Events, Hospitality and Tourism Management – Jack Lee

I’ve always been interested in events from
an early age at school. There’s always been lots of events at high school and I was always
on the committee to organise them. Choosing my university course, it was always a toss
up between a creative course and a business course. When I went on open days, most of
the time the universities were great but Huddersfield really stood out. The facilities were a lot
better and I found that the staff were a lot more welcoming and they really guided you
into what could happen by the end of the course rather than just, why do you want to be here? Being on events management really opens a
lot of doors for you, and I’ve been at Park Life as a stage manager’s assistant watching
Disclosure backstage, I’ve been in the Commonwealth Games, been a press operations staff and seen
the royal family which is great. Being on a placement for a year, I was down
in London and it got me international business flights. I was out working with big companies
and it really helps because everything that you’ve learnt up to that point really comes
into practice. When you come back to university, you understand everything a lot clearer because
you can use it as your own experience. Being on placement for that year really gives
you the taste of what’s to come, and when you’re in your final year for your last
few months, you’re just edging to get back out there.

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