Eugene Levy Calls Kelly’s Critics’ Choice Shout-Out ‘One Of The Great Moments Of My Life

– Yes.
– You look so handsome. – Please be seated.
(audience laughs) – I know, I’m the rude one. I sat first, I’m in heels brother. I am so sorry, I didn’t
get to say your name. I wasn’t sure if I was
gonna get to say your name, so I said it beforehand. – Well you said it, you said it out loud in front of millions of people. – I know. – Are you kidding me?
– ‘Cause I’m such a fan. – That shout-out was one of
the great moments of my life. (audience cheers and claps) A shout-out from Kelly
Clarkson, much better than holding some dumb trophy. – I don’t know if that’s true, – Yes.
– But I’ll take it. I will filter that as I’m amazing. So I love a “A Mighty Wind”,
I love “Waiting for Guffman”, but here’s my thing, I
laugh the entire time, and I know your an actor, so like, you’re supposed to be able not to laugh, but how did you not laugh in all those scenes? – Well, I did.
– [Kelly] You did? – I did, but particularly,
in “Waiting for Guffman” because that was the first one and because Chris Guest, who I kind of co-wrote the movies with and Christ directed them, and Chris is one of the funniest guys, ever.
– [Kelly] You’re not so bad yourself. – Well, he had my number,
let’s put it that way. So his character Corky St.
Clair was just so funny that every time he was on camera, I would, I would laugh, he would get me laughing, so there was a group of
us in most of the scenes, and I would move myself behind the group as the scene was being shot,
drop to my hands and knees, and crawl off the set
so nobody would notice that I was laughing in
the middle of the scene, and I would virtually disappear. – ‘Cause you don’t want to ruin the scene. – Well, that’s the thing. Because it’s improvisational in nature, you know, what you’re doing, it’s really funny off
the top of your head. It’s really hard to – Recreate.
go back and recreate that if you laugh in the middle of
a funny scene, then they say, “Cut, okay boy, that was going so well, let’s go back and try that again.” It changes things, so we
learned it’s better not to laugh, no matter how
funny you think something is. – [Kelly] That’s a talent
– But in “Waiting for Guffman” I was crawling off the set
more times than you can count. – Oh my God, you’re like
that Homer Simpson gif that just backs up into the bush, like, “I just gotta not ruin this.” – That’s it.
– That would be so hard. – Well, backing up into the bush, that was like in Guffman
there was one scene that was one of my funniest scenes. It’s a group where we’re on
stage during our final show at the end of the movie, and a train is supposed
to be pulling away, and what we do is, we’re standing there watching the train, and we kind of go like this. (audience laughs) – Why would you not have
Twyla cater David’s big day? – Well the food for the
wedding is my gift to David, so it’s really his decision. – (laughs) It’s just the
more you keep mentioning that it’s a gift, the less
and less it feels like a gift. – No, I was just thinking that, you know, how can Twyla enjoy herself at the wedding if she’s working? – I’m invited to the wedding? – Sure looks like it. – Look at you John, doling out gift after gift this morning, like
a Turkish Saint Nicholas. (audience claps)
– Welcome back, I’m here with the iconic Eugene Levy, and that was a clip from his show, his hit show “Schitts Creek”. I love this show, you
can watch it Tuesdays on Pop TV if you’re smart. So you worked with your son and
daughter on “Schitts Creek”. – Yeah.
– And that’s, I mean, that’s really cool that
the family dynamic works in that environment. – It doesn’t happen to everybody during the course of one’s life, but yes, I did get to work with my son and daughter for six
– Is this the first time you’d worked with them? – fantastic years, it’s
the first time I had worked with them at all. It’s the first time I’d
done anything with my son. You know, when he was doing shows in high school and things,
I would go up and say, “Do you need any help with your lines? I can help you with your lines.” “No, no, I got it, I got it, I got it.” – I love it.
– Everything was I got it. So when he finally came up to me and said, “Do you want to
work on a TV show with me, ’cause I’ve got an idea, would you want to work on it with me?” You know, I’m…
(audience coos) Couldn’t really see it under my shirt.
– It’s like the first time. – I said, “Wow,” I said, “Yeah, that would be great,
why don’t we do that.” I mean, as a dad, that’s
like, I never thought. (audience cheers)
– [Kelly] Look at you two. – I never thought that
would happen, so we started. And I would have worked on it
no matter what the idea was, and as soon as we started to work on it, I would wake up in a cold sweat, thinking, “What if he doesn’t have it?” – Oh no, and like how are you gonna say?
– What if he, yeah, what if he doesn’t have
the talent to do this? Do I, a week from now, have to tell him, “I don’t know how to tell you this.”
– Or do you let someone else tell him? – Well that never entered
the equation, it was just, – Oh you’re a good person.
– It was just, do I tell him that he doesn’t have the talent?
– I know they don’t like it. – Or do I not say
anything and we just go on with this thing knowing
it’s not gonna go any where, and you think Sophie had a choice. (audience laughs loudly) But.
– It’s so similar, the analogy, that was amazing. – He did, he came through,
like right out of the shoot, and just was a great writer, had it all, had it all, and you know,
next thing you know, we’re six years later
and wrapping our show. (audience cheers) – Racking up awards. So who’s the funniest in your family? Is it between, you know,
there’s a lot of actors. Y’all are all very funny. – Yeah, hands down, my wife Deb. – Not the actor, she’s not the actor. – No, no, no, and believe
me, both kids will – [Kelly] Agree, they will concur.
– Will absolutely agree. – That’s so awesome. All right, well here’s the thing, I love saying the title,
which is “Schitts Creek”, but every time I say “Schitts Creek”, we need to show the words on the screen. “Schitts Creek”, see what
I mean, see what I mean? It’s kind of, so I was wondering, how tough it was for you guys to tell, to sell a title like
“Schitts Creek” to a network? Like, how did they, do
you see what I did there? – I can tell you, I can tell you exactly how difficult it was to
sell “Schitts Creek”. Because when you hear “Schitts Creek”, you initially think, “Oh,
that doesn’t sound right.” But the fact of the matter
is, that the name Schitt (audience laughs) and you’re looking at the spelling, is a legitimate, real name. It’s of Irish derivation, in fact, I believe
there is a Schitts Creek in Ireland that I saw on a map, and when – Is it a great creek,
Schitts Creek? (laughs) – I would say it’s a wonderful creek. – [Kelly] It’s a wonderful creek. – It’s a wonderful creek. – So you had to battle
a little bit, though? – Clean, clear, running water. (audience laughs) Unlike water you’d find anywhere. So the name, it was a real
name, it is a real name, and I said to the network, and this was CBC up in Canada,
our initial broadcaster who picked up the show, I said, “If you were interviewing
somebody on a news broadcast, and their named happened to be Schitt, as in “Schitts Creek”,
spelled S-C-H-I-T-T, which is the spelling of
the name, would you not, are you telling me you
wouldn’t super the name on a news broadcast
because that was the name? They said, no we would, and there you go. – I love it, I love that you fought it. This is funny, it’s hilarious.


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