Event Managers & the Event Management Center in Luminate Online

This is Denise from Blackbaud. In this video,
we’re going to review Event Managers and take
a look at the Event Management Center.
0:00:06.033,0:00:06.000 What is an Event Manager? An event manager is a volunteer from your
organization that can perform a variety of event configuration and management tasks for
your TeamRaiser event. For example, you might have the event manager
edit event information or autoresponders. Or you might have them manage coaching
emails and gifts. The tasks an event manager has permission to
access are set by the site administrator. After the site option is turned on, click
Fundraising>TeamRaiser and click the
Event Management Settings tab. Click Event Roles. From here, you’ll create a role and choose
which options the Event Manager can edit from
the Edit Configuration Permissions and Edit Management Permissions sections. You can choose to mark all of the options or just
a few. To access the URL for the Event Management
Center, click Manage from the Actions column
of the TeamRaiser event you’ll be working with. Click the Status tab and then the Event
Management link. This is the URL that should be provided to the
Event Manager so that they can access the
Event Management Center. Now let’s take a look at the Event Management
Center. You can click an option from the menu bar at
the top and view the list of Related Actions you
can edit as an Event Manager. Keep in mind that some options may not be
visible depending on the options set by the site
administrator. For more information about Event Managers and
the Event Management Center, visit the Luminate Online How-to Documentation
page on Blackbaud.com. Thanks for watching!

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