Event Plan with me | CHIT-CHAT LIVE #3

I love can you hear me make sure my
volume hello can anybody hear me oh no one’s
there now just wait a few minutes come on is coming in can anyone hear me
okay there you go hi Andrea from Cleveland hello from
Illinois hey guys welcome welcome welcome hi Leslie hi Elizabeth
hi Angie Hanna Shalaka or silica silica Jamaica
hello Jamaica hi from Kennesaw hello Mississippi Bobby well I’m glad
you guys start dropping in I thought I was gonna be here by myself
oh that would have been disaster um hi Lillian hi Lily
Oh Thank You Angie hi nine-nine Lajja nice name hi Tara
Joanna I’m never alone that’s true though really ah thanks for being here
for me Shelly I want to I want to say your name
right so you’re gonna have to UM let me know Danielle hi they oh where are you
guys from Darla’s Georgia how far is that from
Alpharetta Boston Chicago I grew up in Chicago if you guys so didn’t know that
I’m from Panama but I grew up in Chicago North Carolina Virginia shout-out to
everyone over there Florida Memphis oh you’re not for red
ing yeah look at that you have two minutes oh you speak you got this from
my friend there you go nevermind Dayton Ohio Texas
Mexico border Louisiana Philadelphia turn it out in
Tobago nice your family’s from Panama nearby boy nice Mississippi I hope you
had a nice trip Dallas hey love from the UK I still
don’t know your name but I know you’ve been around since the beginning that’s
great okay so it’s rainy today as you guys know I don’t know if this raining
elsewhere but here in Georgia has been raining all day I gotta look at the
camera I always say that every time um yeah so uh today is laundry day for me
so if you hear a little noise in the background that’s my dryer so sorry
about that Facebook I have lots of updates all the time for
you guys and right now I’m very excited because I
now have an Amazon storefront where you guys can purchase all of these set up
all of the items you see on my setups there so I’m going to have the link down
below in my description box so you guys can check it out after the video and
yeah so let’s just get started with the request and on the community tab I got
quite a few requests but in combination with Facebook and Instagram I had a lot
of requests for superhero setups so what do you guys think about that
superheroes anyone with little babies I got quite a few I was actually shocked
like everybody’s like sync oh well that’s like that I’m not sure if
any of you guys that requested a superhero setup are in right now if you
are let me know which one there you go Batman no I think yeah so right now I
see Batman anything else I will ask for other setups don’t worry but as far as
superheroes I want to know why you guys are more interested in Black Panther I
already did a Black Panther and it too actually The Incredibles that’s cute
hit a little Birmingham Batman and that’s it I mean I know it’s
early I’m sure I should have done this later on under indeed day but right now
is the only time I have Wonder Woman hmm I actually liked that idea a lot let me
write that down I love Wonder Woman all right so while we wait for other
superheroes fans here let’s see what else you guys want to see just give it
to me and impress me I want something that’s going to challenge me and I’m
going to love what do you guys want to see hi Angela I want to do birthday
centerpieces for man I have been racking my brain for that
that’s definitely coming soon I was telling my husband I was talking to my
husband about that I need to make centerpieces for men for sure how the
weenies coming for sure the flash I like to flash Harley Quinn for sure Pinterest college graduation party
sports team I was thinking that the other day also I was thinking football I saw it – I saw the tuxedo backdrop I
loved it a lot mm-hmm yep that was definitely a thought in my mind
as well um ballerina themed baby shower whoo
party float hmm pool party float how about weddings thanks love
mallanna and Coco Day of the Dead is my favorite I can’t
wait for that for Halloween Tea Party for women October wedding tiffany themed
wedding I already have a Tiffany themed wedding centerpiece enchanted garden I
love that I’m making fall centerpieces right now because all of the flowers out
there are pretty much fall flowers so that’s coming for sure what I want
something that’s going to be like extra all right so any anything else forever
theme quacks hourglasses a clocks like I have a new years
collecting tablescape and decor maybe you want to check that out I have it
what kind of theme wedding us well pull centerpieces something for the door sure
we’re home decor mirror glass centerpiece glow party nice I like that
kind of have like my 80s boombox is kind of like glow-in-the-dark cocktail party centerpieces that moves
so fast guys Hollywood theme centerpiece under the stars theme you’re wrinkling
time I’m gonna write that ballerina baby
shower just because I saw something really cute the other day keep writing
it keep writing multiple multiple times because sometimes it goes by so quickly
I can’t really read it daddy-daughter dance centerpiece travel agent party flamingo first
birthday that’s actually a cute idea Casino party I have one for a casino
party check out my themed party decor diamonds
and pearls I like that burgundy and gold pink baby shower
centerpiece burgundy and gold baby shower we’re going to go and paint baby
shower centerpiece I see I like that I like the combination although Marysol that’s my mom’s name done did I miss em girls party theme I
have a pickup centerpiece all right if you want to check that out I think it’s
under winds my weddings playlist I’ve done a cancer centerpiece luncheon for
church yeah check out my arm I think is under
theme party centerpiece for my own my cancer ribbon centerpiece cancer I wore
no so she say I’m not feeling any of these guys maybe
a couple all right so deaq party hmm interesting you can tag me yeah you can tack
