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Divorce me abandon our daughter steal all of my money and tried to leave the country with your new boy-toy and Joy being broken homeless I’d been married to Rachel for four years. I’m 28. She’s 33 We have a two-year-old daughter Brenda. I’m a computer engineer in the Silicon Valley of California and make a very good salary. I Don’t deny that I’ve been privileged My dad wasn’t exactly a millionaire But he had a very lucrative life insurance policy that ensured that my mom and I were well taken care of after a sudden heart attack so nears ago aged only 53 So I was pretty well often set even before I finished college and got my well-paying job I’m the Ukranian background and Korean background. That’s Korean Rachel was a music major at the same college. I went to she was older. No, she still is I guess Well it taken time after graduating high school to work as a restaurant server to save money for school she’s a Russian background We met him bonded over our mutual love of playing violin and cello Rachel was trying to be a professional cellist bird had never did pan out far, unfortunately For her a family isn’t as well off as mine I speak Russian in Ukrainian as well as Korean in English, but Rachel speaks only Russian and passable English So anyway, we date for many months and eventually have a City Hall wedding. I’ve met her parents and they seemed nice enough people My mom told me she never really trusted Rachel but whatever. I was going to live my life my way So the honeymoon period ends and Rachel knows I have some money put away from my inheritance and is wondering why I’m not blowing it I Tell her I’m keeping that for emergencies and until I graduate college and known a good living We should be careful then our daughter was born Rachel tries to look like she’s making an effort But once she got married to me It looked like she gave up on school and kind of just wanted me to take care of her I’m thinking all right, that’s fine I don’t mind if my wife is a stay-at-home mom, but Rachel didn’t really take good care of Brenda often Just dumping her off in my mom’s house. My mom lives not far from us and then going out with her That’s probably how she met Jin Qin’s this other Korean dude around 30 issue, I guess convinced Rachel that he is a millionaire and Porter and business owner in Korea I’ve seen his kind before lots of times growing up and I can spot a phony from a mile away. I Tell Rachel he’s just flexing, but she doesn’t believe me By this time I’m hitting the ground running on my tech job and starting to earn really good money but I guess Rachel lost all interest in me and has now had over heels over this gin dude who can treat her as she Believes she deserves to be treated We live in a no-fault state She tells me she wants a divorce and I tell her don’t you want to try and work it out? We have a kid She says I can keep custody of Brenda that I can have sole Now she this will be painful to explain to my daughter when she’s old enough to know what happened to mum Rachel insists that she just wants her freedom I know that Jin knows I have money and that I’m making a lot of money now as a computer engineer In addition to the couple million I’ve put away from my inheritance You bide our time a few months while we wait for divorce to process I can tell Jin wants to get rachel come to Korea with him where she will be heavily dependent on him to communicate for her as She doesn’t know the language that he can relieve her for money so finally our divorce is clear and The way the lawyer set it up was that we divide things right down the middle in terms of money in our checking and savings account My inheritance was untouchable for some reason and that was solely mine Technically since we weren’t married even five years ours was a dissolution of marriage not divorce and I didn’t have to give Rachel jack But I was being nice because I’m a nice guy, which is probably why she despised me not enough bad boy however, being the young stupid idiot I was when I first married her I insisted she had the access codes to all of my accounts had the ability to transfer funds So when her plane was taking off I get several text alerts at home indicating that some major transfers were taking place in my accounts I Saw that Rachel was trying to drain all of my accounts which she had transfer power to to her own checking account Did you try to basically steal all the money I had in my checking account, which I could eventually replace simply by working But also my inheritance which was my nest egg for the kid Well rachel has never been especially bright her gullibility I’m falling for Jin who was on the plane with her proves it and Since she never did get around to learning how to do things the American Way such as opening a bank account all on her own She depended on me to set up her own Independent checking account with which she was now trying to follow my money into with the intent to never see me again Even though our lawyer had signed a document from her that she was only entitled to X amount of dollars that meant nothing If no one could ever find her and she had disappeared into a foreign country Well, I went to the branch where I’d opened a checking account for her Luckily, I was smart enough to at least put myself as an equal partner in the count silly Rachel never learned enough English to read the fine print where it says I have full access to a checking account and always have had it I simply have them cut a cashier’s check to drain her account or rather our account and I leave with said cheque which represents a loss of money Across the street to my own bank. This is all downtown close out my existing accounts and open a brand-new account in my name only Divorce is finalized. So why not? I Put my cashier’s check into it and arrange for my pay to be directly deposited there I opened yet another account in another Bank again only in my name where I put my inheritance in a high-yield Retirement savings vehicle and also a trust fund for my daughter All this is happening while Rachel and Jen are on their plane to South Korea I’m wondering if they know what’s going on all I know is that I removed Rachel from all of our share credit cards have always been the primary account holder an Empty two bank account the way she tried to empty mine so I not only have my half of the money, but her half – The only money she will have when she lands is any cash she has on her Maybe Jin the millionaire will take care of her Many hours later a non-stop barrage of calls and texts and voicemails Wow, I sound panicky so much panic So much oh god, okay, I made a mistake. I love you, please help me Yeesh sound like a total psycho better blocker number Hey, Brenda, let’s go to the park with grandma and all have some ice cream best served cold Thanks for watching and please don’t forget to subscribe to Reddit originals for more videos like this Oh and hit the back icon to stay updated on all our videos. We upload a video each day. So stay tuned

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