Evening Cleaning Routine FALL EDITION

Okay guys, so I honestly felt like I’ve never done done laundry So that’s usually the first thing that I tackle on a night that I’m cleaning up, so that’s what I’m doing here just putting up a load of laundry and Comment down below if you felt like your never dollar laundry if I want to finally done with laundry, my hamper gets full again already And here I’m just flipping up this cushion because I hate when the cushions look like they’ve been sat on so I just Do that throughout the day sometimes but honestly, this is a really good couch. So it holds its fluffiness really really long so we’re still enjoying this couch and Then next I just tackled a coffee table because I feel like it gets dirty fairly quickly with fingerprints and stuff So we have a glass table. You do have to keep it clean because you can see the fingerprints really easily on it so I’m just using some Windex and a rag I prefer using a rag over a paper towel when doing this just because It gets it clean better to me I’m just you know Putting everything back where it goes coffee table book and our candles we did have flowers here buy a total Kendra I preferred more candles for fall. I just feel like it just brings in the cozy vibes. I just added some of these hums It’s candles to our coffee table And Next I’m just gonna take some of this OxiClean extra strength carpet deodorizer This is really good If you have rugs and carpet, of course just to keep the scent really nice in that particular room and you know You don’t want your carpet to start to smell like feet or your works So this is great to do and I just let that sit while I tackle the dishes and the sink The longest dishes have been done and our sink is probably like a full night Like I have to be extremely tired to leave dishes in the sink So that’s probably one of my biggest pet peeves is dishes in the sink So I just want to head into how cool those and put those small dishes in the dishwasher And I prefer to hand wash like pots and pans and things like that Just because I find it weird to put them in the dishwasher Oh, I was just always taught to wash like hand wash pots and pans. I just think it’s weird to put them in the dishwasher Like smaller dishes, so that’s what I’m doing here just hand washing the bigger dishes and pots and pans So yeah, we only use the dishwasher for like smaller dishes like cups and plates and stuff. So yeah Okay, guys So after chaos is done Watching the dishes that we don’t put in the dishwasher because they take up way too much space and thought I dry those off Obviously, this is cam Just speaking. If you guys can tell I’m just going to draw all those off with a drying washcloth here And I’m going to clear the counter top so that I can start cleaning those off as well And this is the countertop cleaner that I like to use this as the lifestyle daily cleanser is ammonia free And it doesn’t have a scent So if you don’t want anything scent it or anything with extra chemicals in it, then you can try this one I honestly love things that are scented it smell really good When it comes to pretty much anything, but also cleaning supplies, of course, but for our countertops our countertops are really really weird and they don’t really respond well to all All-purpose cleaners. So this one works the best for it It makes it shiny and it leaves it really clean and it doesn’t leave like those streaks and makes it feel really sticky So we find that this is the one that works the best Okay, so moving on to the sink, I’m just want to clean out the sink I’m gonna be using just some regular dime antibacterial liquid soap I love this though apple and the blue one of my favorites and Also, I’m gonna be using pine soft or the garbage disposal because it helps a huge huge amount with odor and the garbage disposal So I’m gonna be cleaning out the sink here. I love doing this it was a time where I did not clean out the sink and I realized that there was a very essential step in cleaning your kitchen Because you can see how dirty it gets if you cook a lot or if you you know Just just everyday use it does need to be cleaned and I do like to do this pretty much every single day It makes this thing look so much better and I highly recommend that you use whatever So if you like to use and just take a sponge a sponge that you don’t use to wash the dishes though make sure you use a separate sponge to clean out your sink and I just Use my sponge a couple times and then just rinse it off with hot water So I’m just Park a little bit of pynes all down the drain Or the garbage disposal and I turn on the hot water at the same time that I turn on the garbage disposal And I promise you it would leave your sink smelling fresh and clean and it eliminates any kind of older I promise you it’s like magic or the garbage disposals. So I highly recommend buying soft board And of course, I’m gonna be taking out the trash and empty the recycle bin and of course I do this every single day and I’d like to spray Lysol in them just to eliminate any odor and Disinfect of course, so moving on to the powder room the half bath I’m gonna be using my lifestyle fresh and clean toilet bowl cleaner in my life saw lemon Disinfecting wipes and of course, I’m going to be emptying the trash. I’d like to let that toilet bowl cleaner sit That’s the first thing I do I pour that in and then I do Everything else in the bathroom because the longer that sits the easier it is to plan it out So I’m just gonna be what the sink with my Lifesong wax and anything else that needs to be wiped out And moving on to the toilet I like to of course wipe down the top of it and I only use gloves when we have company like if company has already Came over but Chelsea and I only are using this bathroom I just use like you know my hands and now I’m gonna be scrubbing out the toilet bowl and everything just comes up so much easier the longer that it sits and I especially Love this lifestyle because it smells amazing No, I’m going to be moving on to the floor I also Like to mop the floors about two to three times a week depending on what it looks like and I’ve been loving using this Mr. Clean multi-surface cleaner and it has eight Febreze set. I could about two capsules and hot water and I drenched this a really oversized towel in it with hot water and I just squeezed it just a little bit because I still want to keep the water and I’ve been using this to mop. So this is the regular mop it comes to like a microfiber kind of Pad underneath it, but I like to use the towel just because it gets up so much more dirt a lot faster And I just like how the floor looks afterwards It’s a lot shinier and I’ve been loving this cleaner, especially because it doesn’t leave the floor sticky I also like fabuloso, which also needs to be diluted So keep in mind that you have to dilute your products when you use them to mop the floor Now I’m just gonna be letting all the candles in the kitchen and a force kelsey did in the living room area So this just creates like a nice? Calm peaceful vibe after we’re done cleaning. And of course is going to make the space smell amazing So this is like the top or after I’m done cleaning. So love my candles So after the carpet deodorizer has sex for about 30 minutes I like to go in with my Dyson vacuum and vacuum it up. So that’s pretty much how this works You just let it sit and you just vacuum up the powder along with anything else. They might be on the floor And that is pretty much it for the living room So we like to do these things like every other day or every two days just to keep it smelling fresh and clean Okay, guys So that completes mine and Chelsea’s evening cleaning routine follow dish and let us know if you like these kind of home Lifestyle type videos and if you want us to do more if you want like a deep cleaning house routine or if you want morning routines and night routines any kind of lifestyle videos Let us know if you want to see more of these types of videos And yeah, thank you guys so much for watching and we’ll talk to you guys in the next one


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