pictures on my Facebook or Instagram it’s at the Taira Perez project mermaid
you know what I need to make a mermaid centerpiece for sure pet birthday Perry that is awesome yes
pet birthday I like that any other people with pets
well anyone would like to see a pets birthday party set up that will be
interesting I’ve done a ballerina centerpiece but not for a baby shower
happening I guess you could use it for a baby shower so you can check it out I
think it’s under my kids party decor playlist parties for little boys I know
I am neglecting men and little boys all over the world
I am rubber duckie baby shower I like that idea
let me write that down alright you guys are giving it to me now I kind of like
things that move me they feel like you know they’re gonna be a little more
unique military wedding setup for sure I need to do that for sure I have a Paris theme party centerpiece
shit yeah it should be in my teens party playlist all that Billy um tribal theme emoji party um I guess eventually I will
make an emoji party I’m just not inspired I think like it’s kind of
something that everyone does I guess but I will just for you alright to my list
alright shall we decide now let’s decide for western themed storybook themes
galaxy alright less 30 seconds you guys 30 seconds and I’m going to decide honey bursaries for anniversaries I feel
like you can use any of my centerpieces pretty much depending in like I’m the
color you guys are using unless you want like a number then I also have a
centerpiece with numbers as well a couple of them actually under the sea we’ll make anything
whoo I like that bubble gum and candy theme all right so I’m going to pick
three and then you guys are going to choose okay for celebrations
I like Wonder Woman I like pets birthday and I like military
wedding oh no that’s that’s for wedding sari for celebrations I like what did I
say oh my gosh Wonder Woman and then I said pets
birthday and then hmm I actually liked a rubber ducky baby
shower as well so which ones are you guys like Wonder Woman rubber ducky baby
shower or pets birthday Wonder Woman Wonder Woman pets pets rubber ducky that’s wonder woman when a
woman’s winning guys boat boat boat rubber ducky I think it’s a tie now Wonder Woman
rubber ducky I think’s on top now pets birthday a rubber duck
I think rubber ducky has won yep all right so not for this week but for next
week I will be making rubber ducky okay and I’m also going to keep the other two
in mind for future okay so don’t think that I will not make make those because
I will all right for weddings how about military wedding and that uh
no I don’t have any more mmm I mostly wrote most of you wrote celebrations so
give me more for weddings nothing else taught in my eyes besides the military
one so give me more ideas for weddings I think I did see it
enchanted wedding but winter wonderland I have a winter wonderland although I’m
not like really like obsessed with it I could do better Christmas wedding hmm
Vegas a love affair okay rustic yeah I’m gonna make a lot of
rustic anyway that’s a given for fall because I love rustic so that’s gonna
come regardless I guess that ties with enchanted forest type of thing so don’t
worry about that I already have tropical weddings fall weddings that’s all coming
so rustic and enchanted I want like a theme theme wedding my guess that is
themed anyway Christmas Christmas wedding Harlem Nights Oh Thank You Jolanda it’s my new
lipstick yeah keep writing guys because sometimes I miss it when I look down vintage black love beam roaring 20s
diamond and pearls a greenery wedding hmm not bad 50 shades of purple I love purple I’ve
done so many purple weddings centerpieces
so you you should have quite a coming to America all right succulents centerpieces okay all right
so let’s choose 30 more seconds guys throw me something 30 more seconds and
then I’m going to choose Africa wedding Christmas again Christmas where do you
think you guys want Christmas huh hello New York
hi Mercedes I do want to make one model centerpieces I will that’s going to come
anyway I have so many models – goodness geometric shapes weddings I think I
already all right so let’s choose number one military wedding number two I like
diamonds and pearls wedding Christmas wedding I’m gonna throw in a fourth one
okay and in the greenery wedding so military wedding Christmas wedding
greenery wedding or diamonds and pearls what do you guys want to see diamonds and pearls Christmas wedding
diamonds and pearls diamonds and pearls military come on diamonds and pearls with
Christmas that’s a thought that is a thought um diamonds improves in every
season for sure I actually like the thought of diamonds and pearls for
Christmas diamonds and pearls greenery Jemison pearls I think diamonds and
pearls guys what do you guys think okay so diamonds and pearls is is and I
also like the diamonds and pearls idea with the Christmas so I gotta see how
you know the inspiration is gonna come so pearls with a sprinkle of Christmas
so I might be Joe Simon some pearls okay I’m I’m going to make Christmas decor
anyway you know make a a Christmas wedding centerpiece when well I guess I
got to make it before Christmas season so they’re both ideas I’ll see what moves
me and I have something good for you guys so don’t worry and as far as rustic
as far as like enchanted forest those type of rustic II you know
centerpieces I’m going to make anyway because I love it
for fall so don’t worry about that and for the military weddings is I’m gonna
make that anyway I’m gonna make it a point to make it okay but for next week
I am going to make diamonds and pearls not sure if it will be Christmas but if
for sure would be diamonds and pearls all right anything else guys alright so
that’s it guys thank you so much for all of the help this really helps me out
when I’m like stuck and I can think of anything to make or just because I want
to you know please you and you know give you what you guys want to see alright


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