DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas | Dollar Tree DIY Wedding Centerpiece

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about today’s project it’s a wedding special for all of my rights on the
budget but for anyone who wants to throw a glam party or a glam event on a budget
also stay till the very end of this video for an amazing giveaway this
morning I decided you know what it was in my heart to donate my wedding gown so
if you or anyone you know meets a wedding gown for your upcoming wedding
stay till the very end and I will give you details about this giveaway alright
let’s get started here we go you so I’m going ahead and painting my vases
metallic silver I originally wanted the finish to be a glass finish like a
mirror like paint but that didn’t work I’m not sure if it was because the vases
I already had a color this one was pink and yellow etc so it getting worked it
kind of looks sloppy after a while because I could sprain over and over to
get that effect it just wasn’t working so it probably works better if it was
clear so but I’m using this metallic silver spray paint and you were
beautifully I love the way it turned out so now I’m going to glue this faces
together to make a tall arrangement I’m using Gorilla Glue I’m going to apply some pressure and let
it set for 30 minutes back for my tall candle holders I’m going to use these
two faces into standard candle holders and I’m going to blow them together
messed up and taking this to crop would help oh maybe not see there so I let the vases and candle holders
dry I’m going to move on to Chargers yes I’m making Chargers of a pizza pan and
clear gemstones so basically I’m just going to glue the stones all around the
edge of the pizza pan with my hot glue gun I wouldn’t put down more than three
four four gems at a time because the glue dries pretty quickly and you want
to push the gem down into the glue so the glue will smooth down underneath it and this is really quickly it really
goes pretty quickly it’s not very time consuming I think you can pretty much
fill this whole thing with in five minutes or less it’s just really quick
just be very careful not to burn yourself going too fast and here it is beautiful it takes about
half a bag of gems to complete a pan and by the way I did spray a little silver
metallic spray paint on it for a little shimmer you really didn’t make the
difference but to me mentally it did so it’s totally up to you if you want to do
that now that my bases are dry I’m going to glue them to this plate as a base for
more support and then I’m going to let it sit for half an hour alright so this
is what we have so far now it’s time to attach the flowers here and to do that
I’m going to use this round candle holder I’m only going to hot glue this
to the top of here because I want to use this for something else later on but for
the time being I’m going to have you this two debates here and then place
this on top but if you want something more permanent go ahead and use your
gorilla glue when I first got the flowers the leaves
were all the way to the bottom I like to push them all the way to the top where
you can see them because to me he looks more natural this way make sure not to
cut the stems too long cut them about one or two inches long two inches long
and that should be enough so it won’t conflict with all the other steps right
here in the middle now I’m going to transform my living
room into a fancy venue you here’s the finished product and I
absolutely love it it’s elegant sophisticated and all from Dollar Tree
from the flowers to the vase to the candle holders cups plates chargers
votive candles and table number all from the Dollar Tree and this table I would
say it somewhere between 25 to 30 dollars give or take but absolutely
gorgeous now for the giveaway I am giving away my wedding out or I’m
donating my wedding gown to anyone who may need it if you need a wedding on if
you know someone who needs a wedding gown make sure to like this video leave
me a message in the comments below with a hashtag my wedding project and your
wedding date and please share this video to anyone who may need a wedding gown
further way you


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