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bjbj Female Speaker: Elegant parties, corporate
meetings, conventions and trade shows, events like these are all a part of a fast growing
$500 billion industry worldwide. Now you can be a part of this exciting trend and have
the opportunity to build a dynamic home based business with great possibilities. Plan Ahead
Events franchise owners manage meetings and events serving clientele worldwide. At a time
when many companies are outsourcing their promotion and events to maximize opportunities
and profits event planners are thriving. Sandy Dorsey: The events industry is huge, they
spend over $500 billion worldwide and $128 billion in the U.S. alone. It s hot industry
to be involved in, they are [tagged] as one of the top 50 jobs to have in America. And
it is not just an industry that is going to come and go, it s substantial it s been around
and it is continuing to grow. Thelma Ramey: when the economy is bad people still do events
primarily they are still going to do conventions they are still going to do meetings and many
times when the economy is not at its optimum, they will do more. Female Speaker: A Plan
Ahead Events franchise takes full advantage of all a home based business has to offer
with no inventory low overhead, no rent, quick start up, no equipment and best of all you
get to be your own boss and set your own hours, but that doesn t mean your opportunities to
make money will be limited. In fact one of the great benefits of becoming a Plan Ahead
Events owner is the multiple sources of income. Whether you work for a management fee, hourly
wage or on a percentage of revenue generated by an event, there are always additional profit
centers for you to take advantage of, including mark up of promotional products and vendor
services, hotel room commissions and percentages of registration fees. If you are creative
organized and friendly owning a Plan Ahead Events franchise could be perfect for you.
Sandy Dorsey: I love it because I like to set my own hours, I like to be my own boss,
I can work from home, I can you know be as busy or not as busy as I choose to be. Female
Speaker: when you become a Plan Ahead Events owner, you join forces with industry giant
United Franchise Group, the driving force behind industry notable Sing-A-Rama, the worlds
largest sign making franchise, EmbroidMe, the world s largest Embroidery franchise and
Billboard Connection, the world s largest outdoor advertising agency franchise. Ray
Titus: all of us here at United Franchise Group are completely committed to your success
as a Plan Ahead Events owner. We use to hire our own event planners and that was to really
run our Annual World Expo, which is for our franchise owners and it was a big annual expense.
But then we brought in a company that showed us how professional corporate events company
could take advantage of sponsorships and booth sales and other opportunities and now our
expo actually brings in money every year. I took a look at their business model and
saw that there were no other franchise of any kind in the event planning industry. And
I asked them to join us as our first Plan Ahead Events franchise owner. Female Speaker:
The strength of the United Franchise Group behind you means you ll never have to go it
alone when you launch your Plan Ahead Events franchise. You ll become an expert taking
part an extensive training at our corporate facility in West Palm Beach, Florida. You
learn every aspect of running a successful business and receive training in the Event
planning industry, and when you return home a marketing representative will spend a week
with you in your local market to help you get started. After you are up and running,
we continue to support you with vendor updates, business development and sales techniques
and our global expo when our franchises gather to share their experiences and take part in
educational seminars. Rose Shiflett: The training part of it is priceless. That s one of the
things that we are most excited about and United Franchise Group does it very well,
obviously with their five brands now growing at the pace that they are growing, they are
doing something right and they training I would give them an A+. Female Speaker: Why
try to launch a business alone when you can have the benefits of owning a Plan Ahead Events
franchise, you ll buying into a national brand that puts you ahead of the competition and
includes a national advertising fund to generate brand awareness, you ll receive a professional
collection of business and marketing materials, additionally you ll receive a targeted internet
advertising campaign, public relations support and promotional product giveaways, all designed
to introduce you and raise awareness in your local community. And finally you ll have access
and discounts to exclusive project management software with an automated process to track
event details ensuring every function as a complete success. Thelma Ramey: The benefits
of franchising are multiple, advertising, brand recognition, having the support on a
day-to-day basis if you have someone to call, the networking, the peer networking with the
Expo and meeting other franchisees having people to talk to when you have a specific
question of whether it would be about marketing, finances, anything that may come up in your
business you have someone that you can pick up the phone and call. Female Speaker: If
you are looking for an exciting business opportunity in a growing industry with a proven leader
in franchising, look not further than Plan Ahead Events as the first of meeting an event
specialist in our industry, we are at the forefront, allowing us to provide our customers
with unmatched quality and service, we know purchasing a franchise is an important decision,
so we invite you to speak with one of our franchising experts to learn more. Plan Ahead
Events Franchise Opportunity on Franchise Gator – www.franchisegator.com/Plan-Ahead-Events-franchise/
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