Dr. Barbie will See You Now – Part 8 Fairy Tale Wedding Descendants Disney

Disney Doll Story
Dr. Barbie will see you now. Hello. I’m Dr. Barbie. I’m the resident psychologist
of the Enchanted Forest and all of the nearby kingdoms.
Evil Queen is your patient? Yes, she suffers from a classic antisocial
personality disorder. What most people consider someone a villain, we like to think they are
simply crazy. Crazy? Is that a medical terminology?
No. Insanity is the word. Jane: Seriously, I’m not crazy. I don’t need
a therapy. Denial is the first step to recovery. Tell
me everything. I’ll psychoanalyze you. Well…it’s hard being a fairy in the 21st
century. I mean my mom just had to be turn a pumpkin into a carriage. Did you finish the fairy tale book for Ben
and Mal’s wedding? Yes, the shortest fairy tale ever.
Once upon a time, Ben met Mal and they liked each other so they got married. The end. Jane,
this is not a fairy tale. Mom, you can’t reject my work. I thought you
loved me. No, this story isn’t magical enough. We need
something more. Like how I turned a pumpkin into a horse carriage. So then one thing led to another. Ben cheats
on Mal. I lock him up in a dungeon. Mom still didn’t like it. Ben flies out in a magic carpet.
He rescues Mal from evil Maleficent, but Mal falls off the carpet. Mom still didn’t like
it. Oh and there is a feud between the in-laws. They shoot at each other, apocalypse. Kaboom.
Yeah, I blew up the planet. Yep, that was me.
Interesting. She also suffers from God complex. Jane, what are you doing? Causing apocalypse.
Ummmm….well…one thing led to another. But apocalypse. This is not what fairies do.
Maybe evil fairies cause apocalypse. Not the good ones. I think you need to see a psychologist. So I ended up here on your sofa.
Interesting. The patient has a sense a deeply repressed relationship with her mother. We are doomed. Dr. Barbie figured it out.
She thinks we are crazy. What? How does she know we are crazy?
Sadness, stop touching those marbles. Jane is losing her marbles.
Oh sorry. So how’s my fairy tale wedding coming along.
Not good. Not good. Ben, you are unlike any other prince. Your life is too ordinary. It’s
not me. It’s you. I need a better client. Oh, what can I do to make my life more interesting?
Go slay a dragon or something. Go kiss a damsel in distress.
I can’t. Dragon would mean my mother-in-law, Maleficent. I can’t go slay my mother in law. Dr. Barbie, your next appointment is here,
Maleficent. Maleficent is your patient too?
Yes, a great deal of villains need psychotherapy. Jane, how about same time next week?
Do you have a patient who isn’t a villain? I can’t say. Doctor patient confidentiality.
But, Jane, I think we made a great progress today. Sometimes a story is just a story. So I heard you are tasked with setting up
a fairy tale wedding for Mal and Ben. Well, I’m sorry, but I’m resigning myself.
As a matter of fact, I don’t think I ever want to practice magic ever again.
That’s too bad. One bad experience and you give up.
It’s not one bad experience. It was an apocalypse. I’m scared I’ll turn into a villain.
I still believe in you. Let’s try again. Ok. Stand back. Cross your fingers. Bippidy
Boppidy Boo. I, Ben, take Mal as my wife.
I, Mal, take Ben as my husband. I now pronounce you husband and wife. I’m impressed, Jane. Did you ever finish that
book? No. Here, I’m going to keep the book blank.
blank pages? Yes, exactly. It’s my gift to Mal and Ben.
I think a blank book is better than a finished fairy tale. I hope they start their new life
with a clean slate. Nothing like starting a life with a blank page, don’t you think?
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