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Hi, everyone. How have you been during the time? February is almost over. This winter is not that cold. I didn’t think there was any winter video. But it snowed a lot on the day we shot the video. I brought a diary decorating video to capture and record the season. Why do you write in your diary? I personally have four reasons. 1. Because it’s easier to remember things by hand. 2. Happiness when filling in pictures and writings 3. I like the memories that come to mind as I organize them. 4. I can find my favorite taste. One more thing: if you write in your diary, My feelings of the time come to mind. before we get started, let me introduce you to the pen. There are two colors and a pen touch that is not excessive. It allows me to color it in a delicate way. It’s used in areas where you need to draw a small picture because the pen is thin. I prefer a light pen, so I use it often. Above all, the price is 400 won! I often lose my pen, so I have a good, cost-effective pen in advance. I got this colored pencil as a gift. I don’t recommend it because the color of the pencil is different from the color of the paint. Let me start decorating my diary. I usually organize my big schedule here. Write down where I went and who I met and what I did. It’s my favorite part, so I tend to work hard on it. So I thought about buying a diary that’s unique to monthly. But I think I have to write various things, so I buy the whole thing. The empty space is filled with pictures to remind of memories. When I can’t remember, I look at the gallery. I spend a lot of time looking at the gallery. When I find something to fill my diary, Write it down and express it in pictures. If you sketch and color it, Monthly DONE! Weekly writes a diary about what wrote in Monthly In fact, almost half of them are filled with drawing… I like to keep a picture diary. Fill it up and Weekly’s done! I usually decorate it like an album in places with a lot of gaps. Rather than collecting photos from data, I like printed pictures better. I don’t know why. I think it’s because I like collecting things. I like the old feeling when I take it out again. It takes quite a lot of material to decorate the back. I usually use stickers that stick together. cute post-it I decorate it with round stickers and my pictures. I tend to buy masking tape at the local shop in the area where I traveled. I feel it while decorating, but achromatic colors aren’t my style. It’s been a while since I met my friends. I usually take four shots of life. I love this kind of thing. I can take pictures without burden! lol a cute sticker Handwritten letters from fans on the back page. Or add the picture fans gave me. lastly Fill in the to do list, it’s perfect. THE END! Done decorating the diary! Finish up with the desk This is the end of today’s video 🙂


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