DIY Wedding Flowers

Hey and welcome back to another Wedding Tip Wednesday. Today’s question is: Q: I’m looking to save some costs on my
wedding and I’m thinking I could probably take care of my own floral arrangements. If
I were to go out and buy some wholesale flowers before my wedding day, do you have any tips
or advice for putting together my own floral centrepieces? A: So now before you decide to go ahead and
put together your own arrangements there’s a couple of things you should do first. Starting with research. Go and check out some wholesale flower prices to get a sense of what you’d
expect to pay if you do go this route. If budget is your main concern you could take this price
back to a florist or two, and see if they could work within a similar price range. Usually
there’s things that they can do to keep your costs down, like choosing cheaper blooms,
or flowers that are in season, and keeping your arrangements to a reasonable size. You shouldn’t
feel like you need to order extravagant arrangements from your florist, simple groupings can be
elegant and sweet. The second thing you should do, is consider
is whether you could instead go with a non-floral option for your centrepiece. Perhaps this
is a group of candles, a small tower of cupcakes or some potted plants or herbs. There’s
lots of options other than flowers for this, some of which could even double as your wedding take- home gifts for your guests – so that’s a great budget saving option! But If you still really want to go the DIY flower
option then just make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get these ready for the
wedding day. If you have somewhere cool you can store them I highly recommend putting
these together the day before the wedding. Ensure you have plenty of hands available
to help you out and you should also consider having a practice run with your helpers in advance
so you don’t find yourself stressed out if you can’t get the arrangement quite right
when the time comes. The less pressure you can put on yourself
leading up to the wedding day the better, so just be sure to explore all of the options
available before you make up your mind.

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