DIY Plastic bottle butterfly, spring decoration (ENG Subtitles) – Speed up #118

Hi. Today I will show you
how to make butterflies made from plastic bottle. We need: …butterfly template (link in the description)… …plastic bottle… …black marker… …scissors… …nail polishes… …thin wire… …beads… …and glue gun. Cut a piece of plastic from the plastic bottle. Put the butterfly template under plastic piece.
Redraw the butterfly on it. Paint the butterfly by using nail polishes.
Let it dry. Cut the butterfly from plastic.
Don’t separate the wings. Improve the butterfly contours by using marker. Cut a piece of wire (about 20 cm lengh). Make a loop at the end. Put a few beads on the wire. Secure it by making loop. Fold the rest of wire in a half. Tie the end of wire to the loop. Cut the rest of wire in a half.
And now we have butterfly antennae. Put the beads on the center of wires.
Fold the wires in a half. Twist them (separately). Smear the glue between the wings
Glue the rest of butterfly to the wings. Improve the shape of antennae. And it’s done. This butterfly is a great decoration for bouquets. You can glue safety-pin to it and it will become
a nice looking decoration for curtains. You can glue the magnet to it and it will become
a cool decoration for a fridge. Please give a like to this video
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