Engagement Photography – Camera Settings, Shooting, Lighting, and Poses

okay guys welcome to today’s tutorial
I’m going to be giving you some quick tips for engagement shoots. I have here Izzy and Caleb they’re getting married in… November? November. November of this year
really exciting. and Are you super excited for the wedding? yes. How’s the planning
going? good. pretty good. Well, they at least have their venue booked so that’s awesome. Okay, for this engagement shoot I’m
shooting with my canon 6d and my 24 to 105 lens I want the main focus of these
photos to be Izzy and Caleb so I’m shooting in aperture priority mode and I
take it all the way down to F 4.0 using a wide open aperture provides a shallow
depth of field which gives you beautifully blurry backgrounds. I also
recommend shooting during the golden hours about an hour after sunrise or an
hour and a half before sunset. Now let’s talk shooting strategies. Offer your
clients a variety of shots candid and posed, distant shots where you take in the
landscape around them and close-up shots that capture the personality of the
couple. I recommend changing spots or locations after a few poses and at least
one wardrobe change. it’s always more flattering to have the
man behind the woman she’s more feminine and petite and then I have the man lean
forward so that he’s on the same plane as her so when I get my focus on her
he’s still going to be in focus because their faces are right next to each other.
I always like to show them a few shots just to give them some feedback let them
know we’re getting beautiful pictures. then I will change my angle I always
try to take a distance shot and then I’ll zoom in for a close-up. I like
to be at about eye level sometimes I’ll go just slightly above or slightly below
to vary the shot maybe try a different angle. right now I’m using a fill
flash because the light behind them is pretty bright and I don’t want them to
have super dark shadows on their faces. a few of the shots I like to take will
focus on the man I like to have him lean against something whether it be a fence
or a rail or a chair or a tree have him lean against something and then have her
lean into him so you get that kind of fun flirty pose and just have a little
fun with it. And now we’re going to do the opposite we’re going to have her be
the main subject and she’s going to have him flirting with her. So, what I’m doing
here is making sure my camera is set up at the proper settings to make sure I
can freeze action and make sure that I can get solid clear images of them
spinning take a few snapshots try to get it every time I can see both of them or
at least one of their faces or their profile.
Whenever I photograph a couple I always make sure that the woman is lit the best
so she is facing the sunlight shadows on a man’s face only make him look more
masculine or tougher whereas on a woman you want those soft so I always like to
highlight the women’s features. use a fill flash if I need to if that light
behind her is too bright. And here we’re setting up one of my favorite shots I
love this is just a classic shot I like to get with every family photo shoot or
every couple is just a nice walking away shot and when I always give them an end
point and I tell them okay when you get to that point stop look back at me
between each other and then for this couple I have them kissed and then
they’re going to turn around and walk back towards me. and I always like to
vary my angles I like to maybe get some from the side because I’m using the
bridge to get really cool lines that are going to lead to them it draws the
attention to the couple. the shadows in front of them and the bright halo behind
them is only going to give high contrast make really cool black-and-white
pictures. thanks so much for watching you guys I hope you found some helpful tips
along the way let me know if you have any questions here in the comments if
you found these tips useful go ahead and tag me on instagram @detailsbyhillary or @capture.create.explore thanks you guys! be sure to subscribe below for
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