Faça você mesmo quadros decorativos scrapbook

hello guys welcome to my
channel, and today’s video is in partnership with In Love Art Shop, they sent these
materials that I loved, are knives of cut, look, there are several cool themes
here you can do a lot of work, the silicone stamps, look at this one
how cool people, what a beautiful print, and scrapbook papers, this kit came with
24 papers all with floral theme, but there are other themes on the site too,
I want to thank the In Love Art Shop for the partnership, including them
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leave your like your comment, now we go to the step by step, in the project
that i’m going to work today is going to be a pallet key ring and I will make the
decoration, a part of it with these materials here, I will use these
cutting knives, there is actually a die cutting machine
for these knives here, as I don’t have I will use this wood here and
I will use this roll to be able to do the effect on scrapbook paper, I will show
for you now how do you do it, I chose this role here to
work with these pieces here, so I I will position the knife here and I will
put the paper like this and with the roll I I pass until the shape of the leaf is
of the figure here, and look how personal it looks, see?
here i will now just highlight look and those parts that are tiny I I will push with a pin or toothpick
because even with the cutting machine you would have to
do this because it gets stuck in the blade, look at how it looks, i will do the same thing with the others
pieces, so this one that I used was this little knife and look how nice people are, look at the
details, look what a delicate thing, here the heart goes out but later I will decide
whether or not I will put it in my work, and now I’m going to work on my pallet,
this pallet here I’m going to use it measures 30 x 25 cm, is a pallet of four
slats, I will use these appliques here also, and the paints that I’m going to use to
doing this job will be the mineral, concrete and cyclamen pink while I go
working on the pallet I will ask for the Edson showing the other pieces I
I did with the materials that I received ok what looks just like it’s getting I used this roll with the sponge with effect
texture to make it look like this aged in the play, using those three
colors that I spoke to you, now I I will use this sheet of paper
scrapbook, these two prints for line these two pieces here that also
will compose my key ring, I will use the scrapbook paper and I will stick it with
white glue for crafts, I will scratch and then I will cut and to make the bottom of this piece I
I will use this paper look how it looks, now this part here, this garland I’m going to paste here in
over this other base with the glue white while it goes drying I will
leave it aside and I will paint these appliques with the same colors as me
I painted my pallet ok and here guys I mixed the three colors,
because the idea was to get like that even with middle aged effect and
now i go to collage so I’m going to get my pallet
position this piece here i will make the bonding with instant glue but
it can also be with white glue and I will continue gluing all these
these appliques with instant glue these pieces that I made with the knife cut I will paste with white glue and I will use one of these stamps only for you to see how it works, I’ll get
this one I bought an acrylic base to support him it gets easier
. look you just put here, also a stamp, I’ll pass the stamp here and look how people are, saw how practical these people are
our stamps are super efficient and these stamps are also found in
stores selling craft supplies both the stamp and this base
acrylic also that I put here, then just wash it with water and everything is fine
right, and look how it’s getting and that now to finish I’m going to put
these hooks to hang the keys, I’ve done three holes here now
just threading, I put the three hooks and
I put this one back in the same way three pegs, right, I already put them
forward the video and look how it looks guys, I loved these jobs that I did
with these cutting knives, I want thank In Love Arts again for
partnership, just like that right they sending me materials I can bring news to
you here on the channel too, there’s a diversity of products that gives
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