Elias forces Camila to wear the wedding dress | TKB (With Eng Subs)

Elias, this is a trap! Listen to me.
She’s playing with us! No one’s getting out
of this alive. Not me, or you,
nor your father! I don’t have a
choice, Camila! You’d do the same if someone
you loved was in danger! Vito. Copy that. Let’s go. Open the gate. Let’s go, boys. – Get out!
– Elias, please. – Get out. Now!
– Please. Let’s talk about this! Shut up and get out! – But Emma–
– Get out! Elias, think about Emma! – Elias, please.
– I don’t care. Hurry up. Start walking! – Move.
– Elias! Elias, I’m begging you.
Listen to me– Hurry up! I’m telling you, Elias… Think about Emma. – Elias, please!
– Just shut up and walk! Move it! Elias, please. I’m just– Shut it! “Make Camila wear this, or else your father will die.” Don’t move. Wear it. – Come on.
– No, Elias. – Do it.
– I won’t wear that! – Do it!
– I won’t! I said put it on! Camila. Come on. Just do it! [LAUGHS] Welcome, Elias and Camila. [BANG] Dad! I have been waiting for you.


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