DIY – How to Make a Rustic Table Decoration

Hi today I want to show you. How I will make this table decoration napkins holder and I will use again recycling material. I will take of the springs from the clothespins. and I will fix this two parts together. Now I start fix these parts together with glue narrow part to the center. and I will finish the half of circle. and I need this half circle twice and I will and I will glue two pieces together and this is will be base for holder and I will fix the base to the one part of holder. and now I use ribbon to the decorate holder. and I will make a shorter ends and I will fix the ends from ribbon with glue. Now I will fix two parts of holder together and now I will make a decorations for holder and for this I use rope and I will wrap the rope to the circle and I will fix it with glue. I will cut the end and I will make the same from other side and I will make this decoration few times. and here is my decoration from rope and I will fix these decorations to the holder. and now I use same small flowers and I have finished and I finished it my new table decoration and it looks nice. Please subscribe to me or leave me message what you think and you can leave me message what you want see next time – next video. See you next time. Bye


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