Executive Certificate in Events Management Kathryn McKenzie

Well, I guess I’ve been involved with events for in
and around 20 years or more, in one way or another, from TV production to now community
events. Currently I’m the Events Manager for Warringah Council, responsible for an annual
program of 30 plus events, ranging from a small civic ceremony for a local community
group, right through to some 20, 30,000 that might come along for our big Australia Day
Big Breakfast. The reason why I chose to do the Executive Certificate in Event Management
was, I was looking for more information, more case studies, more exposure to who’s doing
what in the industry, you know, finding out about what works, what doesn’t, so that I’ve
got the opportunity to review my practices, I guess, so that I can make them best practice,
and go beyond that to come up with new and innovative ideas for events and event practices.
The program’s been of enormous value; even having years of experience, the opportunity
to reflect back on what I do, why I do it and how I want to do it. This program’s given
me an insight into how others are doing things, some history as well, and looking at the case
studies, and I’ve really appreciated that opportunity to meet with some of the leaders
in the industry who are really inspiring, and I’m looking forward to going away and
putting into practice some of what I’ve actually had the opportunity to learn.

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