Eisenhower Christmas decorations

[music – Home for the Holidays] [door opens] [door opens] Welcome to the Eisenhower National
Historic Site. Every year for the holidays we decorate just like the
Eisenhower’s would have. For Mamie Eisenhower Christmas was a very
important time of year and she showed her love for the holidays through her
festive decorations. She put out poinsettias greenery and of course her
beloved Christmas tree. While the majority of our holiday
decorations are reproductions we are fortunate enough to have several of the
Eisenhower’s original holiday pieces. In the Eisenhower living room sitting on
their record player is a father Christmas that they displayed during the
holidays. In the Eisenhower sun porch sitting on their television a ceramic
Christmas box made by Susan Eisenhower their granddaughter when she was in
elementary school wishes a Merry Christmas to All. Mamie’s love of the holidays was
reflected in her guestbook where she made certain that all of her holiday
visitors left a little memento by signing their name especially her
grandchildren. In the Eisenhower’s entranceway sitting on their curio
cabinet a festive shadow box shows a Merry Christmas for the Eisenhowers.
Presents for all the family members are under the tree. Ike’s got a set of golf
clubs. Mamie has packages from Tiffany’s
and there are presents for the three oldest grand children David, Ann, and Susan. After opening presents in the living
room the Eisenhower’s retire to their dining
room for their holiday meal. Ike would sit at the head of the table with Mamie
at the far end and their friends and family in between. Decorating the table with some of
Mamie’s favorite holiday china showing festive Christmas trees. Tied at the
corners of the table are bunches of candy canes showing her holiday spirit.


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