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home holiday event wedding and DIY decor today I’m going to
show you how to make an elegant rustic wedding centerpiece and setup here we go so I think what a few requests to make a
rustic wedding centerpiece and I saw a picture on Pinterest and inspire me very
very much it was an arrangement on top of a tree stump and I thought it was so
beautiful and here’s my version of it let’s get started
so my centerpieces are going to consist of three tree stumps three three three
so hard for me to say that sometimes so it’s going to consist of three tree
stumps and this two are the same size and this one is slightly smaller and the
reason these two are the same size is because I literally have to go to a
couple of different stores to find stubs that were about the same so I can make
this one one this I found out Michaels and they don’t have anything taller than
this so I wanted to make I don’t know I just love tall centerpieces so I want to
make it one so I bought two of these you don’t have to you can definitely just
use two or this one however you like I’m a little extra so I’m going to make a
Tolin and his mother one okay but I’m only going to make one arrangement on
camera this one is going to be exactly the same
all right so another thing I am NOT going to do is glue the tree stumps
together here I have wood blue and I’m going to pretend to you know glue this
together right now and you have to actually wait 24 hours for these to bond
together with the wood glue and you have to add pressure to it okay if you’re
going to do that if you can find a stub this size perfect I have no idea where
to find it I didn’t give myself enough time to order online so I’m working
what I have as I usually do alright so yeah so I’m going to just put up these
to the side and I’m going to work in the arrangement I’m going to start by gluing
this round candle holder on top of the stuff next I’m going to glue the floor
foam on top of the candle holder I’m going to start my arrangement with white
hydrangeas from Dollar Tree very pretty I’m going to cut them about three to
four inches long the way I’d like to start all of my arrangement is by
placing a bunch of the flowers I’m going to use on each side of the floral foam
and then I work my way around it and this year’s hydrangeas from Dollar Tree
are so much fuller I’m so loving it because you don’t need to use the whole
bouquet to fill on space here only use three of the individual flowers that it
comes with and look how full it is nice now I’m going to use green hydrangeas
also from Dollar Tree to fill in the sides
I want them pointing down so I’m kind of placing it in an angle I’m going to use more white hydrangeas
to cover up the top of my flora phone next I’m going to be using this
beautiful peonies from Michaels this were 40% off the original price I
cannot remember how much they were because these are recycled from another
project but they have these all the time other stores I think I’m gonna go ahead
and place peonies on all four sides that way I’ll have less space to fill now I’m
going to use pink peonies from Dollar Tree this I’m going to cut about five
inches long because I want them to stick out a little bit further I’m almost tempted to leave the
arrangement as it is it looks beautiful so if this is what you’re looking for
stop right here but for a pop of color you can add this
pink roses from Hobby Lobby this work 50% off I cannot remember the price of
this one either because these are recycled from another project as well
but they were for sure 50% off and they have them a Hobby Lobby all the time so
I have a few small little holes in the arrangement they’re very very small
something like that or like this and what I’m going to do is
add this spray of white roses to fill them in I’m gonna place another pink one right
here and I’m gonna add a little bit of the green hydrangea to break up some of
the colors and here it is very pretty nice and full well I think I should add
one more right here one of the pink ones I sure will
but now for my last step I’m going to add hanging amaranthus to the
arrangement so the amaranthus is a bit too long I
would love to have them right here maybe I can make it work
maybe if I cut it pretty short okay guys this is it this is my elegant rustic
centerpiece and I absolutely love it the tree stump totally makes this
centerpiece so unique I love it and I’m definitely loving the amaranthus the
hanging I’m around this hanging on the side of this stump I am going to add a
similar smaller arrangement in front of it so stay tuned for that I hope you
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