Elegant Red Roses Wrap Wedding Centerpiece | DIY Red Wedding Reception Decorations

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home holiday event wedding and DIY decor today I’m going to show you how to make
an elegant retro centerpiece and setup here we go it was more than appropriate
to make an elegant retro squiddy centerpiece plus all the stores are
carrying red roses right now so that totally helps but seriously I have been
thinking of this centerpiece for a while and right now is the perfect time to
bring what’s in here out here all right guys let’s get started so the first
thing I’m going to do is put my base together which is going to consist of a
small clear salad plate fight tape or candle holders and a regular-sized clear
bowl and this is my all-time favorite base to mate because it’s tall and tall
equals elegance and but the only difference today with making his base is
that I’m going to be adding a clear bowl on top instead of the around candle
holder because I just wanted to make a difference yeah so I’ll just put it
together I’m going to turn my salad plate over which is going to be my base
and I’m going to add or I’m going to use five twenty seven and one side
this time instead of e6000 this glue does the same job but he glues in five
minutes so I love it I’m still gonna be using hot glue gun to
keep it together but this is the glue that’s going to do
the magic okay and I’m going to add why are you doing it I’m going to add glue
to most of these spots here so I’m going to put it across and here and across
then I’m going to add hot glue to the spots where I didn’t apply the 5:27 Center it right in the middle and here
I’m going to do the same I’m going to add glue to this part of the candle
holder and I’m going to go across and then I’m going to go here and then I’m
going to walk across again and then I’m going to add hot glue to the areas and
do not apply and here it is nice and straight now I’m
going to glue the bowl right on top and I’m going to do the same and I’m just
going to add a layer hold around of 5:27 now all I have to do is spray paint it
with metallic silver spray paint I’ll be right back
the base is all ready to go this is how it looks like with the metallic silver
spray paint now I’m going to measure how much of the tool I’m going to need to
make the rack so I’m going to pretty much start it right here so I’ve got my
tool to wrap around the bottom of my vase so I’m going to make sure that I
have enough to cover that now you’re going to have to fold the tool and then
cut it in half because you’re not going to need the whole thing only half of
that to make my floral wrap in my arrangement I’m going to be using red
roses from Dollar Tree and all I’m going to do is pull the roses off and then I’m
going to cut the stem really really short short as I can I’m just going to
glue on onto the tool I’m going to add a little glue in between the roses so they
can hold together and here’s my finished rap it took seven
bouquet of roses to make in about half an hour and now I’m going to place it to
the side because I’m going to get started with my top floral arrangement
now I’m going to glue the floral foam inside the bowl my first roll of roses
are going to be about four inches long and I’m going to believe in the leads on
and I like to start by placing a flower on each side first and then I work my
way in for the second row I’m slightly pushing
in the roses a little bit in about half an inch now you can you know nip and tuck a
little bit you some need to be pulled out or pushed in go ahead and do that
and here it is now I’m going to place the roast wrap around the base I’m going
to start by gluing the wrap right here on the side and this is going to be a
loose wrap it’s not going to be tight you know when you do it over and over
it’s going to be pretty loose and then I’m going to go low instead of wrapping this whole thing
around to the bottom I’m just going to let it flow all the way to the table and
I’m most likely going to add a little more roses okay guys this is it this is
my elegant rose wedding centerpiece and I absolutely love it I am in love with
this wrap I ended up expanding the wrap a little bit hopefully this is going to
be long enough to hang a little bit off the table if not I’m going to add a
little more there’s no need to add tool to the extension because it’s not going
to be hanging you know on the vase you can just glue the roses to each other
and extend it as you go or as long as you will like and I added hanging
crystals to the arrangement to polish the look love it I hope you guys enjoy
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