Engagement Gown from Aliexpress | My experience

hi I’m Prerna welcome back to my channel
today I will be sharing the if(s) and but(s) of shopping from Aliexpress before we
get onto the video here is a little detail behind my inspiration of picking
this outfit from Aliexpress ever since I was a little child I was fascinated by Christian weddings and then I saw this Bollywood movie called “Zindagi Na
Milegi Dobara” I instantly fell in love with Katrina’s engagement look the
ambience the decor basically everything so here I am
after seven years talking about the execution of that idea
/ inspiration and that too on a budget let’s get started! The first step was selecting the silhouette for my pear shaped body. I
realize that categorizing yourself within a certain geometrical shapes and
fruits can sound a little outdated limiting and quite frankly weird but
hear me out if you are aware of your body shape it will not only help you
save a lot of time shopping but also protect you from asking everyone and
yourself that question do I look good in this outfit for example I have a
pear-shaped body which means that my hips are wider than my shoulders how
does this relate while shopping on Aliexpress? When you go on to Aliexpress
you will see various sellers selling various gowns in multiple designs and
silhouettes and this is when knowing your silhouette helps! I went for a mermaid
flared gown which means that it was fitted just till the hip and flared below
the hip thereby accentuating the top half of my body and helped me
proportionate this is what I would recommend everyone that when you are
shopping from Aliexpress or anywhere else be very sure on the kind of
silhouette that you would like to go for to help you look your best and
proportionate the filters would be like a trumpet gown or A line or a ball gown
or a flared gown google out the names see which gown looks like what which
part of the body it accentuates and you’re good to go the second step was selecting the right
seller before I ordered this gown from Aliexpress a few months back I had
ordered a top and a pair of earrings from Aliexpress. while the top got
delivered on time the earrings did not get delivered
I did get my money back but I went on to draw this conclusion that higher the
rating of the seller the higher are your chances that your product will get
delivered I went with the seller Jark Tozr and the ratings at that time of
the seller was above 99% this is what I would recommend everyone else then go
for a seller who has ratings at least above 95% or to be specific from 98 to
99 percent so that you have a higher chance of getting your product delivered
and not only that you get the product that you actually had seen in the
picture! The third step was selecting the right size to be honest when I was
ordering from Aliexpress I was a little anxious and nervous at that time because
I was not sure if I was doing the right thing
therefore I overlooked a very critical point which was that the seller was
offering me custom sizing I blindly wrote to the seller to send me the gown in
size 6 this is what I request you all to take from my
experience is that if the seller is offering you custom fittings then be
very sure of each measurement which you would like the seller to know the
measurement could be the length of your sleeves, your height..please include the
heel height of your shoe every measurement possible so
that you get the best fit. the next step was getting the best price from the
seller! When I had decided on the gown the color the sizing that I would like
to order I decided to chat with the seller yes Aliexpress offers you this
option to chat with the seller I wrote to the seller sharing the gown the
sizing the color that I would like to place the order for the seller shared
the timelines for delivery after that I wrote to the seller to
check if there was a best price possible that he or she would like to offer me I
was lucky enough that the seller offered me a discount which was 5% of the price
and I think that was a good deal I I placed the order last year around 12th
July and the product was delivered to me on 13th August which is roughly around a
month whenever ordering from Aliexpress it is always good to have at least 30 to
40 days in hand and which can go up to maximum 60 days the last step here is
what if the product is not delivered to you I was fortunate enough that I didn’t
have to use this option but AliExpress offers you the option to open a
dispute if you are not satisfied with the quality of the product delivered or
the product was not not delivered to you at all just hit that open dispute tab
and your payment will be processed back to you! that is it
for this video I hope you found it informative if you liked this video give
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