Ej and Janine Same Day Edit – Buhi, Camarines Sur , Bicol Wedding | Peach Frost Studio

it all started on 2012 when I first saw you on Centro Escolar grounds and it also started on 2015 when you said you loved me too and it also starts now 2016 when you said yes to my vows EJ it is clear to me now that everything in my life has led me to you because if I have done one thing differently I might never have met you and become your wife what I’m promising you is that I’ll make sure that there’s no end in all of our starts I’ll just speak in Tagalog, I’m out of English words So you all feel what I’m saying first I want to congratulate you for being a prisoner, you beat me to it but I pity you because you what you’ve entered is a lifetime commitment, it’s sad you can only go home to one lady, just joking Janine said that EJ is her male version it’s so good to hear, and it’s so happy because you have known the person who is compatible with you, right? when I met Janine I know that EJ is in good hands that you will help each other grow, that’s what I love about your relationship EJ changed a lot when he met Janine he used to shower once a week only only once a week and he shaves once a month because he doesn’t need to impress some lady hi love, this will be my last gift for you as your boyfriend because one hour from this moment we will exchange vows vows that will unite us completely in the eyes of the people, especially in the eyes of God whatever gift I give you will it remind you that there will always be a loving husband by your side I love you so much, EJ To EJ good morning my love I can’t wait to see you and tell the world how much I love you this is it, my love see you later I love you so much Janine, cool you are my family we are married before this day and will always be I love you so much Janine and I proved myself that you love me when you tell me that I’m so handsome because that thing can only be said by my mother who loves me so much you are my love and my guide a true partner a man that I will love hold close honor, kiss, and cry with for all the days of my life i love you so much my love

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