DIY Mirror decoration to your room! Tumblr inspired| + english sub

To create this you need: 2 mirrors, glue, mosaic and wood. Start with gluing the mirror into the wood. Then, just decorate how you want! You need to be patient for the result to be awesome. So, this is my result! Rich with colors right? The other side will be a little bit darker.. Now you need, paint color (black), and just paint it all over the wood. Then you are going too need an old CD, paint it black all over in as many layers as you want. Now skiss a mandala on your dry CD! Then carv out your skiss! (with something sharp) Now clue it all togheter! Woalla, my result! Hope you guys enjoyed this super short episode of DIY with Batts And Jara! Like this video if you enjoyed it and don’t forget to comment what you thought of todays DIY!

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