Event Planning Careers: Creative Jobs for Organized People

Marc Luber: Hey everyone – welcome to Careers
Out There. I’m your host, Marc Luber, and we’re helping you find a career that fits
you. Today we’re looking at the fun career path of event planning. Our guest is event
coordinator Jessica Alpert. Jessica, welcome to Careers Out There. Jessica Alpert: Hi – happy to be here! Marc Luber: Great – thanks for being here.
Jessica, you’re just a few years out of college and you’re now on your second job working
for a great company as an event coordinator. So tell everybody – what does it take – what
are some key things that someone considering a path in event planning needs to know? Jessica Alpert: If you want to be an event
planner you have to think on your feet, start your day with a smile, and end your day with
a smile. Customer service is the number one priority. You have to juggle all sorts of
projects, deal with all sorts of things that come your way and still realize that your
client is your top priority. So whether something goes wrong, whether something’s going right,
everything’s going right no matter what’s going on! It’s also very important that you
time manage and you can micromanage your time very well and you keep a very, very organized
calendar, very organized notes, very detailed notes. Event planning is a great job for somebody
who doesn’t want to be stuck behind a desk all day, who loves the project oriented, fast-paced
lifestyle, someone who can tackle big projects, tackle multiple things at a time and who loves
meeting new people. Marc Luber: Excellent! Sounds really fun.
So everybody – if you want to hear more about jobs in event planning as an event coordinator,
you can watch Jessica and I speak more at the full interview at Careers Out There dot
com. Jessica, thanks for joining us. Jessica Alpert: Thank you very much! Marc Luber: Alright everybody, thank you again
for watching. My name is Marc Luber and I look forward to seeing you at Careers Out
There dot com. Take care. [theme music]


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