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– [Narrator] From expectations to results, there’s a lot riding on your next event. Just choosing where and when isn’t enough. You’ll need answers
every step of the way — before, during, after, and
even in between events. The most successful events
have three things in common. One: They achieve their goal. Two: They anticipate the needs
of everyone involved. Three: They collect and
incorporate feedback. Start early by reaching out
to all the right people — volunteers, sponsors, and participants. Whether this is an annual
event or the first ever, listening to your stakeholders shows respect for everyone involved and starts the conversation
on the right note. As the plan comes together, spread the good news and
open up for registration. Send instant confirmations and follow-ups, then share the details
with your planning team. When the day comes, get
real feedback on everything from heating in the hall to
acoustics in the auditorium. Why wait until it’s over to fix issues or celebrate successes? Your participants are posting and tweeting their reactions and experiences. Be sure you’re in the
loop tackling trouble and sharing shout-outs. When the lights go down, there’s
still plenty to discover. Follow up with vendors,
presenters and participants to find out what went well and what needs to change for next time. Feedback drives successful events and SoGoSurvey drives feedback. From event survey templates
and custom branding to advanced distribution and analytics, the platform offers
everything event planners need to run the perfect event. It’s never too early to get started planning your next event. Connect with our team today to find out how SoGoSurvey
can turn the frenzy of event planning into
feedback-driven success.

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