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home holiday event wedding and DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make a
pickup themed wedding centerpiece and setup here we go today I’m going to be working with
peacock feathers aren’t they’re beautiful they’re really really
beautiful they’re really tall Tucson you’re so nice
these were donated to me about two years ago after designing and setting up a
birthday party and I’m in love with that I’ve been sitting there and they’ve been
calling my name tyro do something with me and today’s
today all right guys let’s get started the first thing I’m going to do is put
my face together and my base is going to consist up of
two of these beautiful cups from Dollar Tree I don’t think every time I look at
these they look like beer cups I’m not sure cuz I’m gonna drink beer I’m a wino
so yeah so I think it’s our two beer cups and I’m going to use four of these
tea light candle holders this comes two in a pack so I’m gonna meet four of
these and then I’m going to use a small round candle holder from Walmart okay
oh and I’m going to be using gorilla glue epoxy to glue these together
because these bonds in five minutes perfect alright so let me give you a
close-up okay so I’m going to turn one cook over and then I’m going to pour
some of the glue there’s two tubes so just press Pokemon and then you’re going
to mix it and it smells pretty bad it smells kind of toxic but I’m all for the
bonding in five minutes so I’m going to use it now I’m going to add little to
the inside part of the candle holder and I’m gonna place it right up top and then I’m going to glue another but
I’m going to add the glue to the back of the candle holder you’re gonna place it
right on top just Center it as best as possible then for the next one you are going to
add the glue to the inside and I want to place the last one and I’m
going to add little to the back of it ok so now I’m going to let it dry for about
half an hour its destiny takes only five minutes but I’m going to wait half an
hour before I place the last piece right on top so this feels very solid now now
I’m going to place the last piece which is my other cup I’m going to add the
glue right on top of here and here it is not going to let it sit
for another half an hour and then I’m gonna get started with the arrangement
before I start my arrangement I’m going to cut a bit of my floral foam I’m going
to cut it a little bit right here so I’m able to glue it flat to this round
candle holder so I’m going to start in the middle
first and then I’m going to work in the front and then in the back and I want
them to descend so the taller ones are going to be in the middle and then I’m
going to go down and descent with the length of the feather others so here is this side this is the right
side and everything is going towards the right and it’s tall and they descend to
the bottom and now I’m going to make the ones going to left and then you’re gonna
have to find feathers there are pointing towards the left I’m gonna place one of
the standing straight up right here now I’m going towards the left look at that so pretty already
alright so now I’m going to honey if you can see me never going to start with the
front and I’m going to descend or ascend same thing but I think I’m going to yeah
start from top to bottom this way and then this way okay if that makes any
sense alright I’m just going to show you so I’m done with my second layer now I’m
gonna go even lower the third layer is done so now what I’m going to do is work
on hiding the floor fall so I have a few smaller feathers here and I’m going to
place them on here okay so here’s the good part now I’m gonna have to do
something here so I can cover the floor fall which is not bad if you can see it
because it kind of blends in so that’s why it’s better if you get it in the
color green instead of the white but yeah I’m gonna go ahead and cover that
up I cut the top of a feather so I only have this little part here and it’s
difficult to push it in because this is very bendy this is not the bottom of the
feather this part is very hard so what you’re going to do is dig a hole with
one of these right here on the side and then you are going to place that in
there and then you’re gonna have to bend it and then you’re going to add some hot
glue to make it stand there let’s just do it
a little too big okay so place it in that hole which I lost where are you
there it is and then just push it back get the glue
I’m just gonna have to hold for a sec there you go and I’m gonna place another
one right here on this side I’m gonna do one more right here now you’re gonna have to trim these
right here in the front can I cut this very little piece here well this part is
big but he doesn’t have any of the feathers here it’s just basically the
head of it and I’m going to glue it onto here right here in the middle gonna add
one more feather right here to this spot so if you have any ball spots just go
ahead and just cut feathers to it and I’m gonna add one more right here and I
think that’s gonna be it for this side and here’s what we have so far this is
the front of my centerpiece or it could be the back it depends which one looks
better but this is my one side that I’m already done with now I’m going to work
on the back and in the back all you have to do is start from the second layer
third fourth and then the bottom no need to do another layer of the top so again
you’re only gonna do the second third fourth and bottom I’ll be right back
okay guys so here is my finished top here is my peacock this one is the back
or this side is the back and this is how it looks is amazing I love it now I’m
going to glue it to the top of my face so all I’m going to do is just add a
little bit of just make sure it is clean a little bit of hot glue not really
necessary you don’t really have to glue this on a lot of florists they actually
leave it off because it is soon they’ll just have a separate top and then the
base so I guess it’s easy to change that right ouch
but but I’m going to secure it and this one is really light the feathers are
really light so it doesn’t weight too much but I’m just gonna go right on top
just like that make sure that is Center I’m not sure if you can see it you’re
not also going to add oh my god I should have added the lighting before put it
right on top but I’m going to add lighting inside here ready between these
feathers I’m going to add some Lightning and this I got from Dollar Tree but
these are not the best quality they don’t seem to stay on like when I want
them to and these are brand new I just got a big packet and they just done okay
this one is working with me hey so I’m going to place one here and one here so
in three corners one in the middle and the other two on the spiral that I’m going to show you how it looks with
the lights off I stop right now I’m going to leave the face clear but if
you see it in the setup in a different color that means that I changed my mind
obviously because I don’t know until it’s only set up if I want to make
changes or not but right now I’m pleased with the clear and I think I’m going to
leave it as is we’ll see I hope you guys enjoyed this video please give it a
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subscribe also let me know what you thought of the peacock feathers I love
them I hope you love them too let me know in the comments below and I will
see you guys next time bye you


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