Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. Today
because it’s Valentine’s Day, we thought we would film a little special video for you,
so we have an expectations versus reality for relationships or marriage. I hope you
like it. If you do, give it a thumbs up, because Matt didn’t really want to do this, so yeah.
Make sure to like the video and subscribe if you’re new and let’s go. Hi, honey. I’m home. You shouldn’t have. Well, you know, you’re perfect. Matt, is that you? Yeah. It’s me. Oh, you shouldn’t have. I didn’t. They’re mine. They’re for you. Thank you. What’s for dinner? I made your favorite. How did I get so lucky? What’s for dinner? Whatever you make. I ate with the kids. Which one should I wear? The blue or the leopard
print one? You know what, you could pull off either of
those. You’re just so beautiful, you could wear either. I don’t know what to wear. Leopard print or
the blue one? Go for the leopard print. I think it would
look the best on you. No. That’s a horrible dress. Why would you
say that? Why did you ask me? Do I look old? No, you look beautiful. You look even younger
than the day I met you. Do I look old? You look your age. Which is old. Finally, 10 minutes to myself. Finally, 10 minutes to myself. Sorry love, couldn’t wait. Are you kidding me? It’s so nice to spend some time with just
you. I just love you. Oh, Jackson had his first poo in the potty
today. Do you want to see the picture? I took a picture of it. Oh. Just WhatsApp it to me, yeah? Yeah. Oh my gosh, so many of my followers on Instagram
say you look like Ryan Gosling. I’m so lucky. What? So many of my followers say you look
like Ryan Gosling. They must be blind. Will you hang that hook for me? You read my mind. I’m on it. How do you always know where to go? Don’t
even need to [inaudible 00:03:27] nav. Oh my gosh, Matt. Where are you going? I can’t
look. I can’t believe you’re driving. Why are you stopping? I’m parking the car. Do you want a drink? Okay, can I just have a grande soy chai latte,
three pumps, extra hot, no foam, fat free, and can you make sure it’s 100% vegan? Okay. What is this? Oh, I couldn’t for the life of me remember
what you wanted, so I got you a hot water. Thought that was my safest bet. Oh my God, Matt. How do you always get the
temperature right? I don’t actually even think I know where the thermostat is. Oh my God, I’m freezing. That’s better.


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