Event Registration Form – Complex Events

Hi, this is Derek at Blackbaud. In this video, we’ll take a look at the newly redesigned Event Registration Form in Blackbaud Internet Solutions. The Event Registration form has a new user interface and a streamlined workflow. Now, it’s much easier to register multiple attendees for multiple events. One big change in the workflow is that all attendees, host, guests, and even unnamed guests, are now added first. Typically, users will have prior knowledge of the available events and who’ll be attending before accessing the registration form. Let’s review the 5 steps the part generates on your website. In the 1st step, you enter details on the Attendees page for each attendee. The attendee’s name dynamically updates on the tile as information is entered. Add another attendee by selecting Add attendee, then enter their information. You can also include unnamed guests if you’re not sure yet who will be attending. Notice how each attendee’s information can be expanded in a tile (to view or modify details) or deleted. Next, you can view all available events on the Select events page, which shows event dates, start and end times, and ticket prices. When you select an event to attend, choose the ticket type, if applicable, and the number of attendees for each. The quantity you can select is based on the number of attendees added in step 1 and automatically update as you make your ticket selections. The subtotal value also automatically updates. Additonal attendees can also be added from here. Select an attendee for each ticket type. Once an attendee is selected, their name is grayed out for subsequent tickets. On the Select events page, you can see the number of people registered for the event, and the subtotal amount. If an event has a capacity limit, a timer displays at the top of the page. You’ll need to complete the registration within the time limit, or your reservation will be released. You can modify or remove all attendees from the event using these links. Let’s select another event to attend. For this event, there’s only 1 ticket type and we’re going to register all three attendees. Since all three attendees are going to this event, they’re each automatically selected. The page updates with the events you’ve registered for, the subtotals for each event, and the grand total. If options are available for any of the selected events, the Select options page displays. Here, you can choose event options and preferences for each named guest. Event options are not available for unnamed guests. You can also change event registrations by selecting the event link, or remove a named attendee. Before you check out, you can review a summary of your registration. If necessary, you can select an event to make changes. The last step in the event registration is to make a payment. If configured on the form part, you’ll have the option to include a donation with your payment. Here, you have several billing options to choose from. Let’s choose to use an attendee’s info. The attendee’s contact info is automatically populated on the page. The Blackbaud Payment Service page displays to process transactions for the payment. Once the registration is complete, the transaction data in Blackbaud CRM includes information for each registrant, including event details and options, and payment information. Now, let’s review the part design screen for this new Event Registration Form. Under Field entry options, you can specify which fields to include on the Attendees page, and if they are required for the host and/or guests. By default, Last Name is always included and is required. You can change the order these fields display on the Attendees page, and modify the captions. This is also where you select whether users can register as organizations on the Billing Information page. All events shown under Add events display on the Select events page. You can edit or remove any of these events, or add more. You can edit display options and price options for events, and registrant options. To limit the maximum number of registrations based on the event record’s capacity in Blackbaud CRM, select Use event capacity. This will activate the timer on the form when a user registers for this event. To display a description for the main multi-level event on the registration form, enter it here. Many other options can be configured here, such as whether to include the review page prior to payment, whether to include a form for additional donations during payment, and payment options. That’s all for this demonstration. Thanks for watching!

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