Executive Certificate in Events Management. Sarah Waters

I work in marketing for a project management
company, and so I organise, currently, I look at organising things like conferences internally;
and different functions, they can be internal or external, client functions, cocktail parties,
things like that. I’ve never really had any formal training in events management — everything
that I’ve learnt has been on the job, so I felt there were some gaps that needed filling,
like risk management and how to budget better and manage my budgets and be able to probably
foresee some problems that may arise with events coming up and think proactively about
how to fix those before they become a problem. The course has been exactly what I expected,
but a lot — like, even better. I think, it’s filled all the voids that I was looking for.
The whole thing’s been really fascinating, and I’ve enjoyed every minute. It’s definitely
given me a lot of tools to work with to make the management of my events a lot more efficient
and a lot more detailed and a lot more, probably, focused and just given me the ability to think
more creatively. So I think it’s really broadened my understanding of the industry and added
a great deal to my skill set for the future.

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