DIY Scary face in a jar, Halloween decoration

hi everybody I hope you enjoyed my
Halloween haul if you haven’t seen that video go ahead and watch that now it’s
before this one and today I want to show you how to make a spooky face in the jar
and you’ve probably seen these around they came out a couple of years ago but
if not I’m gonna show you a really easy fast cheap way to make them like within
8 to 10 minutes you can make them there’s different ways to make them but
I’m gonna show you this way and I will explain other ways so come on with me
and I’m going to show you how to make your own okay so it’s really easy how
you’re gonna make this creepy face in a jar now it’s going to look like this now
you can use any jar what I used was an old candle jar from last fall and I
brought it all the way down and then I had to soak really hot boiling water and
they’re not too boiling but hot enough this glass can take it and these are
pretty these are really nice for candles I think I got this at Michael’s actually
they have nice harvest ones which remind me I have to pick one of them up
in a couple of weeks anyway but they’re really nice and pumpkin smelling and
harvest and foliage they have all different kinds but anyway what I did
was I burnt this all the way down and then I cleaned it hot water a sharp
scissor or knife that’s sturdy not too bendable but I used scissors and you
just go in there and pick it out now you don’t have to use one of these but you
might already have these I don’t feel like me and like to save them
but if not you can use any jar and if you don’t want to use a jar that you
made sawsan you can go to a craft store and they have a lot of those jars that
are already right there for you to buy they’re empty they’re clean so you don’t
have to clean it and scrape wax off so you can use one of them but anyway I
figured you already have this in your home it’s
not going to cost you anything you already bought it so once you get it all
good and clean once you have it as clean as you’re ever gonna get it just get
some glossy photo paper and your printer and put it in there and then you’re
going to Google on what you do is just go to Google and Google scary jar faces
or spooky jar faces or halloween jar faces and go to the click the images and
then go through the images to see because it’s going to have the side of
it too so that’s what the back is gonna look like because it’s not gonna go all
the way around and you’re gonna get it 8 by 10 but you’re going to have to cut
the excess paper and then all you do is you stick it in here once you print it
out and make sure it’s nice now you can put a light inside there but it’s going
to be a pain because if you wanted to decorate this for instance you could do
candle dripping like you get a red candle to make it look gold bloody and
then just hold the candle and let it drip all around the top and on the sides
so you don’t want to have to open this in room that you can put glue get your
glue gun and glue spiders and creepy things on it to make it look old creepy
that’s why I suggest you don’t put anything in it but you can do it that
way but the other thing is you can get these round lights now if you can find a
black one that’s good but if you can’t and you only can find the orange ones
and see this is the light if you could see it changes colors so all I do is I
rest the jar on top of there and I have the lights going and as you saw with the
lights how that’s going to look in the dark now if you wanted it black and not
orange you can get a black ribbon and glue gun just this cuz you
gonna see the top or black tape I would recommend painting it because it’s
plastic you’d have to like really sand it up but you might be able to find a
black one if not like I said you can get them in purple or whatever and they’re
just LED lights you can get anywhere at Party City probably I know they have
smaller ones at Lowe’s but you can get these at Party City at the grocery store
I got this one at Party City I got this one in my local Wegmans whatever grocery
store you have by you you can check them but they don’t have them out now and I
checked Party City for more this is also what I use in the culture for my lighted
cauldron where I put one of these underneath some green spider webs and I
you know spread the spider webs look like it’s bubbling over the cauldron and
that’s how I do that so remember you can check out the video of the bubbling
cauldron I did that like two years ago it’s in my it’s in this playlist in the
DIY crest playlist somewhere I might do an updated version so another option for
this is if you didn’t want to always have it like this and afraid that this
is gonna slide off since where you put the batteries it’s usually three Triple
A batteries and the on/off switch is on the bottom you can get your glue gun and
just put the glue around here and glue it and so now it becomes one item this
way if you did want to open the jar you can or if you seal the jar with dripping
