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ethical dilemmas never occur in a vacuum we simply respond to what happened before us my name is Bert Ballard I teach communication ethics I’m an associate professor of communications at Pepperdine University and an ethical dilemma you’re always having to engage in trade-offs and some ways we call that an a poriya attention between two rights so what I’m going to be looking for is is not just in terms of one of the moral dilemmas and choices but it how does and artificial intelligence and an Android navigate these kinds of moral dilemmas and questions and concerns for others within the context of the game and then the even deeper question is an Android or an artificial intelligence actually a moral agent I’m excited to play it let’s do it all right you can’t do that what’s defined is real maybe it’s because I am a professor but I am choosing to analyze the situation so at this point I’m still trying to understand what happened sounds like the child was close to the Android and but there’s a victim someone is deceased like a police officer who was the first responder I’m still trying to understand a little bit more of what happened stories often provide context for understanding why particular actions are taken it doesn’t necessarily mean they did the right thing with those actions but it does help us understand why a particular sequence events occurred ethical dilemmas never occur in a vacuum they occur because a series of events one of the things we say in communication they’re always responding to something else the idea that we created something out of nothing is false we simply respond to what happened before us I might understand why in this case would a deviant respond by grabbing a gun out of the closet holding a child hostage and then shooting the police officer don’t come any closer I’ll jump [Music] great use somebody’s name you humanize them he’s probably feeling kind of threatened so try to calm him down just a little bit don’t tell the truth yes I have a gun Jeff notice if he knows that I’m telling the truth the probability hopefully will go up that’s all right so gleam come back try to come back to the relationship rather than blaming him as an individual of course through this whole thing I’m interpolating the notion that this is a real moral agent he’s relaxing because I peel through sinful nature oh no now he’s not very happy let the girl go and I promise you won’t be hurt but the goal is to save the child which is the consequence some case and I’m using that relationship in order to save that child he may thin the end feel a betrayal of trust but the child will be saved of course in all these games there’s always a twist I’m wondering what will happen here I always have to violate it don’t think so caught one of them very famous philosopher Immanuel Kant and one of those big things was you never ever tell a lie it’s always about truth for him truth in the principle you never violate within a context of communication ethics you when you lie you get rid of trust but I don’t tend to think of things in terms of lying I tend to think things in terms of deception a deception is about not always telling everything that you might know but in this case conte wisdom is right on if we were to create trust even before this incident with the deviant Daniel in this case I’ve acted that way trust was also what within the context of the video game what saved the child it’s clearly an obvious video game so it’s an artificial world and they’re clearly plot contrivance and things to drive it but no I think it does a good job of force you to think through those kinds of things it looks like it is private property trespassers will be prosecuted and the question is you know it could be uncomfortable but safe and how do you get in there open 24/7 Ken’s day uncomfortable but discreet alright so it looks like I have multiple options I want to go to the laundromat just to get warm so we can find a change of clothes I see yes I’m thinking about taking the clothes but the trade-off is you’ve got somebody who is cold and wet oh oh there’s the moral conscience in this particular society your mark is an Android so you are not seen as a full human being all right okay Alice you corrected me for now well in this particular case right communication serves to correct me in my ethical dilemma and concern and sometimes that’s how communication ethics works we have others who can help us find the better path all right really even reminds me a little bit of a very classic case that they often use for ethics called behinds dilemma where a husband’s wife is dying the drug costs a lot of money does he break into the drug store or not and it’s something we often use an introductory ethics classes to get students thinking about do you steal the drug from the drug store or do you let your wife die and so at this point I’m trying to hedge my bets that she will be ok if I can continue to search for other possibilities I’m gonna try the house yeah you know what I think I’m gonna try something different we’re gonna go back and steal some clothes she may not like it but I need to not look like an Android hang in there Alice your life of crime is beginning take it take it oops I wouldn’t have done that in real life Wow no longer an option dang at this point I know I can get back to the car I don’t want to try the house what we try to avoid often in real life is how we how we new epochs we don’t want to deal with that tension around the ethics we just want to implement alright we’ll use a lesson called hungry desperate that’s that’s up to circumstances chance to live under the unethical wild side I don’t know why she’s knocking them down oh I know I oh you all right are you hurt don’t worry yeah it’s just a few cans oh now we’re in trouble gotta weigh the ethical decision in this case is right you’re you’re you’re desperate in some sense in my own self justification the clerk didn’t offer a whole lot of pity yes I may be an Android but this is a little girl so I’m going to need to use what resources I can to be able to get what I need to take care of this girl what’s interesting right is our choices create our realities you make a choice and it leaves from another set of choices and in this case I’ve constrained myself because I screwed up stealing the clothes so the choices aren’t choices and be able to follow through on anymore if only we had do-overs just hit the reset button could do that in videogame you can’t do that in life it’s often hard that because you make decisions just like the decision tree that is shown at the end the flowchart what you get on a particular path it can be hard to turn that around doesn’t mean we can’t but we often start to make small little decisions that can lead to larger ethical violations later on which is what I’m illustrating right now I’ve stolen tried to steal clothes I’ve tried to I’m now cutting property I stole food I stole money and in my mind I’m justifying saying well this child needs a safe place to go and I continue to close off my options I’m getting a little bit frustrated because I didn’t do it quote right in terms of the game but now I’ve broken a lot of ethical boundaries but we have food and money let’s see if I can get into this house I gotta find her first wait what are you doing visitors look I mean injury – clearly a paranoid android definitely not something I foresaw now I have at least you must escape my little girl clearly there’s something in this whole storyline about Android is feeling marginalized and objectified choosing this day because he’s pretty paranoid and I’ve gained his trust so hopefully he will at least be protective of the two of us ah there we go Thomas you’ll never good I promise [Music] yes we’ll be together forever sir I got 50 bucks [Music] the rule emotion can Android show emotion they can in this video game thinks experience was fun I mean it it’s it’s neat to be able to see these moral dilemmas mapped out in a much more clear way I would say you know it’s 80% realistic the choices you’re gonna have to make under those circumstances are true to life I mean having to make the choices about how to build connection with the hostage-taker yes having to choose to sometimes do things you don’t want to such as stealing shoplifting diverting breaking and entering in order to get shelter to take care of a child is definitely true what isn’t true you know because it is linear and a game you’re forced into certain choices whereas you might make different kinds of choices in different ways you know there’s lots of different ways to navigate out of these and there’s almost an infinite number of possibilities and resources available and that can’t be captured in it in a game the choices that we make and the way that we reflect on them impact not just ourselves but others and the more we consider that in the way that we make our choices hopefully the better world that we can create the better relationships that we can create in our lives [Music]


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