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hey guys welcome back to my channel and
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home holiday event wedding and DIY decor today I’m gonna
show you how to make a Prosecco bar Ross a bar or a bubbly bar that you can use
for your next celebration here we go this project has been on my wish list
for a very long time and recently I finally figured out a way to make it
affordable and very very easy to make which is the Taira factor it has to have
all you see in a portable ICJ’s know you can make this bar a Prosecco bar a rose
a bar and most of our or a bubbly bar if you want to make it a little more
Channel and will definitely give your event in wow factor all right guys let’s
get started with the video all right guys I’m just going to go ahead and jump
right into it for this project you are going to need all the pieces that you
see there you are going to need a back panel and this is going to be 6 feet by
two-and-a-half feet and then your side pieces here are 6 feet by 4 inches and
then the top and bottom are 2 and a half by 4 inches and then you’re also going
to need a base and the base is 38 inches by 11 this was was already pre-cut so I
bought it that way this one was a big panel and I had the nice guys at Home
Depot cut it for me and just like a piece of furniture that you will order
online he usually arrives to your home with
holes that are pre-made from the factory so that’s exactly what we’re going to do
we are going to drill holes all around all the pieces so that we can then screw
the screws screw the screws place the screws right in there to put these
pieces together I am going to use wood screws and they are one and a half
inches I am going to be placing six on the left six on the right three on the
top and three at the bottom and I’m not sure yet how many I’m going to use for
the base I’ll let you know a little later the very first pieces I’m going to
be screwing to my main panel are going to be these side pieces which are 6 feet
tall and I’m going to be using 6 screws as I said earlier which means that I’m
going to be placing them beat-up heart so I’m going to go ahead
and mark them first also keep in mind that this piece of wood is only half an
inch so you have to mark and place your screw right in between the half an inch
so that’s happening right here okay so in between that is where your should be
I am going to suggest that you guys have help for this project because you are
definitely going to need it my husband is here to help me out okay guys so we
ended up marking the side of the main panel as well so we can drill our holes
and in order for me to get everything accurate I decided to use the
measurements of the holes I made from the side piece instead of the measuring
tape because I didn’t want to be off but you can do it either way alright so
we’re going to go ahead and start drilling the holes and we are going to
be using one and a half inch screws and we are using a 1/8 drill bit okay guys so as you guys just saw we
drilled the left and right side of the panel now we’re going to drill the holes
at the top and bottom and down here we are going to place three screws and
because we don’t want these screws on this side here to conflict with the one
down here we are going to bring the hole down two and a half inches on both sides for the side pieces you are going to
have to drill the hole all the way through so now that the holes have been
drilled on the main panel these side pieces and the top and bottom pieces
it’s time to get everything assembled alright guys so here is the deal and you
know what that means when I say that I miscalculated something so here’s what
happened now that I try to place this one right on top it’s a little too short
because I didn’t take into consideration the half an inch from each side would
and yeah so basically I’m an inch off all right so no worries at least I’m the
one messing up so you don’t have to mess up so I have plenty of wood left because
I bought a big panel so what I’m going to do is run to Home Depot get it cut
and just place the 31 inch instead of 30 right on here okay guys so here is the
new piece it is 31 inches and it goes on here perfectly
now that the holes are drill I’m going to use the same piece to help me make
the holes on the base so now that it is Center we are just going to go ahead and
drill the holes right through these first wood so it can be just precise I’m also going to be drilling a hole
right here in the corner because that’s where this is going to go okay I am NOT
going to place it on here because I have a screw here but I am going to place it
on here so you can secure it now I’m going to use 3-inch flathead wood screws
to screw together the base and the bottom piece all right time of truth
let’s see now I’m gonna go ahead and use primer and paint ting gloss white and
yes guys we are outside my husband had to work today so I wasn’t able to get
the bar upstairs because he’s pretty heavy not that heavy but not you know
light enough for me to bring it upstairs by myself so we shall continue now I’m
going to be using a vinyl Prosecco decal mine is just taped up for now but you
can get yours from Etsy or you can make it if you have a cricket or you can get
what letters from Walmart Michaels Hobby Lobby from wherever you can get wood
letters and it will look that’s nice next I’m going to be using white vinyl
cup hooks they are two and a quarter inches and they look something like this
out of the box this is what’s going to hold your champagne glass okay
so what I’m going to do is drill holes I’ll give you the measurements in a bit
okay I’m going to drill holes and then I’m going to screw them in alright let’s
do it I start going to move on to the measurement
and here’s how I’m going to do it I want to place the tip or the top of each
glass at the 1 foot mark all the way down it’s set for the very top at the
very top your first foot okay I am going to place whatever sign I’m going to
place on there Prosecco rose a mimosa bubbly whatever you want to place on
there right in the middle of your first foot okay and then after that the tip of
your first glass you start up the 1 foot mark let me give you a sample you should
go somewhere around there that’s your one foot mark right there and then you
are going to place your hook okay that’s 16 and 1/2 that’s 16 and 1/2 from
the edge to the hook it’s going to be 3 and 1/2 so that’s how you’re going to
place the very first one and then you have to figure out how you know what’s
the distance you want in between totally up to you I still got to figure it out
myself because this is the first time I’m making this bar okay so we’ll give
you that in a second alright guys so after racking my brain for about an hour
or probably more I did this at the ends first because I wanted to make sure that
I had the same distance in each corner which is three and a half ok that’s
where you are going to place your hook three and a half in okay on each side so
in between is what I was trying to figure out and I was upstairs four cups
and measuring tape and all these things and oh my goodness it gave me a headache
anyway so according to my calculations I have to place each hook between four and
a half and four and three quarters I have no idea what that number is a
little stick in between those two so that’s where the hook should go alright
I’m gonna go ahead and start placing them I don’t know guys I think it is straight
oh my gosh very excited alrighty birdie alright so
for the other hooks I am going to mark or each foot is alright guys so this is
at 40 hooks now all I have to do is apply the decal oh my gosh I just
realized that’s bear poop right there sorry about that okay guys this is a
this is my Prosecco bar and he turned out amazing told you that I see what’s
going to be very easy I mean besides the measurements trying to figure that out
all you have to do is just get the pieces make some holes room together and
screw the cup holders and that’s pretty much it and you have a beautiful circle
bar mimosa bar rosae bar or you can even have a tea party and place tea cups on
it oh my gosh I just thought about it I am excited a couple of things that I
will do different will be that I will not spray paint it I will use a can of
regular paint because it took me about 6 cans to spray-paint the entire thing
know but other than that I love it I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if
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guys until next time


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