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*Waiting for the bus to our pension Imzy: Hello? It’s freezing cold Daenyeol: let’s take a rest it’s so warm inside, I feel like I’m in heaven Daenyeol: I will film later again upon the arrival *while waiting for the transfer*
Imzy like a boy excited with his ice cream Daenyeol: arrived at Gangneung ! Yay ! Daenyeol: It feels like an adventure rather than a trip *just like Pokemon* Woah it’s so warm here exactly, compare to where we were a moment ago yeah I almost got frozen back then COLD Look at that face transportation hours: Bus + Taxi=5 hours Our last destination today will be the market I will record again once we get there Daenyeol: Imzy’s dead *Grocery Shopping* Yay Yogurt ! Daenyeol: put it down nope I got caught *tried again, but failed* inventory: kimchi +1 Daenyeol: it looks tasteful Imzy: (revenge) look at the blood, disgusting Daenyeol: he’s nagging would this be enough? u fat ass.. now, this is the corner for Daenyeol’s fodder will this be enough for him? Imzy: you fine with it? LOL Imzy: and for your snack, here’s cats forage Perfect meal plan for my boyfriend Inventory: garlic +1 Inventory: perilla leaf +1 should I get this or not? Inventory: bread +1 Daenyeol: for your toast in the morning eww why? you don’t want toasts? Imzy: bread for the breakfast? I want rice
(korean culture) Daenyeol: but it’s simple Secret inventory: cookie +1 successfully added @pension “Healing House” my hair.. pension sweet pension Imzy: HELPPPP Imzy: wth why’d you leave the pink sleeper for me Imzy: Daenyeol’s not really talented at cooking Imzy: you’re literally burning them Daenyeol: am I doing it right? *Daenyeol not so great with fire* Imzy: I will be slacking off while he’s in charge of cooking I should’ve come here during summer he’s spaced out while cooking Cooking continues inside the pension as well I’m sorry I’m sorry (to whom?) when should I use this herb salt? I will show you the meat *warning for a graphic image* Imzy: LITERALLY ASMR ooooooo OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO special thanks to my friend, Jino, for this bathbomb * shy * * slippery * * duck lips for a kiss * * Imma bite it * * xoxo * yay Done with the love spa special corner suggested by Imzy Imzy’s Get It Beauty starts right now I’ll be introducing what I use for my skin care routine First of all, this is my favorite product This is called BHA Peeling Pad This isn’t sponsored, FYI This is so practical because embo side exfoliates dead skin cells and soft side makes your skin smoother AND I LOVE 💓 EXFOLIATION yo come here first step 1. exfoliate your skin with this peeling pad carefully use it on your T zone as well then try to moisturize with the soft side next step is skin toner on a cosmetic pad apply some toner for guys, please cleanse your ears thoroughly because if you smell, it’s probably form your ears especially behind your ears ” you greasy piglet ” next step is skin lotion take some amount on back of your hand + softly pat your skin next step is ample and cream it may be a bit awkward if you haven’t used it before I usually put it on back of my hand and apply to my face last but not least, night cream~ is it too much? * DONE ! * our facial skin on fleek * Next Morning * Good morning Breakfast menu: French Toasts, cereal, some left over sausages 1. cut the sides of bread consume the sides 2. mix eggs 2-1. make sure the camera angle 3. put some sugar excessive amount of sugar is allowed 3-2. customize the sugar level 4. dip bread in egg mixture without the sides, spongy texture of French Toasts can be completed low heat + butter (or cooking oil)=perfection Breakfast ready ! * how to wake your boyfriend up instantly * dat facial swelling do get up please, let’s have some breakfast it’s exhausting to wake you up * simply grab his hair to wake him up completely * * showing him what I’ve done for him this morning, expecting some tearful reaction * Imzy: huh? what’s that.. Imzy: it’s actually good actually, cleaning up is the real pain in the ass it’s frozen we’re finally going home * another cute quarrelsome convo * Imzy: my legs can’t reach Imzy: stop being ugly lol ugly ugly -_- Daenyeol: home sweet home why do you act differently in front of camera? I’m just tired Daenyeol: he’s so different in front of camera lol it’s amazing how you turned on your smiley face as I turned on my camera No wonder why you’re an entertainer lol Imzy: I was wondering where my mask was, I thought it disappeared We are finally home right now Yay ~ Daenyeol: I’m tired. how was your first trip with me? Imzy: I can’t believe I have to work tomorrow Daenyeol: you work tmrw?
Imzy: yess Imzy: how was your trip? Daenyeol: it was better than I’ve expected because we had sufficient time together Alright, we will see you guys next time If you have enjoyed watching this video please like and subscribe this channel comments and notification turned on for my channel will be highly appreciated !


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