Easter Eggs Pendant Decoration DIY Ideas

Paint shapes KL300 or KL301 with acrylic paint C0200. Cut the images out of the rice paper 21460 and 21461. Shop online www.aistcraft.com Glue the images onto the shapes with glue Cplus. Apply gloss acrylic varnish KADL1. Stick the self-adhesive metal strip C001S onto the borders of the shape. Stick the self-adhesive metal strip G001S onto the borders of the shapes. Apply a Glitter Glue White KON001 onto the shapes. Apply Contour Liner Kad18 or Kad11 around the holes of the shapes. Dry it. Mix 12 ml of component A and 7 ml of component B of the Epoxy Resin 0C100. Mix well and leave for 30 minutes in a jar so that the resin thickens a little. Pour out Epoxy resin onto the shapes. Dry it 24-48 hours. Stick Adhesive rhinestone Per6283. Add Coloured feathers rainbow 0132. Thank You!


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