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marriage is a mystery and it’s also
a miracle it’s a mysterious miracle of the grace of God’s love in our lives
today God did a miracle and we who are here today to celebrate it with you saw
that miracle won and won the game won a Jay not only if you have fully life but
you have a new family and you have a new daughter Addie true love is your souls recognition of
its counterpart in another AJ and Brooke you have such a love for life and it is
my distinct privilege to be a part of it I’m so happy for you that you have
finally found a beautiful wife to share that love with for the rest of your life
Brooke you truly were worth the wait Brook I can’t believe how lucky I am to
found some that loves me as unconditionally as you the love I knew
and had to give me made me realize what was the best thing that life had to
offer and the love I will give you both is everything I have you helped me
become a better person boyfriend fiance and now in just a matter of minutes
husband the problems spent every second every day for the rest of my life
telling you how much and showing you how much I love you I love you so much
beautiful now let’s get this life together started as husband wife mother
and father for well I know it’s a complicated blessing
beginning life as a family and not just a couple I hope you know that there is
no one on this earth more suited for the journey I have had the privilege of
watching you become a father you chose to be a badge and a dichos to let you be
her dad today I promise to be your best friend to share your dreams to honor
your family and to build our own to take chances and learn new things with you I
promise to laugh at you and sometimes with you I promise to learn from my
mistakes and to hold you in tighter when you make yours I love you so much I do I
love you in a way that requires nothing from you in a way you could never earn
more of or lose through every moment until my last breath I am my closest friend and one of my favorite
people in the world I’m so happy that Brooks has found a partner as amazing as
she is and I know that with AJ by her side she is going to accomplish many
things and I cannot wait to see oK you’ve helped shape Who I am today
you give me countless advice over the years whether it was through your words
or watching you take steps to show me this path to take
I know there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for me but I do I know you’ll be a great
husband and father the same way you are great brother
and today I’m happy for you though a long time comes to 15 yo se double never
went back time to just take everything that I had to my feet went numb feeling
like a fool on the run ha still beat him but it’s not working like a million
dollar bonus killing we witness today working today have become husband and
wife and they will begin their lifelong journey together
however that is not the only significant bond that has been formed today as of
this afternoon they have not only become man and wife
but also a family we stopped you’re fake now never went back onto its
day that Bowlby win but if not working haha again yeah we it’s a great honor for me to be here to
be able to give this speech let me start by saying what an amazing day this has
been and I’d start by saying big thank you to
AJ family and to Brooks family for putting on such a great event it’s been
a wonderful day America is known I was known so that the
only a little wise now must tell me again you

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