Ep 69: The Ultimate Wedding Checklist #LiveOlive

Hi, Friends! A wedding celebration is a memorable event for the couple and their family. However, holding a wedding event is not an easy task to do, there are many aspects that need to be prepared carefully, including the budget preparation. Therefore, LiveOlive will give some guidelines that can help you prepare your wedding. The ideal time to prepare a wedding is at least 8-12 months before the event. We already prepared a guideline template that can be downloaded from this link 12 months before the wedding, you should have picked the wedding date and decided on the venue and start contacting some wedding organizers. You also can start looking for a designer for your dress/kebaya. After that, you can make schedule for dress fitting, hire a host, musicians performers for your event, buy uniform for family members, and make some surveys on catering vendors. 6 months before the wedding, you should have made an order for your wedding rings, hired a make-up artist, hair-stylist, finalized your catering, and planned for your
honeymoon. Wedding invitations and souvenirs should be produced 3 months before the wedding. You should also prepare all documents needed for the Office of Religious Affairs, as well as your honeymoon plan. One month before the wedding, you should have done pre-wedding photo, submitted files to the Office of Religious
Affairs, started sending the wedding invitations and made the final arrangement with all parties involved. One week before the wedding, you should make sure that all preparations are done, do the final rehearsal, make the final payment, and pack for honeymoon. On the seventh page, you can write down the telephone of catering vendors, make-up artist, photographer till wedding organizer so you will not forget. With this guideline, hopefully you can plan your wedding smoothly. Make several copies to be given out to your spouse and family members, to keep them posted. If you like these kinds of ideas from LiveOlive, subscribe now to this YouTube channel! Good luck, friends!

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