DIY Wedding Makeup

DIY WEDDING MAKEUP Like Kate Middleton, many brides are choosing
to do their own makeup for their wedding day. For those on a budget, it can be cost effective,
with one less expense included in the wedding fund. For others, it may be that your left
with no other choice, as many brides who plan a destination wedding simply cannot locate
anyone to glam them for the big day. As a bride myself back in 2009, I was faced
with that exact choice- a destination wedding with no makeup artist in sight. I had no other
option but to do it myself. I’m sharing with you today some essential
tips and tricks I’ve taken from that experience. Let’s get started. * Prime: Priming the skin with a lightweight
foundation primer. The eyes should also be primed to prevent any creasing and wear. * Create a flawless canvas: By mimicking an
?airbrushed? effect with a brush and using an HD foundation, contouring the face, and
concealing/highlighting certain areas of the face. * Get a glow: Adding a
cream highlighter to the cheekbone area, down
the bridge of nose and above the cupids bow. * Choosing the right colors: Apply soft, neutral
shades to the eye, liner and light lash application. For lip, discussing the appropriate shades. * Make it last: Specific tricks include applying
your lipstick, powdering the lips and reapplying, Adding a coat of sealant to your lashes, spritzing
the face and re-powdering for a long lasting foundation. With these essential tricks, you’ll be a flawless
bride. Congratulations and good luck! I’m Christina Marrale for,
see you next time!

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