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standing sequence do you think daddy’s going to transfer our memories into the
robot so he can replace us we don’t have much time please don’t turn us into
robots daddy but that’s right you don’t know you’ve always been robots
we’ve never been real girls we’re robots I don’t see how that’s
possible you guys better sit down for this I always knew we were gonna have this
conversation one day if we were really robots wouldn’t we know it we eat we
sleep we even get sick that’s all stuff that robots don’t do well you two are
very special robots after the doctor told your mother and I that we couldn’t
have kids we decided to have our own custom made but there’s no such thing as
realistic robots yeah we would have heard about it in the news or something
there’s more robots out there than you’d think a lot of parents have had to make
this same decision but we even look like you and mommy we have to be related that was all planned out in the design phase you know when you get those growth
spurts those are just upgrades we’re just going to do another upgrade well
wouldn’t we have remembered that he’s probably gonna say that they erased our
memories with each upgrade so why are you telling us now well I wasn’t going
to but you guys found out too much so I figured I owed you an explanation but I
don’t feel like a robot and I don’t want to be upgraded you can’t make me do it
actually I can make you with this remote I have full control of you so you’re
just gonna shut us down only if you make me I prefer to solve
these problems naturally you two just stay in here and I’ll get the new models
ready he’s gone let’s go out the back door it’s not opening
look Jillian the keys missing he must have locked it let’s try the other door this one’s locked too
come on do you really think we’re robots Jillian
no I don’t but we could just be programmed to think we’re human it just
doesn’t make sense robots don’t get hurt and they don’t get
B’s on their report card that could just be a way to make us blend into
society so we’re just supposed to sit here and wait until we’re upgraded wait
a minute daddy don’t you have your phone oh yeah
I’ll just call up the pollys and be like hey my dad says we’re robots and he’s
gonna upgrade us that’ll get a good laugh down at the station well we don’t
have to give them all the details we could just say that we’re in danger well
I guess that wouldn’t be lying the phones ringing well go answer it it could be mommy hello who is it it’s daddy
he’s not making any sense daddy put him on speakerphone hold on a minute I’m
gonna put you on speakerphone girls where are you are you guys okay daddy
you just talked to us a minute ago oh no that wasn’t me that’s a robot that looks
just like me so that daddy’s a robot too why didn’t
you tell us we were robots daddy what no you’re not robots there’s robots of you
but you two are real but the robot that looks like you told us we were robots no
he’s lying you can’t believe what he says so where are you anyway I’m locked
in the pool house the robot that looks like me tried me up and blocked me in
there last night I was only just now able to get the rest off and call you
yeah we’re locked in our own room now he says he’s going to upgrade us and I
think that means he really is gonna replace us with robots I don’t have time
to explain everything right now you need to find a way to shut down the robots
well what did we do just dumped a bucket of water over his head ooh we could
short him out with a jolt of electricity that sounds too dangerous and besides
he’s waterproof anyway there’s a shutoff switch on his back so we just flip the
switch do you think he’s gonna let us do that it’s not as simple as that you need
to press it in a pattern like Beethoven’s Fifth symphony what oh you
mean like duh duh duh duh that’s right Jillian press it three times short and
once long that’ll shut him down and he’s just gonna stand there and let us
do this I don’t think so yeah don’t you have a remote control for him or
something I did at one time but he destroyed it this is the only way
daddy we need to hang up I hear him coming be careful good luck all right
the new units are almost ready why are you doing this anyway well unfortunately
your parts just wear out after a while you just need replaced no I mean why are
you doing this well let’s face it humans are obsolete we’ve made a real mess of
this place only robots are going to be able to make those tough decisions to
save this world there’s more and more units get replaced they’ll be less and
less humans more and more robots and I think you’ll see a lot of those problems
going away but what’s the point of saving the planet if there’s no humans
left to enjoy it if we don’t get rid of the humans first there won’t be a planet
when you upgrade us can you make it so we don’t remember any of this I’d prefer
not to know yeah I’m worried well I still remember that you’re my daddy
don’t worry about that everything will be fine just trust in me ok but I want
one last hug in case anything goes wrong that’s fine did it work I think it worked
get away from him Addie come on we better go save the real daddy oh thank goodness girls are you alright
we’re okay and we took care of that robot too
yeah I tricked him with a hug oh thank goodness you guys didn’t get hurt daddy
where did the robots come from anyway I ordered them from overseas I thought it
would save us time I guess I was wrong is mommy a robot no I have an ordered
one for her yet but the two robot models that look like you where are they they
were in the box in the basement but then the Box disappeared we think the daddy
robot must have hidden them we have to find him and shut him down now come on now you to stay up here I’m going
downstairs oh no you’re not leaving us alone anymore
yeah daddy we’d really rather go with you we’d better take this suit
yourselves I thought you guys said the box was gone
it was gone this must be another one of the robots tricks be careful daddy it’s empty the robots are gone they must
be somewhere in the house wait a minute where was the robot that looked like me
when you shut it down he’s up in our room on the floor yeah he didn’t look so
good we better get up there now Jillian look where is he you said he was
on your floor not anymore he isn’t the two girl robots
must have reactivated him wait is that a note did you guys write that I think we
know who wrote that daddy Oh No so that was don’t look in the box part
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