foil accents. SO what I am really excited to show you are
our planner stickers. These have been really really popular. So we cam out last year with our classic stickers,
these are all hand drawn by our design team and since these were so popular we came out
with a holiday pack of stickers. So these are correlated with each month of
the year, there are six sheets and each month is half a sheet. So for example January is sorta correlated
to the new year, cute hats, snowflakes, tea cup, champagne bottle. So these are really fun to decorate your planner. We have a little example here of an October
spread with pumpkin stickers and Halloween. And the last thing I am going to show you
are our new belief card decks. If you’re familiar with our belie cards
we used to send them in 10’s, but now these are going to come in packs of thirty and in
a deck like this. Thanks guys! And oops I forgot we have another winner ladies
on our pad. So do we have a winner, Daria? So it’s a bloom boy! Eric Hartman. Okay bloom boy Eric Hartman send us your address,
our first bloom boy winner! Thanks guys. So we’re really excited to debut some brand
new products.These will be available in august but we want to give some sneak peaks and get
you excited and get some feedback. So the first one we will be sharing is the
hanging wall calendar. It starts in January to December 2018. But we know you like to pan ahead and will
be available in august. So each month has cute hand drawn patterns,
its perfect for any kitchen or desk space, wherever you’d like to hang them. And inspirational quotes on the bottom. So then we’re also very excited to show
our brand new planner bands. They come in gold silver and pink. They fit every size planner, we tested them
on every planner we have. So they’re perfect closure for your planner. You can also use it as a bookmark under weekly
view. And I see a giveaway, this is actually going
ot be for a bloom girl hat, so we’re so excited about these and will be sporting them
at the beach this summer and it has #bloomgirl on the back.So do we have a winner? Yes Alicia bee. OK Alicia congratulations I can’t wait to
see you in your hat! We also have some fun new pads, so Kaylyn
showed you our wedding pad. This is our new meal plan and grocery list
pad. It is 8.5×11 with two magnets on the book
so its nice and sturdy and sticks to your fridge.so whats really great about this is
it is perforated so you can do your meals on the left, breakfast lunch and dinner and
then n the right side your grocery list is organized by aisle and you can rip it off
and take it to the grocery store & shop by aisle. So we’re really excited about that and it
will be out in august. We have a new vintage floral clip board which
I love.its really sturdy, glossy with gold reinforced edges with a pretty butterfly clip. It matches our vintage floral set, we obviously
love vintage floral and so do you guys so were really expanding that line so much. And on that note we have a new desk organizer.so
this is really cool because it’ll shift to flat so when you get it you just pop it
open and then shift this middle part down and then you have this really pretty magazine
rack, file organizer whatever you wanna use it for! Def a fun way to spruce up your desk and a
really unique product that were really proud of. So these are our sneak peaks, again these
aren’t available yet, everything we showed you earlier are online now but these were
just a little preview for watching live. Yes so we want to thank you guys so much for
watching today we cant tell you how much we appreciate your love and support. You guys inspire us everyday, you’re the
reason we do what we do so thank you thank you thank you! All of the items we showed you today are available
on our website or if you have amazon prime you can order and get free two day shipping. And again if you haven’t already gotten
your products, go online and order them today. We’d love to hear your feedback. Please comment on our video, email, call us,
fb, tweet. We’re always available. We love hearing form you guys and as Kaylyn
said You are the reason Kaylyn and I do this thank you! So I just wanted to go over how to enter our
bloom giveaway. So I am just going to go over what’s included
first: so we have our new vintage floral file folders,
Our watercolor notebook or binder, our ultimate planner/notebook to match the binder, peacock
weekly planning pad, peacock notebook, watercolor to do pad, vintage floral bound to do book,
new peacock to do pad, a positive vibes only 2017-18 planner, planner stickers, and a why
I bloom book and belief cards. So this an over 200 dollar value so you don’t
want to miss it. Top enter you’re going to want to comment
this video with your favorite product you saw and share this video on your wall and
we’ll announce the winner at the end of the day on Friday! Thank you! Bye!

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