Everything You Need To Know To Throw A Stunning Wedding On A Budget | Access

>>It is wedding season. Do you feel it in the air?>>I do.>>We’ve got a lot going on. Over there is celebrity wedding planner mikie Russo. What do we got?>>We got flowers, flowers, flowers. Flowers are really an expensive part of weddings.>>Flowers are your largest ticket items opposed to the venue. You can go to your local supermarket, pick up a few really cool items and turn them out and make them look this little plant here, it comes ugly like this, lose this, right, you can repurpose this into a vase that you can get at the dollar store –>>What’s this?>>This is ribbon that looks like greenery. You put this on the outside, hot glue it, and you have something like this, and you can make a beautiful flower arrangement.>>It’s a dollar and a half.>>I like that.>>This will hold all of your flowers.>>It’s called oasis?>>It’s called oasis?>>I like to start with a base of hthis flower.>>These would be centerpieces?>>Yes. This is nice because you can give these to your guests when they leave the wedding.>>You can have your friends come do this the night before.>>Exactly. That’s why your bridesmaids come in handy.>>These are — we made an arrangement in like 30 seconds. You can make 400 of these and I’ll see you at the wedding.>>Thank you. I’ll finish these up.>>How do we do this?>>This is table numbers, we have a beautiful little menu like this. This is just using beautiful cardstock. You can print this at home. You can just start layering each little section –>>Depending on your colors for the theme of the wedding.>>Exactly. And then you can accessorize with the butterflies, and they have multiple flowers, roses –>>How much would all this cost?>>This is pretty inexpensive. You would layer that on there.>>Love it.>>Make sure it’s nice and even.>>Yeah. It adds character.>>The sheets of paper are pretty inexpensive.>>These are beautiful, lanterns here.>>These lanterns, you can incorporate right into your tablescape. You can decorate your table with this and your guests can take them as a favor as well. I filled the inside with these cute little silk flowers –>>These lanterns look a little on the pricier side.>>They are but you can get a 40% coupon and get it 40% off.>>Got you.>>Okay. There’s a lot of research that goes into it, but it’s worth it.>>You accessorize with these cute little silk flowers and I like to use silk for this because the bridesmaids can do it before and she’ll have it ready for the day of the wedding and some bow and is stuff.>>Scott, take it over.>>I’m going superbudget. I picked up grass for the boutonnieres.>>That’s rosemary and bay leaves. That’s beautiful, just how you made it. You can finish it off with a cute little black ribbon. It matches the tux. The guys don’t like to wear big flowers.>>I had a friend who got married and he wore a dandelion. These are supermarket flowers?>>Yes. I like to start with a good base. And then you can take the –>>You said the flowers are the biggest part of the –>>One of the biggest, yeah.>>Clearly. Bam.>>That’s how you get the ring.>>To make the bouquet, you keep putting the flowers in a circular motion and you have a beautiful bouquet.

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