ENG) 호두네 일상, 크리스마스 장식 DIY l Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations always make me excited even though they look similar every year When moving to Warsaw from Korea, I brought less of my baggage, so I didn’t bring Christmas decorations here Last winter, I spent Christmas at the end of the year without any decorations So, I set a small Christmas tree this year By the way… I came to home and saw that, it’s a real tree I thought it was fake tree when I bought it Are all foreign countries decorate with real tree? The point of Christmas decoration is a light bulb, It’s a little uncomfy to put a light bulb in a living tree Fortunately, it is a light bulb without any heat… But I am unwilling to do that I have a good idea I remembered the wood blind that was used as a covering I’m going to put plant supports into the pot with its sticks and put the light bulb there It’s not easy than I thought I completed it after a long struggle Now I only have to put the light bulb here…. What is it…… These tangled light bulb lines….? It took 20 minutes to untangle all the tangled lines It is placed between plants It looks empty I need to make Christmas ornament in person I use the same wood blind this time I found and learned this on YouTube Oh… it’s quiet plausible I like it I’m so curious how does it look if I turn on light bulb when it’s dark Let’s have Christmas mood in the room either? After taking all the branches of the glass vase out, Put the bulb Done It feels like a mild winter in the room with just one light bulb It’s sunset soon, so I need to make winter-tea When the sun goes down, I would drink winter-tea, and light up the Christmas tree In Poland, people drink this winter-tea to prevent colds in winter When I drink it, I feel my throat is much softer, so, I often drink this winter-tea instead of coffee these days Slice the orange, lemon, and lime, and put cloves in orange Put some tea which I usually drink into the infuser prepare the Aronia undiluted juice Poland is famous for Aronia, which has high quality Prepare some honey together Put the cinnamon stick, and put some clove-filled oranges Add some Aronia undiluted juice, and some honey, wait until tea brewed enough It’s similar to Mulled Wine, but it tastes healthier The piquant scent of cloves & cinnamon’s scent mixed and they make warm scent in the whole house I’m waiting sunset after lit a candle, but sun doesn’t set quickly today As winter-tea cools down, so I drink it first I took a sip of it and my body is already getting warm Hodu’s waiting with Santa scarf around his neck tho… I’m should just hold lighting ceremony now Honestly… It’s meh 😉 The tree pops up everywhere and the bulb is on one side The star that I made just looks like a Pocky*
*stick shaped snacks (Even it’s hard to make unpretty Christmas tree, but I did it :’D ) I feel good with it though I feel comfy just by seeing the lights There’s a candle that I like, warm tea, and Christmas carol played It’s unpretty tree that I made during my whole afternoon, It makes my heart flutter cuz it’s Christmas tree anyway (I should refrain DIY next time….)


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