when it comes to elopement destinations
the choices are endless and that’s the beauty of eloping the dream of getting
married in a magnificent location is what attracts many a couples to the idea.
It’s stress free and you can do it in your own time and there are absolutely
no rules. An elopement is the ultimate romantic getaway and I’m all about
comfort. Recently there has been a trend towards adventure elopements: hiking,
camping out. I’m not about them at least not for elopements. I don’t want to wear
clunky shoes on my wedding day. Yes, I love the idea of getting married against
the backdrop of nature but that doesn’t have to mean deprivation and I don’t
find anything romantic about being without a proper bathroom or bed on your
wedding day or night. Camping and hiking are great but out of context for destination
at least I think so. For the past decade I’ve scouted out some of the most
romantic places in the world searching for a perfect elopement location. I
believe a great elopement experience has to check all the boxes: Beauty, romance,
fun, great food, comfort and a strong cultural identity. Yes this can mean
an island so remote you need a boat to get there but with a lovely hotel on site.
but with a lovely hotel on site. Try Ischia, Capri or Santorini or Kauai. Or the majestic 2000-year-old
ruins of the Roman Empire isolated in the midst of a cosmopolitan city offering the
creature comforts and some of the best food and wine you’ll find anywhere on earth. The world’s most spectacular nature, think Big Sur Joshua
Tree, Hawaiian waterfall , Lake Como, lavender fields of
Provence. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort to get married in a gorgeous
nature if a good hotel or villa is nearby. To find an ideal location for
your elopement, consider these points. also at the end of this video, you’ll
find a link where you can download a workbook to help you decide and
fine-tune your ideal location. One: how many will be in your party? Will it be
just the two of you or will you invite a few family and friends. If you plan to
invite your grandparents or older relatives you want to take their needs
into consideration and the same goes for small children or babies.TWO: describe
your dream wedding. ask yourselves of what sort of
environment fills you with joy. Do you love the beach, the mountains, the desert
think about things you like to do as a couple. Do you crave art and culture? Are
fine dining and great wine part of your fantasy? Number THREE: what sort of
weather do you enjoy the most. Are you a summer person ? Do you love the snow? Are fall colors the idea of your ultimate glory? FOUR: When can you take time off and
how much time we have? FIVE: How far can you travel? Can you fly to a distant
Beach in January or will you need to think of a location nearby. Consider
what’s happening at the chosen location during the dates you choose for instance
all of Italy’s on vacation during the last two weeks of August for Ferragosto
so venues will be crowded. In Mexico the Day of the Dead at the end of
October is a national holiday and it tracks crowds so be sure the place you
choose won’t be overrun or closed. SIX: What type of venue suits your needs?
Do you prefer an all-inclusive resort? Be aware that many resorts offer
all-inclusive wedding packages – these can be convenient but your options will be
severely limited if you want a personalized wedding then I
highly suggest- avoiding buying any packages. You may prefer to rent an apartment or
villa especially if there are other people in your party the two families
can connect without having to travel between hotels many places offer
breathtaking beach or mountain views even a terrace where you can be married
as the Sunsets on the beach. If possible visit the venue first. Ideally
you’ll find a place that has meaning to both of you as a couple. Perhaps a
place you’ve already visited on your vacation maybe even a place where you
fell in love. If a visit isn’t possible at least try to get a Skype or video
call. And here are some other things to consider if you’re planning a wedding in
a foreign country: you’ll need to consider the local legalities and
permits check out the local laws and be sure you understand the documents you’ll
need to bring with you and if you’re getting married in a park or other
public space you may need a permit . Set an overall budget that includes travel
cost, venue, photographer, makeup & hair, officiant, flowers and your wedding
clothes whatever is important. Contact me for more information and remember to
download the workbook to walk you through the whole process step-by-step and fine-tune
your place to elope. Ciao! Ciao!


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