Epic Vow Renewal in Times Square With The Knot and Times Square Alliance

– We’ve been married for 15 years. – 33 years. – 7 years. – 22 years. – 4 years. – We were trying to find a fun way to do something for valentines day
and I decided on New York. I surprised Marvin and
told him 2 days ago that we we’re going to be renewing our vows. – We were married on valentines day. So we thought we’d do something special, so we came out to lunch
and we knew this was going to happen so we came here. – I was looking for
something you know that would be different and
I find out that you know Times Square is having this
big event for valentines. So that’s when I decided to come here. – We’re going out for dinner. We’re going to Times Square
so we decided to do this! – I mean our relationship has
evolved like significantly, I’m surprised this ones still alive. Um (laughs together) – We got to know each other even more, as the day goes by we get to
understand each other more. We kind of like figure out
how to make each other happy. You know now we have a
family and its pretty cool everything is perfect. – Yeah I would have to
agree with you everything is pretty perfect and we
just love each other more. – Well we’re here so I guess
it evolved pretty well. We certainly do uh finish
one another’s sentences’ and we certainly know
that that’s what the other person is going to do
with that so you know it just kind of happens. I don’t know how but it
just os mosses I guess. – Everybody changes and
I think you just have to be willing to try and change together and grow together and
experience new things. Never stop dating. – Have date nights. – We love challenging each other, in the kitchen we’ll like
buy random ingredients and we’ll be like “This is your turn to prep this.” and it’s just something
we’ve never cooked or touched or anything else and it’s
just kind of what we do for excitement. We love challenging each other. – We do crazy things like this, this is the way to keep the spark alive, you gotta just step out
of your comfort zone, be silly and have a lot
of fun and be vulnerable. Share your true thoughts
and feelings with the one that you love, they love you too! So just keep telling them. – We love dancing, we
love even staying home after the kids go to
sleep, putting a movie on, having popcorn, sitting on the couch. – We keep the spark alive
by being spontaneous. – Like this, we didn’t plan anything. It’s like, he’s like “I’m
sorry I didn’t get a gift” I don’t need gift but you know he says “Lets go to the city.” Yeah lets go to the city,
hey they’re doing this in the city, so lets
do it and here we are. – Well we love to travel
so we went to Europe last year, we were able to go to Africa. We’re really busy, have
busy careers and we just try to keep it fresh by doing
things that we enjoyed when we were dating originally. – You gotta block out
time, you gotta block everybody out and I mean
everybody, your kids, your parents, the people
at your job, your friends because your together
a lot and if this falls apart nothing else is gonna work. – Follow your heart. – That’s true. Mine is just be prepared. I’m like people are
different, everyone has their differences, no
ones ever gonna be the same person. You know, its gonna find
you when it finds you. You know don’t rush it. – Um advice if you’re looking for love, it’ll happen when you least expect it and when it does don’t be afraid of it, grasp it and run with it. And have fun you know
being married is about having fun. Have fun while you’re
dating and everything else will come up together. – Keep looking love is
always around the corner when you least expect it. You’re gonna find your love. – People come from different areas, different directions and
appreciate each other for what you bring into each others lives. Cause we’re different in
different ways and you know at times we disagree,
but we agree to disagree. – She’s much deeper than I am. – Any advice for young
people would be uh to just have fun, let it happen, take your time and enjoy the moment and
just go with the flow. – Literally when you least
expect it that’s when its like it shows up at your doorstep. – Be fast full and believe in your heart, that’s the key. – We would describe
our love for one like a trusted fund, yeah that’d be it, that works. – One word that describes our relationship is love! Amazing love! There you go! – Love. – Love? The one word would be love? (kisses) (laughs and kisses) (kisses) (kisses) – Of course (kisses) Wait can we do one more? (both mimics each other) – Thanks for watching
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