blood slime or glue gun a bunch of stuff on it and you don’t have to keep opening
the lid you don’t have to worry about it because to turn it off and on everything
is on the bottom and when you need to change batteries it’s on the bottom this
is the easiest method so all you’re going to do is look for creepy jar faces
or halloween jar faces are scary jar faces in the google and you’ll get a few
faces now what my husband did was for me i did it and he didn’t like it so he
liked it but he said let’s make it more noticeable because otherwise when
you put the lighting on it you don’t see it
he went into your paint you know on your computer the any kind of photo editing
and changed the you and so he added red now you can make this more green or red
if you don’t know how to do that you can leave a comment ask me a question I’ll
explain or I’ll show you an editorial on the computer but it’s pretty easy you
just go into your paint tools every computer usually has that for any photo
editor where you can mess around with the contrast in the you hu e of things
and you can either get a bright red contrast or a green or purple so he
messed around and I like the red so I said let’s go with that
and then that’s what I’m gonna do now you have some where you could add food
coloring and liquid and all that other stuff but this is really easy you just
need a jar you just need to make sure you have a printer glossy photo paper
and you Google jar faces scary jar faces halloween jar faces monster jar faces
whatever pulls up and you’ll see a few different faces you’ll probably see this
face and it’s more all grey and then you just stick it the picture in tools or
contrast you know with the different you change the you to the you that you want
whether it’s red green purple then you get it the way you want print it out cut
it you know make 8 by 10 on your photo glossy paper cut the excess and then
just stick it in there and make sure it’s smooth all the way around get one
of these lights whether you want orange or purple and I suggest you glue gun it
get a glue gun and go around the edges not on the light source and glue it glue
jar down because this way is one piece and you have it and that’s it and I’m
gonna lower this there we go that’s better so that’s all
you do let me see and I’ll put it on again for you I’m gonna shut the lights
off wait unplug my delight and we’re gonna put it I’m gonna make it all
creepy for you luckily it’s a cloudy rainy day
well not rainy yet and I have to go out in the snow and that’s what it’s gonna
look like huh so you would glue gun it but make sure because you see how it’s
sitting there’s still a little more so where are you going to put your glue
you’ll just make sure where your jar sits and how wide your jar is like I
said you could drop stuff inside but then you’re not gonna be able to
decorate the top and you could drip up a red candle so it looks like blood
dripping down you just be careful put some wax paper or a tin foil underneath
while you’re dripping the blood and then I would glue the it to the light after
you’re done with that so it gives it a gooey effect you can glue little spiders
or a hand like over here or whatever you want with spiderwebs and that’s going to
be the effect now another way to do this is you can print your own face you use
your own face on the scanner you take the scanner and while the
scanner is going you go from the left side layer head down to the left side
and then gradually turn it around close your eyes to the front of your face it’s
gonna be all smushed and then slowly turn it to the left side of your face
and then it’ll print out and you’ll be all smushed and you’ll get all three
sides of you and and you can do the same thing you print
it out you cut it and you stick it in there or you can scan it to your
computer and then you could do the same thing go to a photo editor and give
yourself a monster face with veins and skin and and then you can print it out
and then cut it and do the same thing so two different ways and that’s the
monster face in the jar it’s easy fast affordable you probably have most of
these stuff in your house anyway you probably have a jar you probably have
some of these lights from Halloween you probably have a glue gun so you can glue
it and like I said if you’re going to glue gun this keep in mind where the jar
meets see there’s a little play so if you put it on the outer edge then it
won’t even go on there so just you know but you don’t have to it’s just an
option and like I said if you can’t find a black one you don’t want to use orange
you can put a ribbon glue gun a ribbon a black wide ribbon or some black tape
just around the edge you know no need to do this part no need to do the bottom
and that’s it so that is your spooky face in a jar that’s lit up so I hope
you enjoyed that let me know in the comments if you’ve done this before or
if you’re going to try it or if you’ve tried it
and and so have fun and get crafting and get
ready for Halloween

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